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  1. Sadly it isnt working for me the drm remover and i need it so i can translate the book for personal use :(. I get fail "Error: list index out of range" any idea? its a kindle topaz format.

  2. You can try our latest version to decrypt again. We fix the "Out of range" bug in recent upgrades.

    If still fail, please open a ticket at

  3. So, I have read that this is against amazon terms of use or something. Have anyone here with the account blocked by converting kindle ebooks and only reading them in other devices?

  4. i just uploaded the file to a site online convertion and got the book to epub from kindle format, very smooth
    google 'online kindle to epub convert'

  5. thanks so much… this was very helpful. if i would have known that it´s such a hassle to read my kindl books on the new tolino i would perhaps just bought a kindl reader… anyway: all the books are now on the tolina… thanks! o.

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