How to custom Lumion’s original library – free download statue example

How to custom Lumion’s original library – free download statue example

This video I will use free models on page, I use an example with the statue group I will download this model I will open the downloaded file with 3ds max We need to adjust the model to reduce the file size, and set the base point to coordinates 0.0 I will use Polygon Cruncher to reduce the size Care should be taken to avoid breaking the model That is ok I will extract to *.dae or *.3ds or *.x file, but *.x file is better Setting for export x file here Ok, now i open Quest3D to make adjust my model before export to Lumion This is some complete files for copy to Lumion I will pase here or some other place of Lumion’s original library Ok, now open Lumion Initially, these models did not have thumbs I will use Lumion 2.5 to quickly create thumbs Lumion 2 can create thumbs for objects, by selecting objects, holding Ctrl + left click on thumb selecting objects, holding Ctrl + left click on thumb Similar to other objects ok, now we have all thumbs for new objects Although I still have a small problem with the model ratio but I’ll solve it soon, this way, we can add more other objects to Lumion’s original library, making the working and rendering faster. Now, I go back to the created library to copy the created thumbs file That is ok ! I will share it with you

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  1. not worth it. just do an import and you will be able to change the objects material and it will stay under your import objects.

  2. Do you know why most of the times exporting to collada in 3ds max ends in crashes??? when it doesnt crash the exporting a small size file (like 50 Mb)took a lot of times and at the end in the warnings dialogue it say 3ds max does not support this file format for material (the file was a VIZPEOPLE Vol #3 (mall Equipment Pack)and it is in Vray format… using 3ds max 2019 and Vray 4.20.01 and Corona 4….. BUT Recently i Preferred to do the Projects in 3ds max or Sketchup to ship it in Lumion 9 for rendering and amazing animation that take a life to do in 3ds max…
    System Spects:
    SSD: Samsung Evo 250 Gb and HDD Blue WD- 2TB
    Corsair veangeance 32Gb @3200
    Nvidia RTX 2070 Super FE.and asus GTX-970 (it served me a lot but now it helps a little bit in Vray-Gpu…and Unreal Engine

    i appreciate if you help me in this matter..
    Good Luck …✌

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