How Bill Gates remembers what he reads

How Bill Gates remembers what he reads

If you read enough, there’s a similarity
between things that make it easy, because this thing is like this other thing. If you have a broad framework,
then you have a place to put everything. If you want to learn science, reading
the history of scientists and the story of scientists about when they were confused and what tools or insights allowed them to make the progress they make. So you have the timeline, or you have the map, or you have the branches of science
and what’s known and what’s not known. So, incremental knowledge is so much easier
to maintain in a rich way than, you know, the first time somebody
is telling you about Rome. Why am I reading about Rome,
I’m reading about Queen Victoria. At first it is very daunting. But then as you get the kind of scope,
then all these pieces fit in. So it’s fun to say, okay, this is where this belongs and
does this contradict something I knew before? And I better look that up, I better figure it out. You know, it really bothers you when
you read things, and there’s some inconsistency. If you take a chessboard and randomly place the pieces
and ask a chess person to memorize it, they can’t do it, because everything about chess positions is about the logic of how things developed. So if you show them a position that’s illogical
or incorrect, you would never get to, their encoding system isn’t set up to absorb that.

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  1. I first thought why did bill gates monetize the video but then I saw the channel name and it’s not from bill gates

  2. the music is distracting…… doesn't match the content. Ask Bill, maybe he'll give you a book to read title "Music and youtube — 5 keys to matching the music to the content, especially when not to use suspense music when their is no suspense in the content" and when you're done; hopefully, you remember what you read !!!!!

  3. Yeah, but myself does not want to assimilate anything that relates humanity subjects, or any typical political concerns. But mainly on quantitative ideas like science.

  4. I think he's been reading a lot of socialist, communist, globalist books because he's moving so far to the left that it's almost laughable

  5. Schools are too focused on passing exams, getting high grades and then students forget everything they learn. Real "learning" starts when you're in the real world, picking up books and discovering your interests.

  6. Looks like Bill Gates just wasted his time with his interview with Quartz cause no one's going to register to their website

  7. people do understand this guy acted in a way that the federal government deemed was, essentially, criminal in it's pursuit of maintaining fiduciary duties to Microsoft right… this dude lost so much market share for believing the internet was a fad and spending resources trying to kill Java and you all are acting like he is some DaVinci, world's smartest man or something… cause he's white and wear's glasses and is mega rich? idk,., something is wrong with the people running entertainment businesses right now

  8. You ever notice Bill only wears blue and uses it in his background. Blue naturally causes us to trust things more psychologically. Why does Bill feel the need to gain our trust so much?

  9. Bill's brain is on another level from the average person. I hope he donates his brain to science because it would be fascinating to see if there is any difference in the structure of his brain vs. everyone else's.

  10. MEand My Family aresuffering from ALD.THE most dangerous is mine,ourbrains are getting worse.I can prove that,we need HELP urgentl

  11. Everything he says is scripted! He remembers everything because of his high IQ. He scored 1590 on SAT which indicates IQ of 151. He is a GOD! Predisposition towards high intelligence due to his parents.

  12. I see it this way, if you have a foundation it will stick if you don’t, it will not stick, sometimes you have to read, experiment and experience in first place the foundation to go more in depth.

  13. A visually challenged boy named darpan inani from india won a chess tournament in france yes you could memorise the chess game if you don't believe me search his name on google

  14. Why do you need credit card info for subscription to watch interview, which Bill Gates gave free to you…. Charging is not the issue but the way you are earning is weird and disgusting…

  15. ❌ Bill Gates is one of the Worst Criminals on Earth
    He Has Sold Everyone's Information to the US Government
    ( At least Everyone who is using a Windows PC or Laptop )
    If you think FaceBook was Bad, you haven't met Bill the Bastard
    No matter how he's Pretending to help others, he's actually creating more problems for those countries he's " Helping "
    Don't Trust Bill the Sick Freak

  16. Same feeling.!But I cannot remember the details, such as authors’ name. I only remember the book’s names, contents and concepts. Probably because English is my second language, and Google is convenient to search the details. One author called Richard, another one is also called Richard. How to identify them? Use books’ contents.So I usually forget their name,and I feel so sorry to the authors🥺

  17. If you want to learn fast, stop watching YouTube videos, build up the habit of reading books 30 mins to an hour a day, and you will be able to learn fast over time.

  18. It's like having a mental bookshelf you can store the knowledge in. When you read enough books you have context for everything and can put it in your library. Love the idea of a mental library.

  19. No thanks, this clip was all I needed… Isn't Gates a philantropist? I am sure he would be concerned about people trying to make money off of an interview he freely gave. 🤔

  20. ,, bill gates is well fed in love from his wife, she is never jealous of his intelligence she is comfortable with it, and this creates a solid marriage.😌😌😌

  21. So where's the rest of this interview? Lol "it really bothers you when you read something and there’s an inconsistency" and it's frustrating to only get things out of context (which is why I ask the question about the entirety of this intvw…) because it would be interesting to know what Bill Gates thinks about other types of knowledge, not just incremental.

  22. Amazing…Not what he says, but what we now watch. It took me a full minute to realize that I was watching Bill Gates talk BS! I'm ashamed to say I finished the video, just to punish myself for even watching it 🙁

  23. How to remember what you read? Write down the most meaningful parts of books and you will be able to skim the whole book by reviewing your notes. You could easily get 10 pages of notes out of a 350-page book. When you review, the rest of the book surges back into your mind.

  24. He is essentially describing the intellectual schema that we develop over time, that new knowledge is easier to assimilate when where have a broad 'tree' to which we assign new elements. He is also describing how and why older smart people are smart. Unlike younger people that might solve a problem fresh, smart older people are pulling from their well of knowledge.

  25. maybe quartz should try other method of making money of their contents, who pays for subscription for this type of contents anymore? I rather go listen to Joe rogan podcast for free dude.

  26. Pro tip: You can sign up for a trial of Quartz using the link in the video. And you cancel right after signing up for the trial. Currently watching the full video, and will be canceling in a few minutes 🙂

  27. Bill Gates shouldn't be wasting time with Quartz, I urge him to go meet Sadhguru and have interesting talks on how India can fix itself.

  28. hit dislike on the video for not getting the interview for free when the one being interviewed is doing it for free.

  29. William Henry Gates III AKA Trey Dworkin is a coward, and a dishonorable liar regarding his true blood relatives. Ask him about his Owens/Maclean biological maternal family. Ask him about his biological paternal family; his biological Plantaganet ancestry, his Manners and Constable, Kingsnorth and Eraut, and Eraut and Beckwith biological family. Ask him why he invalidates, denies, neglects and shuns his natural paternal aunts and cousins. Ask him about the dirty rotten secret involving his natural father: a convicter pedophile/serial rapist who spent nearly ten years in Walla Walla. Ask him about his natural mother Charlotte Owens and her siblings Roy, Marilynn David, Richard and Cheryl. Ask him why he acknowledged his seven legitimate half siblings as his "Long lonst cousins named Winters" on Hard Copy in 2004. Ask him why he claimed his ancestors are Constable and Kingsnorth on Hard Copy before the show was cancelled, and ask why he skipped a few generations. The third biological aunt of William Henry Gates III died on May 27, 2019. Joyce was 73 years old, and had a very hard life. Bill was far too cowardly, too greedy and selfish to ever acknowledge her as one of his natural father's three Canadian sisters of royal Plantaganet ancestry. She was his biological paternal aunt and Bill snubbed her, he shunned her, he invalidated, denied and neglected her all of her life! Bill Gates was quick, however, to have announcements broadcast on a Vancouver FM radio station that his first cousin Robert Richard; Joyce's youngest son, died in a fatal car accident June 29th 1986!

  30. Nobody cares to go to trials any more, even free. Attention and time is precious – steal it free by giving value first. The whole 7 day trial thing is broken. It’s build on the assumption of traditional physical buying and old pc installation model. Nothing to do about actually using a product or wanting to pay or the science of it.

  31. This is nothing new, for generations we are doing.
    Once you digest a just a new info or transformative idea. You will compile and proceed.

  32. Anyone who uses such an incredible person like Bill Gates to self promote is going to hell as the Bible says… oh and an extra third party advertisement at the end couldn't have been missed hum….shame on you!

  33. I Absolutely love Bill Gates…

    An extremely bright, caring, hard working, and most importantly (honest) person.

    I'm a computer science graduate from a University in California, and I was never really supposed to be any good at any of that stuff (it seemed, by comparison to my super bright and talented peers)… But I learned over the years, that if you really care about something, and you put in the time and effort (and try as best you can to enjoy the learning experience and mental challenges) then you would surprise yourself by how good you can become at something.

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    Unfortunately however, I not only realized a little too late, that Android Apps typically don't earn much money… But I also broke my back in the process and can no longer sit behind a desk like I used to. It has been a completely demoralizing experience… Although I am extremely proud of my accomplishment on my App on Google Play Store.

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  34. Si YouTube tuviera un grabador y Google y traductor de grabador pudiera entender todas las preguntas que les hicieran a bill gates por lo menos en letra.

  35. Se pudiera decir que todo no se puede interpretar como el corazon lo exige pero que es una persona con las exigencias del corazón por detrás y que es el frente sin darle la cara yo me cuestiono por que lo que el corazón exige hay que demostrarlo por que si la vida fuera tres veces se pudiera vivir una de una manera y la otra deacuerdo a lo que exige la lógica para entender la ternera veces para el juicio que se hace de mí.

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