How To Dress Your Body Shape (Muscular, Skinny, Fat) Fashion Tips For Body Type | RMRS Style Videos

How To Dress Your Body Shape (Muscular, Skinny, Fat) Fashion Tips For Body Type | RMRS Style Videos

Dress Your Body Shape (Muscular, Skinny, Fat)
Fashion Tips For Body Type V2 [0:00:00]
So, let me ask you a question. Do you think a guy 30 to 40 lbs overweight
purposely puts together an outfit that makes them look more fat? Or let’s take a skinny guy, do you think
he purposely puts together an outfit that makes him look like he hasn’t eaten for
a month? The answer is they don’t know how to dress
for their body type. And, in today’s video, I’m covering five
body shapes and how to dress for them. [Music]
Body shape number one, the triangle. What we see with the triangle body shape is
that the lower part of the body is larger in proportion to the upper part of the body. Now, with all the body shapes, the triangle
body shape in my opinion is the one that benefits most from the choice of clothing, in particular
we want to build up the shoulders. So, the first specific item that I recommend
for any man with a triangle body shape is a jacket. We’re talking sports jacket, blazer jackets,
suit jackets, anything with a shape shoulder will going to make you look stronger, going
to make you look taller, make you look more square up on the upper body. And, if that’s too formal for you guys,
there’s tons of other options on the casual side. We’ve got leather jackets, fatigue jackets,
denim jackets, a wide variety of jackets that you can throw on. Even a shirt jacket is going to give you a
bit more of a silhouette right here on the shoulder points, again, just simply going
to make your shoulders look more pronounced and that’s what we’re looking to do here. And, another advantage of a jacket especially
a suit jacket or a sports jacket, pair it with trousers of a similar color is it creates
a monochromatic look. This is important because it allows the eyes
to go up and down. We don’t get caught in that midsection area,
it creates a sleeker a taller a thinner-looking silhouette. So, if jackets aren’t your thing, let’s
talk about shirts. First up, the shirts that you want to avoid;
a close-fitted t-shirt, a close-fitted polo. Why do you want to avoid these short sleeve
t-shirts? Because they’re going to draw attention
to the contrast with your arm and the shirt and basically draw attention to your upper
body area. If it’s fitted closed, it’s oftentimes
going to fit you closer in and around the waist area and the hip area than it will the
torso. Again, this is going to exaggerate the fact
that you’ve got a triangle-shaped body. So, what type of shirts to look for? You want longer sleeve shirts that can be
ironed. And, I’m saying can be ironed because anything
that can be ironed in a sense can create a bit of structure and that’s what you’re
looking to do, again, on the upper body. You’re not going to create as much of a
silhouette and a structure on the shoulders as you would with a jacket, but you can come
close. And there are actually styles of shirts out
there that have epaulettes that maybe are going to have the double-breast pockets which
can build up the chest area, can build up the shoulders just a bit. And, why the long sleeves? It always looks better for this body type
and if it’s hot weather outside, guys, just simply roll up the sleeves to the top of your
forearm, this is going to be a much better look than a short sleeve shirt. Now, let’s talk about dressing your lower
body. So, shorts. Shorts for this body type are very difficult
to pull off. I get it if you’re going to the beach, going
to the pool, of course, wear shorts. But, in most other situations, you want to
look for an alternative to shorts. When we’re dressing the lower body for the
triangle body shape, I’m talking about jeans, we want the lines to go up and down. What we don’t want to do is overly taper. A lot of fashions nowadays they’re trying
to create this tapered bottom, you want to be careful because with the triangle body
shape, what this can unfortunately do is create a diamond. That’s not what we want. For the triangle body shape, the straight
cut is going to be your friend. Now, really quick I want to share with you
a hack to lengthen your leg line. Okay. Do you notice the difference? Look at the guy on the left. Do you notice how his leg line looks longer? Because his belt matches his trousers. For the vast majority of body types out there,
you’re going to want to elongate your leg line because it’s going to make you look
taller, it’s going to make you look cleaner and stronger. And, as we’re talking about belts, gentlemen,
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hard to get things for. Gents, I’m linking to Anson Belt & Buckle
down in the description of this video. Go check them out, an amazing company. I’ve watched this business grow, I am so
proud to support them. The next body shape is the inverted triangle,
the V-shape. And, for a lot of people they’re like, wow,
this is the ideal shape. You’ve got the big large shoulders, you’ve
got the tapered waist. This body type is actually a nightmare when
it comes to clothing. [0:05:02]
Unfortunately, you’re going to have to pay the tailor tax because this is a body type
that very few manufacturers make any clothing that’s going to fit you even remotely well
because there’s usually it’s going to fit you in the shoulders that shirt, but it’s
going to have way too much material in the torso. You got to take it to a tailor to get adjusted. If you can afford it and if you are really
– maybe you wear suits all the time, look to custom clothing, this is going to be your
best option. So, the key with the V shape body is that
you want to make sure you don’t over exaggerate any parts of your body which are in a sense
already overbuilt in particular the shoulders and the arms. If you wear a suit jacket that has a lot of
padding in and around the shoulders, you’re going to end up looking like a linebacker. Why is this a bad thing? Because you’re up there to give a presentation,
not have people saying like, wow, this guy looks really like a cartoon character. And that’s the key with this body type,
not hiding your well-built body, but making sure it doesn’t distract from the message
you’re trying to get across. So, my favorite piece of menswear for the
V shape body is going to be the sweater especially a little bit of a V-neck sweater right here. This does not hide your body, it makes you
look great, it has a little bit of stretch in and around the shoulders, the chest, and
the arm area. People are going to be able to see this guy
looks great, he’s in shape. So, this body type can pull off any type of
shirt, but, again, you want to be careful and manage distractions. Do you want to go for that short sleeve shirt
which is going to draw everyone’s attention to your arms? Again, if you want the focus up here on your
mind and what you’re saying, you want to may be wear the long sleeve shirt. Now, you can roll it up, again, go up to the
mid forearm, that’s always a great look. You want to go for small repeating patterns. You want to go for solids, that’s going
to be your safe area. Don’t go for large patterns. Large patterns are not going to work with
this body built. You can also look at long sleeve polos even
short sleeve polos, again, made from a high quality material that have a very luxurious
drape I think are going to look good for this body type. And, again, t-shirts can look great. Remember, they’re ultra casual, they can
be distracting in some environments, but if you’re going to go for a solid color with
a non-graphic tee maybe with a V-neck fits you well, looks good. Now, let’s talk about the lower body type
of the V shape individual. You need to be careful of certain things. One, when it comes to shorts, never wear shorts
that are overly long. This is just simply going to make your legs
look smaller and shorter. You do not want this. So, actually go maybe for a shorter inseam. We’re talking 5 inches, we’re talking
7 inches. Maybe look to tropical weight wool trousers
especially those that are going to have a nice drape, this is overall is going to make
your legs look better. And, I think it’s a more professional look,
you can pull this off with a polo shirt. I think this is a much better look than going
with the shorts. And, let’s talk about chinos let’s talk
about dress pants, let’s talk about jeans. You’re going to be looking for a straight
cut, you can lean towards the slim cut, but what you want to be careful of and avoid is
the skinny cut. This does not look good for this body type. Again, it makes that lower body look even
smaller. Now, when we’re looking at the shoes we’re
looking at the footwear, I really like to build up the feet here. So, if you’re going to be wearing a suit,
go for something that has a Goodyear welt something that has a little bit of built a
little bit of oomph to it, boots. I think boots are a muscular man’s best
friend. They’re going to make you a little bit taller
which is going to lean you up, and they are usually a little bit larger in their build
and overall the size. Next, we got the rectangle body shape. Your shoulders, your hips, your waist, they’re
all going to be about the same up and down. We’re going to see this body type on slight
or slender-framed men. Now, this is not a bad body shape, one of
the more common ones we’re going to see out there. So, the advantage for the rectangle body shape
is that the vast majority of clothing out there is actually made to fit his body. Now, the problem though for guys with this
body shape is that they want to change it up bit. They want to build up their shoulders, slim
up their waist, create a more masculine look. You can do this with a jacket as I’ve discussed,
any type of jacket will build up the shoulders. But, also having a sweater, a jumper that
has a line going across that builds up the chest area. I’ve got another sweater that’s got a
shoulder patch, that right there is going to draw attention. Now, another option for this body type is
to build up the V right here in the chest. You can choose that by going with the V-neck
sweater, V-neck shirts. Now, another option for this body type is
to learn to layer correctly. As you can tell, I put on a jacket, what does
this do? It actually physically did make my upper body
a bit more, it added a bit more weight. But, notice here the depth that I’ve created,
literally by having this jacket here, we’ve got then the sweater that goes in and then
under that we’ve got this. This right here creates a three-dimensional
look and it just makes the person look a little bit larger and, again, jackets I’ve talked
about this builds up the shoulders. Now, as I’ve mentioned shorts for any body
type is not going to do you any favors, but if you’re going to go with shorts, avoid
the cargo shorts, go over something that’s going to have a little bit of a closer cut,
make sure that the inseam doesn’t go beyond 9 inches and if you’re shorter maybe look
at 7 even 5 inches. Again, you want something that’s going to
fit well. [0:09:54]
And, when it comes to trousers, jeans, chinos, you want to go for a regular or a slim cut. Don’t go skinny and don’t go overly loose
and go for a little bit of a taper. It works well for this body type. Next up, we’ve got the oval body shape. And for this body shape, your midsection is
larger than your shoulders or your hips. Now, I’m not going to lie, gents, this is
a tough body shape to dress for and there’s no outfit that’s going to make a guy like
this look thin. But, what I can help you do with these tips
is to look large and in charge versus fat and sloppy. That’s what we want to avoid. We want the eyes to go up and down, we do
not want to get caught anywhere in the midsection. So, if you are wearing clothing that has a
high contrast between your upper body and your lower body and we’re being drawn to
your midsection, that’s the mistake, you’ve got to stop shooting yourself in the foot. You’ve got to wear monochromatic looks. You’ve got to wear clothing that’s going
to bring it all together. So, the first piece of clothing I’m going
to recommend for a larger guy and this requires confidence, a nice hat a good piece of headwear. This right here is just going to level up
your style. People are going to look at you and like,
yeah, you can’t hide the size of your body, but what you can send the message of is I
care about how I look. In addition, hats make you look taller. The next thing I want to talk about is your
footwear. You want to bring up a bit of height there. Go for a pair of boots go for a pair of shoes
that have a bit of a heel. Something that has a bit of shine, we’re
going to be drawn and our attention is going to look at those shoes. You’ve just elongated your overall look. Now, this next detail isn’t a particular
clothing item, but it applies to your shirts, it applies to your jackets, it applies to
your accessories. Make sure that you pay attention to proportion. If you’ve got a nice watch, if you’re
wearing a shirt that you don’t have a shirt with collars that are too small for the proportion
of your body. So, you want to look in particular for shirts
that have larger collars. You want to look for jackets that have wider
lapels. You want to look for a watch that’s going
to be a bit larger. All of these particular details, they do measure
up and you want to make sure the clothing proportionately looks right on your body. So, in a little bit more detail, let’s talk
about lines, let’s talk about patterns. So, for this body shape, you want to avoid
any lines going across. So, a window pane pattern on a suit, you do
not want to wear it with this body type. You want to go instead for a solid looking
suit, it’s going to just work allow the eyes to go up and down. Now, when it comes to shirts, I do think a
pinstripe, a candy stripe, or a Bengal stripe in a little bit thicker of a stripe works
well for this body type when it comes to shirts. And when it comes to patterns, small repeating
patterns are great, medium size patterns are okay, but avoid larger size patterns. And when it comes down to particular clothing
styles, formal clothing rules when it comes to making this body type look better. Why? Well, let’s look at the jacket, again, builds
up the shoulders, but also the length of the jacket, so it’s going to cover the buttocks
and when we look at the transition of the body, we’re looking at a guy right there
that length of the jacket is going to allow the eyes to go up and down. In addition, formal trousers historically
went up to the natural waist. Nowadays, they’re a bit more difficult to
find, but I would recommend if you’re having issues with keeping your trousers up even
look to get these custom made. Use suspenders with them, they’re going
to – it’s just a much more elegant way to wear trousers and you’re not going to
have to pull them up throughout the day. The next body shape and oftentimes considered
to be the ideal body shape is the trapezoid. A trapezoid body shape has well-developed
shoulders and chest and it has about a 6 to 8-inch drop down to the waist and the hip
area. Now, this body type is relatively easy to
dress. What you want to pay attention to here is
finding the right brands, they’re going to have slim cuts, athletic cuts that are
naturally going to fit your body. You’ve probably grown up buying clothing
that’s ill-fitted and you’re not even taking it to get adjusted. So, first up, if you’ve got a closet of
clothing you like the look of it, take it to a tailor. You will be amazed all of a sudden when they
slim up the waist area whenever they make those sleeves a little bit shorter and it
looks – if you look at yourself in the mirror, you’re like, wow, I actually am able to
show off this amazing body that I’ve got. And, if you’re not happy with your clothing,
you’re looking to rebuild your wardrobe, consider going and spending a little bit more
money to buy those specialty clothing types that come with the athletic fit would come
with that cut where they’ve got the drop that’s going to naturally fit your shirts
where they’ve got the pants that are going to have a little bit more streamlined look
going down the leg. So, for this body type, it’s really about
not being so lazy or indifferent to your style that you don’t take your clothing to a tailor
to get it adjusted to look a bit better or not making one of those stupid fashion mistakes
which I’ve talked about in some of my other videos. And, how to avoid making those stupid style
mistakes? Guys, check out this video right here, the
ten style rules that every man needs to know. I’m going to link to it down in the description. Go check out this video next. [0:14:35] End of Audio

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