History vs. Cleopatra – Alex Gendler

History vs. Cleopatra – Alex Gendler

“Order, order. So who do we have here?” “Your Honor, this is Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen whose lurid affairs
destroyed two of Rome’s finest generals and brought the end of the Republic.” “Your Honor, this is Cleopatra, one of the most powerful women in history whose reign brought Egypt nearly
22 years of stability and prosperity.” “Uh, why don’t we even know
what she looked like?” “Most of the art and descriptions
came long after her lifetime in the first century BCE, just like most of
the things written about her.” “So what do we actually know? Cleopatra VII was the last
of the Ptolemaic dynasty, a Macedonian Greek family
that governed Egypt after its conquest by Alexander the Great. She ruled jointly in Alexandria
with her brother- to whom she was also married- until he had her exiled.” “But what does all this
have to do with Rome?” “Egypt had long been a Roman client state, and Cleopatra’s father incurred
large debts to the Republic. After being defeated by Julius Caesar
in Rome’s civil war, the General Pompey sought refuge in Egypt but was executed
by Cleopatra’s brother instead.” “Caesar must have liked that.” “Actually, he found the murder unseemly
and demanded repayment of Egypt’s debt. He could have annexed Egypt, but Cleopatra convinced him to restore
her to the throne instead.” “We hear she was quite convincing.” “And why not? Cleopatra
was a fascinating woman. She commanded armies at 21, spoke several languages, and was educated in a city
with the world’s finest library and some of the greatest
scholars of the time.” “Hmm.” “She kept Caesar lounging
in Egypt for months when Rome needed him.” “Caesar did more than lounge. He was fascinated by Egypt’s culture
and knowledge, and he learned much during his time there. When he returned to Rome,
he reformed the calendar, commissioned a census, made plans for a public library, and proposed many
new infrastructure projects.” “Yes, all very ambitious,
exactly what got him assassinated.” “Don’t blame the Queen for Rome’s
strange politics. Her job was ruling Egypt,
and she did it well. She stabilized the economy, managed the vast bureaucracy, and curbed corruption by priests
and officials. When drought hit, she opened
the granaries to the public and passed a tax amnesty, all while preserving her kingdom’s
stability and independence with no revolts during
the rest of her reign.” “So what went wrong?” “After Caesar’s death, this foreign Queen
couldn’t stop meddling in Roman matters.” “Actually, it was the Roman factions who
came demanding her aid. And of course she had no choice
but to support Octavian and Marc Antony in avenging Caesar,
if only for the sake of their son.” “And again, she provided her particular
kind of support to Marc Antony.” “Why does that matter? Why doesn’t anyone seem to care about Caesar or Antony’s
countless other affairs? Why do we assume she instigated
the relationships? And why are only powerful women
defined by their sexuality?” “Order.” “Cleopatra and Antony were a disaster. They offended the Republic
with their ridiculous celebrations sitting on golden thrones and dressing up as gods until Octavian had all of Rome convinced
of their megalomania.” “And yet Octavian was the one
who attacked Antony, annexed Egypt, and declared himself Emperor. It was the Roman’s fear of a woman
in power that ended their Republic, not the woman herself.” “How ironic.” Cleopatra’s story survived mainly
in the accounts of her enemies in Rome, and later writers filled the gaps
with rumors and stereotypes. We may never know the full truth
of her life and her reign, but we can separate fact from rumor
by putting history on trial.

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  1. A bunch of fake European Western historically lies created by the Papal rome to place themselves in the land of the Gods to give themsellves legitimacy the cat is out the bag sissies …

  2. You know, the Europeans have been known to change the appearance of people from different cultures that don’t look like them. So maybe Cleopatra was Egyptian, she was just given European facial features?

  3. I think Cleopatra was just in the middle of two power hungry dudes that were destined to fight for sole control of Rome. Cleopatra could have never rule Rome, the way the Romans were there is no doubt in my mind that Rome was planning to take over Egypt anyways.

  4. Whites/Neanderthals don’t have much of an original culture or history of accomplishments. History teaches us that it was African cultures and peoples that gave whites higher religion, philosophy, and STEM. The first white civilization was Ancient Greece. And even the ancient Greeks works say they got their knowledge from ancient Egypt/Kemet. And the Romans got their knowledge both from the Egyptians/Kemetians, but originally from the Greeks. After the white Germanic tribes destroyed Rome and all its knowledge, the dark ages ensued. However, the Moors ended it. And the European renaissance only occurred because of Moors 800 yrs of occupation of Europe. Moors bought STEM: from soap to universities, to language, math and numeral systems; and sadly, the fire-stick (aka the rifle). I admit it, it’s true, whites are very very good at warfare. Mostly because whites have no honor, or a system of ethics and morality.

  5. "Putting history on trial"
    I couldn't explain what this meant but I totally understand that history is not always right that can judge how it is in the past to present. History somehow cannot be the judge of the pasts and its people.

  6. "She ruled with her brother, to whom she was also married."

  7. Caution: You may or may not have entered into a minefield of a comment section. Proceed carefully.

  8. Stop saying she is Greek. Cleopatra was born in Edypt but she traced her family origins to Macedonian Greece. That does not mean she is fully Greek.

  9. The Alexandria library may not have existed at all, no one know if it's real. The video just give it as granted as something real.

  10. Another mystery clue was given Cleo Greek but Egyptian ruler, and dark skin which could be the true Greeks identity that Greeks was brown skin which means they came very far from what they are today.

  11. Cleopatra had light skin because she was Greek not Egyptian and presenting her with dark skin is a big mistake

  12. For all of those who are ambivalent about Cleopatra’s race or ethnicity, please consider that the people of Kemet (Egypt), including the kings, queens and pharaohs, looked like the people in the following link: These images, paintings and statues are what they created more than 4000 years ago. You can find most of their mummies still intact in the tombs discovered in the 1800s and 1900s. We also can determine their ethnicity by examine the DNA of their mummies, which has been done. The following images speak for themselves: https://pin.it/rpe36smvodahcg

  13. At least they told the truth about Cleopatra being a MACEDONIAN GREEK and not a SlavoBulgarian Matroska from Skoje !!!!

  14. She was the first Ptolemite to learn Egyptian!
    The dynasty ruled a country without speaking it's own language.
    No wonder Cleopatra was the best of the rulers.😂

  15. So, she was greek by blood, but IS the Egyptian QUEEN for rulling mother of the world as she was born and raised in it, Egypt👏 (just like me!😂) noooow I get it.

  16. she also ordered the execution of her own sister to maintain her power but today we have plenty of female heads of state like Elizabeth II queen of the united kingdom, her cousin Margareta II queen of Denmark and Angela Merkel the current chancellor of Germany

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