How to Buy Books for $.15 Each

How to Buy Books for $.15 Each

For this video I’m going to show you some
books that I got at a library bag sale a couple of weeks ago. I really like the bag sales
primarily because you’re basically getting the books for free, almost. These bags were
three dollars each and I bought five bags so I basically spent fifteen dollars for the
entire day on these books and there’s probably about a hundred books right there.
It’s a really great way to build up your inventory if you’re just starting out and
you’re on a budget. It’s also a great way to build up your inventory if you’re
an inexperienced bookseller and you just want to add more inventory.
I’m going to go ahead and show you some books that I got.
The first one is by Stephen Johnson – Where Good Ideas Come From. It’s a lightweight
paperback. This has a really good rank of nine thousand and a low FBA price of nine
ninety-five ($9.95) so after FBA fees I’ll make about five dollars on this one. Since
I paid fifteen cents for it, it’s not a bad deal.
The next one is by George Chauncey and it’s called Why Marriage? This one has a rank of
six hundred and one thousand and a low FBA price of twelve dollars. Once again I’ll
make about seven dollars on this one, after fees. Since I paid fifteen cents for it, I’ll
be making about six or seven dollars profit on this one.
These are my bread-and-butter type books. These are primarily what I’m looking for
at bag sales – books that I can sell between eight and twelve dollars on FBA. That’s
what a lot of these books are right here. But occasionally I’ll come across some higher-value
ones. I’ll just go ahead and show you some of those that I found.
This is called The Defense Speaks: For History and the Future. As you can see, it’s a lightweight
paperback. It does have a high rank of 2.1 million but the low price is a hundred and
four dollars and there’s no FBA sellers so I can probably price it higher than that
since I’ll be doing FBA. This would be more of a long-term investment since the rank is
over two million but since I’ll be making more than a hundred dollars, it’s definitely
worth buying it. The next one is called Dream Seekers. This
is a children’s book; it’s also an ex-library book. This one has a rank of 1.6 million so
it is a bit high but the low price is fifty dollars. There’s no FBA sellers so once
again, I can price this quite a bit higher since I’ll be doing this on FBA. I might
price this at seventy dollars or so, maybe even higher. Once again, this is another long-term
investment but since I spent fifteen cents on it, I’m more than willing to wait for
the sale. I just wanted to show you some of those books.
The library bag sale strategy is a good way to go. Usually, libraries have a sale that
last three days and at the end of it they’ll have a bag sale just to get rid of all their
books. Usually it’s between three to five dollars a bag. This is on the low end of three
dollars. I just wanted to show you some examples of the books I got.
If you want to know the profit of this sale, go ahead and click on the link below and I’ll
send you an update after the first, second and third month how this particular sale did.
I’ll show you the profit, the storage fees and what per cent of the books sold, just
in case you’re interested. That’s it for this video. Thank you for

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  1. HI Nathan, I've been watching your vids, and you're full of great info. In fact, you've answered some of my fba questinos, but i have a few more and i'd like to ask but not here. Do you mind if i reach out to you off YT?
    thanks Roger

  2. Hey Nathan….Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I appreciate it.
    On your "bread and butter" books do you try to match the lowest FBA price, say $9.95?

  3. Hey Nathan : )
    Thank you for everything I really appreciate all the sharing and teaching you do!!!
    I recently got about 60 books for $.15 each
    Most of them are below 500,000 seller rank and only worth a few dollars or
    What seller rank number do you recommend as being the highest to still make it worth doing FBA if they're only worth a penny or so?
    Or do you have a video about this already!? I am having a hard time figuring this all out!!! : /
    Thank you!!!!

  4. Quick question: The library bag sales are not announced, are they? The reason I ask – would it be a good idea to contact the library before one goes to see if they have bag sales because in our area (Far West Texas) the libraries are far apart? Update: Just found one that has a bag sale in New Mexico, but they do not allow electronic devices.

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