How To Format Your eBook For Kindle – Kindle Create Tutorial

How To Format Your eBook For Kindle – Kindle Create Tutorial

Hi aspiring writers! Writing coach
Stefanie Newell and this is The Life Of A Writer channel. Today’s video How To Format Your eBook For Kindle. So if you want to connect with readers and sell
more books make sure to subscribe and get new content to your subscription
page every Tuesday. But in this video I’m going to be sharing a highly requested
video on how to format your ebook for Kindle. Now this is one of those videos
that you guys have been asking me for, for a really long time and I’ve been
hearing you but the reason why I hadn’t done it was because I was looking for a
simple method that everyone could understand. I have been recently
using Amazon’s Kindle Create which is a simple software that allows you to
convert your document into a Kindle file that you can upload and publish to
Amazon. So in this video I’m going to be moving over to my computer and I’m going
to be doing a tutorial that will walk you through the steps for converting
your Microsoft Word document or your Google document into a Kindle file that
you can publish to Amazon. So let’s move over to my computer. So the first thing
that you’re gonna want to do is download this formatting tool Kindle Create now
this is gonna be on Amazon’s website and of course I’ll put the link in the
description box so you’ll know exactly where to get it. Once you have this
downloaded to your computer you want to open it and it’s going to give you two
options. The first option is to resume an existing project, the second option is to
open a new project from file. So because this is the first time we’re working on
a project, we’re gonna select the new project from file option. Once that is
open you’ll see on the left-hand side there are a couple of different options.
So you’re gonna select the type of book you’re making. For example, if you’re
doing a novel, an essay, a poetry book, a narrative nonfiction comics or a text
book or even cookbooks you have a lot of different options.
What Kindle Create is gonna do is gonna take your file and it’s going to auto
identify the chapters within your book. It’s gonna format it quickly by
identifying common elements. And so the first thing we’re gonna do is choose a
file. I don’t have a project that I’m currently working on so I’m just gonna
use an old college paper that I did a long long time ago and I’m gonna import
that into this document what you’ll see it do
is going through and recognizing all of those different styles chapters,
subtitles, and once it opens you will see what happens. And the first thing you’ll notice over
here on the left-hand side is a lot of suggested chapter titles. Now because
this is a college paper and it doesn’t actually have titles throughout it I’m
gonna reject all of mine, but if you were to do this you may have actual titles
and so you can either select them all or you can select some or you can reject
them all. In my particular case I am going to reject them. The first thing
that I’m gonna do is go to the right hand side and click themes and this will
show you some of the different themes that you can select. So here’s a Classic,
Cosmos, Armor I believe that is, but we’re gonna go with Modern because that’s the
first one that shows up. So all you have to do is select your title and then go
over here to the right and click chapter title and that will apply that element.
I’m going to select the prologue and choose that as my subtitle and then this
first paragraph I’m going to apply this element chapter first paragraph and it
will give it a first paragraph element. So as you can see guys it is very simple
process. There are a lot of different elements down here on the right hand
side. You see this section where it says title pages, so if this were your title
page you could go in and put in different elements for your title, your
subtitle, your author name… Also if you were doing a poem, there’s
elements for that as well as for opening quote or a dedication or copyright text.
There’s also formatting changes that you can do such as bolding, italics or
underline. Again it’s a very simple process. So up here at the top I’m going
to click preview and what this is going to do is going to show you exactly how
it will look on a device. So right now we’re looking at how it will look on a
tablet, but I can choose phone I can also choose a Kindle e-reader and basically
what this is going to do is give you an idea of what it will look like. I’m gonna
go up to File and make sure you are saving your project you definitely want
to make sure that you’re saving your project. So you just want to go in
periodically while you’re working on formatting your project and you want to
go in and save from time to time. That’s gonna be important guys so that you
don’t lose any of the changes that you’ve made. I also want to show you one
more thing. If you go up here to the left-hand side and click insert it will
allow you to insert an image into your document or even a table of contents if
that wasn’t already created in the initial stages. So once that’s done you
want to click publish and this is going to export your Kindle Create ebook to
publish to Kindle. Again this is gonna save your project and once it’s saved
it’s going to show you a kpf folder which you can take that file and now
your file is ready to publish. So now that you have a converted file and
you’re ready to upload your book to Amazon make sure you grab a copy of my
free pdf 5 things you must know before uploading your book to Amazon. As always
all of my social media links will be in the description box below. If you’re
looking to hire me as your writing coach you will find that information there as
well and I look forward to talking with you in my next video.

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  2. !!! This absolutely works! I just published my ebook using Kindle Create ! Nice tutorial. I like your videos and learned a lot 😊 Thank you.

  3. Could you make a tutorial on how to use the new KDP Print for physical books for beginners please? I never uploaded a book on CreateSpace before. So I am not sure how to navigate KDP Print.

  4. Thanks for a brilliant video.
    Please help.
    I'm using Google docs to create a small article. Do I just follow your instructions to create an ebook in Kindle?
    Will the preview be exactly the same as the finished article you see on Amazon?
    Thank you very much

  5. You really simplified this kindle. I have been trying to figure out this for awhile and looking around YouTube. You made it the simplest.

  6. Hi and thanks for this video. I used this program to publish my ebook, but it doesn’t look good on a PC. Phone and tablet is fine though. Thanks again

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