How I Read Tag [CC]

How I Read Tag [CC]

Hey guys, how’s it going? Today’s video is going to be another book tag. I’m going to be doing the How I Read Tag.
This tag is very old, most of the videos I saw of people doing it were from like
2015 and they mentioned that it was old. So I’m just late to the party but
that’s ok [laughs] I believe this tag was originally created by Enya’s Corner but
their channel doesn’t have any videos on it anymore. I’m not sure if they were
deleted or privated. So I’m gonna leave their channel linked down below just in
case it ever comes back, but I’m also gonna have all the questions typed out
so if you wanted to do this tag, if you wanted to be fashionably late like me [laughs]
the questions are gonna be there. But without further ado, let’s get
straight into the questions. Lately it’s been mostly Booktube and Authortube.
Booktube because it’s essentially a platform for people to talk about their favorite
books all day, so… hello! [laughs] And Authortube because I’m getting to see my
friends writing books and talking about their books and watching the whole
process with them and then buying their books and supporting them, and that’s
just so much fun. So mostly Booktube ans Authortube but also my local library or
on my overdrive app, I just kinda scroll through whatever is available,
whatever I’m in the mood for, or sometimes I’ll click on a recent book
that I read and see the related titles or other books that
people recently checked out related to those, stuff like that. But I would say
those are the main ways. See, this question is hard because I’ve always always been into reading. You know,
my parents read to me from the time I was a newborn and then when I learned to
read I read to myself, and I haven’t really stopped. The first word I ever
learned how to spell was “book”, I read Lord of the Rings for the first time
when I was four years old, I have always always been reading. So I guess
how did I get into reading? I was born. I’d say that my tastes have just
expanded. I still like the same things that I liked, I just also like more
things. Growing up, not that many of my friends read, at least not as much as I
did. So most of the books that I read were stuff that my parents were reading. My mom read a lot of John Saul
and stuff like that, and my dad read a lot of high fantasy.
You know, Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, stuff like that. And that was pretty much
all what I read because they were the books that were already in the house and
that’s just how I got my book recommendations, was from my parents. [laughs]
But as I got older and essentially got access to more things and was able to
look at books on my own and surround myself with more bookish people, I’ve
gotten so many other recommendations. I’ve tried so many other things. So I –
I still love what I originally loved, I just read a lot more things too. But I
would say high fantasy is still the backbone to my reading,
so it hasn’t changed that much. I would say every couple months, maybe? I usually get some books for Christmas so I don’t do
much book shopping in November and December. Every August near me there’s a giant outdoor flea market that’s my family’s
biggest tradition. It’s a gigantic gigantic flea market, so I buy quite a
few books from there and usually at super cheap prices, so that’s always good.
Aside from that, I’d say maybe a couple times a year I was watching a whole lot
of organizing videos, cleaning videos, stuff like that. Because I just find them
so soothing. And as always I fell down the YouTube rabbit hole, and I started
finding videos of people organizing their bookshelves. Which are still some
of my favourite videos to watch, it’s my love of books and my love of organizing
and it’s just – it’s perfect. [laughs] But I watched a lot of those. And then I started seeing
in my recommendations, you know, other booktube-related content or I’d realize
that these people made a bunch of videos about books, so I started watching their
other videos, watching other booktube-related content. And that’s – that’s basically it.
So cleaning and organizing is how I got into it. [laughs] I guess it depends on how
strongly I dislike it and why. If it’s, you know, a happy ending I want a sad
ending or a sad ending when I wanted a happy ending, then I just kinda like, “Oh. Oh well.”
Sometimes I’ll rant to the cats about it, that’s usually how I react to most things, I just rant to the cats. But if it’s something that I
think it’s a genuinely badly-done ending, then I’ll usually mention it in my
wrap-up and rant about it for a little bit. It depends on how spoilery it is. Usually I’ll at least mention in my wrap-up that I
didn’t like the ending, but I can’t go into details about why for the most part.
So as far as spoilery details, I’ll rant to the cats or I complain about it in my
writing journal where I log all the books that I read. Honestly though, I
don’t have that too often. Most of the time if I didn’t like the ending to the
book, I didn’t like the rest of the book to have much either. But I can’t really
think of many books off the top of my head that I was really enjoying the book
and then the ending ruined it, so… yeah. Almost never. When I was younger I used to read the last line just because I was
painfully curious, and just – even if nothing made sense I still had to know
what the last line was. But I haven’t done that since I was fairly young. Most
of the time, though, I don’t want a happy ending [laughs] I – I like being tortured by books
[laughing] I like crying in books, I like just being hurt and emotional because that
just means it’s a really good book, if I can get so invested that it emotionally
hurts me when they do something, that means they did a good job. I was very
very close to doing this with They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera.
Just because I really wanted to know if they really both died at the end. Because it’s
called They Both Die At The End, the synopsis says they both die at the end,
the entire book’s premise is that they both die at the end. But you know how
there’s always that little bit of hope that you were like, “Well… maybe they don’t?”
[laughs] And that was probably the one book that I wanted a happy ending. Well, that’s not even true. I would have loved either ending. I just fell in love with those characters and a big part of me just wanted to see them happy and live
happily ever after together. But another big part of me… really wanted to cry. [laughs] But to answer the question, I don’t look at the back of the book because I just don’t wanna know yet. And that was the last question.
I’m not going to take people because I think this tag is at least six years
old, and that’s forever in internet years. So if you haven’t done this tag, feel
free. The questions are down below. And let me know in the comments if you do it
because I would love to check it out because I think this is just a really
fun tag and I want to see other people doing it. But that will be all for
today’s video. If you enjoyed it, please click the Like button to let me know. And
subscribe to see if I actually do any reading this month [laughs] I’m posting
NaNoWriMo vlogs five days a week and other videos twice a week, and after
November I’m going back to my regular posting schedule
of every Wednesday and Sunday. So I hope to see you guys next time,
and until then: Have a great day, bye!

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  1. I like happy endings and generally hate being tortured by books — but also part if me craves a bit of torture? Likely for the same reasons you listed, that it's a sign of good storytelling lol.
    And plus, school has trained me for that kind of thing. ๐Ÿ˜‚ So few books studied at the college level have a truly happy ending lmao

  2. I love how you found Booktube through book shelf organization videos! Thatโ€™s a great introduction to this community ๐Ÿ’œ

  3. I loved hearing how you read. I read from a really young age too, like I could never get enough of books they are awesome! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

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