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  1. arrestaron al DR Cubano Jose Manuel Rodriguez Leyva que trabaja como NUrse practicioner en el Memorial que pena

  2. Why do we spend police resources on crap like this. Go arrest wife beaters, child molesters, thieves…this is so stupid to ruin peoples lives for doing nothing that impacts me. If you don't want to see it don't go inside.

  3. OMFG. Why is this news????? Shame on Local CBS Miami for showing faces. A porn theater is not really a public place, more like a private party where men are paying to masturbate in front of each other.. DUH. Why would anybody go there otherwise when porn is free on the internet. Also was it really necessary to show men's faces on camera if they are only accused? I wonder if men locked in a booth charged? 13 sounds likely like every guy in the place. I wonder if they could do the same kinda raids in Clothing optional Gay Spas where men are locked private rooms? These men are not hurting anybody , it's just a relief valve. Is this fair or good use of our tax dollars? Anybody know if men were detained overnight? if charges held? Was anybody not detained? Such unfair BS.

  4. is a dressing room of a department store private? bathrooms on beach private?. cause these cock$ucker$ blow each other there also

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