How To Get Rich: 10 Reasons Why Most Don’t Become Wealthy

How To Get Rich: 10 Reasons Why Most Don’t Become Wealthy

– So, this is the Nova Spirit. It’s owned by the richest
man in British Columbia, Jimmy Pattison. I love Jimmy Pattison’s story ’cause he started from scratch. He actually used to own a car dealership. That’s how he got started,
the first business. – I remember that. – Talk about sales people. He was also very well know
for, every single month, he’s going to fire the bottom sales people every single month, right?
– Right. – That’s his well known. So this is a beautiful
boat, and now I’m not a boat person, but every
time I walk by this, I get so inspired. – Yeah, and he started
from absolutely nothing. – Absolutely nothing, right? – This is maybe a 10 to
20 million dollar boat? – Probably 15 million
dollar boat right there. So, maybe something good
that we talk about today. Why do you think people
don’t become wealthy? In spite of their
intention, or they want it, they say they want it,
but what’s the difference? ‘Cause you and I, we both
started from scratch. We weren’t born with a
silver spoon in our mouth. We both built our business
to where it is today. So, what do you think are the top reasons why people don’t become wealthy? – Yeah, let’s dive into it. I think there’s a core mindset between those that are successful versus those that fail, and we both work with so many people now, we’ve seen. – The patterns. – We’ve seen the patterns,
the patterns are obvious. Yeah, let’s sit down and discuss that. – Let’s do that. Grab a seat. So, let’s talk about the top 10 reasons why people don’t become wealthy. – Yeah. – What do you think is the first top one? – I would say a lot of people,
they lack having clarity. They don’t really know what
they want, and why they want it. – Right. – I mean, being wealthy
is so general, right? A lot of people say, I
wanna make more money. Okay, here’s a dollar, that’s more money. But I think a lot of
people gotta get very clear why do they want to become wealthy? What’s the amount for
them that can allow them to live whatever kind
of lifestyle they want? Because I just look at money as a tool that can allow you to
experience more of life, whether you want to travel more, a certain lifestyle,
materialistic possessions. It might be to contribute more, it might be able to grow more yourself, and become more.
– Or to help the family. – Yeah, and I think a lot of people, they don’t have a strong
enough reason why, and really what it comes down to, I think, they don’t want it bad
enough, because it’s possible. I mean, I was reading
the other day, I think there’s 1,300 people every single day that are becoming millionaires. – Yeah. – It’s easier today to become
a millionaire than ever before and I think really what
makes that difference, or at least one of the reasons,
is you gotta want it bad, and I think a lot of people they just don’t want it bad enough. They say they want it,
but they really don’t, it’s like they only want it
if it falls in their lap. They only want it if it’s easy, they only want it if it’s convenient, but you and I both know
in order to create wealth, you have to grow and
improve yourself massively. You have to become more valuable, and you also have to
create value for others. – I agree. I agree, I think most people
don’t get what they want in life because they
don’t know what they want. And it’s not enough to say I want to make more money, like you said. Do you wanna make 5,000 a month? Do you wanna make 10,000,
do you wanna make 20,000? Do you wanna make 50,000,
whatever the amount is. I also believe it’s not just
how much money you make. I talk about this in F.U. Money, right? – Yeah, yeah. – It’s how you make the money, so not all income is created equal. So, you have one person
making 10,000 a month maybe working in a corporate job, that requires them to travel
long hours, six days a week. Another person maybe more
life like an entrepreneur making the same 10,000, but
working only two days a week. – That’s right. – That’s a big difference,
it’s the same 10,000, but if you don’t know what you want, it’s very difficult to reverse engineer. So, I like to think of, okay this is the ideal lifestyle I
want and I talk about it in F.U. Money, right? What’s that F.U. Money target? And how much would that cost you? Not how much roughly. Maybe, no. Let’s calculate that,
and what I realize is, after all these years
talk to so many people, whatever the idea that they have, they say I wanna be able to travel, I wanna be able to have to
drive this particular car or have this particular house
or this kind of lifestyle. When they actually break it down, it doesn’t cost them as
much money as they think. They thought, oh, we ask most people, I need a million dollars,
I need $10 million. Really? – They’re just throwing
random numbers out there. – Yeah, ’cause they set
a number that’s totally unrealistic versus, oh, actually, no, I could accomplish all
I want to accomplish with maybe $300,000 a year. Well, that’s a very different goal than $30 million a year, right? So, I find that to be the case, and like you said, people,
they say they want it, but the actions don’t match with what they say they want, right?
– Yeah, yeah. I think another reason, too, is they might say that they want this, and they have their reasons why, but if they don’t believe
that it’s possible for them, or if they don’t believe
that they can do it, that they can make it happen, then they’re not gonna
take any action to do it, and I think a lot of people,
they’re are presented with opportunities every day. I mean, today, we both have great programs and resources that can help people, that helped us, that’ve
helped other people, as well, and you could put that opportunity in front of someone, but there’s still a lot of barriers that, I
think, a lot of people have to really maximize and utilize it, and I think it comes down to their belief. If they believe that that’s a scam or it’s not gonna work for them, or they think that, well I can’t do this because I’m an immigrant, and
I don’t understand English, or I don’t have the time or money– – Which I am too, by the way.
– Yeah, and there’s plenty of examples of people in those situations that have been able to overcome those. But, the belief is a core thing, because without the belief, your behavior follows the beliefs. A lot of people, they’re too close-minded. They allow their beliefs to
be dictated from their past. That, maybe in the past, they got hurt. They got ripped off.
– Burned. – Whatever it is, I often compare it to relationships, sometimes,
because we’ve all, maybe at times, maybe in high school, we were very open and, in many ways, naive and you fall in love with someone, and then you get your heart broken. But you can’t let that experience of having your heart broken,
you can’t carry that forward with you in other
relationships, ’cause if not, then you’re always gonna be closed off. – They kind of let their past dictate their future, right?
– That’s right, yeah, and I think a lot of people, even if, you just have to have an
open mind at all times. You always have to have that belief that anything’s possible,
that you can do it. You know, what man can
do, another man can do. It’s possible. You have to really believe and own that. – And I think the belief, the self belief, I think it’s more than that. I talked about this at my TedX talk. It’s even more than belief,
I think it’s an identity. – That’s right. That’s who you are.
– It’s who you are. So, it’s very difficult to
create any kind of change if you’re holding on to your old identity. The example I like to give,
it’s like, people who want to quit smoking, right? If my identity is I’m a smoker, it’s always a struggle, right? It’s always, well, I wanna have that puff, I wanna have that cigarette. Versus someone who’s not a smoker, then there’s no temptation. In fact, for guys that we don’t smoke, we can’t stand even through a smoke, I can’t stand the smell. We’re not thinking about, oh, I can’t wait to have a cigarette. So, unless they change the identity, I always joke about it. I was a millionaire in my mind, way before I had the
money in my bank account. Even when I had no money,
I never worried about the gas prices or how much lettuce cost. Those things don’t enter my mind. It just took many years for the reality to catch up. – If you look at some of the most successful people, they all had that– – Identity.
– It’s almost like this identity or belief
that’s somewhat delusional. – It is!
– For example, Muhammad Ali called himself the greatest
before he won anything. – It is delusional.
– He believed that he was a champion, Conner MacGregor, I mean, you look at professional athletes, but they all believed,
and if you study the work of Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, he talks about having
this boardroom of advisors of these greats in his mind that he would visit every day. I think that kinda segues
into another reason. I look at environment as key. You know, they say that we’re the sum of the people that we spend time with. That, if you wanna look at– – We’re both, like,
very big on environment. Wealth triggers, right? – They’ve said, if you wanna figure out how much money you’re
gonna make, just look at the three closest friends
and that’s how much money you’re gonna make. – I agree. – Who you spend time
with is who you become. If you’re hanging out and spending time with people that are broke and complaining and negative and lazy,
and a lot of people, they might have the desire, I’ve seen this so many times, they are excited, they want to improve their life, but their friends and family are pulling them down because they’re saying,
oh, that’s not gonna work for you, that’s a
scam, or whatever it is. It’s very challenging to
overcome your environment. It’s very challenging. – I think it’s the buckets
of crab story, right, where you have buckets of crab, when one crab tries to get out of the box, the other crabs will pull the crab down, it’s exactly like that. That’s why everything I do, right now, I’m at a point where,
as you’ve also seen me, you know, we’re working
together, that I have grown over the years, then
going to the next level. The first thing that I
think of is not so much, I need to do all these things. That’s not what I focus on. First, I need to make the identity shift. Who do I have to be in order
to be at that next level? Then, the next thing is
I alter my environment. I alter my environment
because it’s much easier. I always say environment’s
10 times more powerful, 100 times more powerful
than your willpower. – Yeah. – Change your environment. New place, new car, new everything. New opportunities, expand my contacts. I wanna look in the
mirror, do I see myself just as this person, or
do I see myself as being, do I look like someone,
do I act and behave and operate like someone who’s running a nine figure business,
a 10 figure business? It’s different than a seven
figure business, right? I wanna change that first,
then my actions will show. Then my behaviors will change, right? Most people don’t get that, they wanna bend the approach, right? Lemme learn here something here, lemme learn something
there, but they don’t change who they are. It’s like cigarette, you put the pat here, you do all these little
tricks and gimmicks, but, shit, you still smoke. You still smoke, and that doesn’t work. – Ya, I know, both of us we’re really big on masterminds and investing in ourselves. I know, for me, one of the first times, I used to go to these free meet-up groups, and I found it’s kinda filled with these people that, again,
they say they want it, but they’re not really committed. When I actually invested, I said, “You know what, I wanna be around people “that are millionaires,
multi-millionaires, “people that are just way beyond “what I even think is possible. “People that are making a
million dollars in a day,” which, at the time was
so mind-boggling to me, but now I’ve been around people like that, and I decided I’m gonna invest it, ’cause you have to pay to play if you wanna be around those people, they don’t wanna be
around a lot of doubters, so you have to pay and
invest to be around them. So, I remember goin’ to
some of these events. Totally changed my mindset, ’cause I saw, a lot of them, they’re
just regular people, but they have a different way of looking at things, a different mindset. That really rubbed off
on me in a lot of ways, and it really inspired
me to raise my standards of what’s really possible,
’cause when you see that this person did
it, this person did it, this person did it, you
think, “Hey, you know what? “I can do that too.”
– I can do that too. – And just by being around
them, the osmosis of that rubs off on you, it
doesn’t take willpower, you will take on their beliefs. – I’ll share a quick story. So, when I was in my 20’s, the first mastermind group I joined, which is also, it’s organized by my mentor, Alan. So, we had this marketing
mastermind group. I was in my 20’s, I was the youngest guy. I’m not “supposed” to get in, but because I’m a mentee, so he kinda put me in there, kind of as a tagalong. I remember sitting around
with all these millionaires. All these guys, very successful. I was making, like, next to nothing. Maybe 80,000, 90,000 a
year, something like that. I was looking at these guys. You know what the biggest
thing I got out of it? Not to put them down, I said,
“They’re not that smart.” That was it! “Fuck, they’re not that smart.” Whatever they’re talking about, I get, and it’s not rocket science. That belief, it’s like hey,
maybe I could do that, too. That’s all you need. Maybe I could do that, too. – Yeah. – That’s the starting point,
that’s that spark, right? That’s planting the seed,
then you can grow from there. Okay, now what do I need to do? What resources do I need? Who do I have to be to become that person? – And being in that
environment, too, what I love is it make you feel comfortable,
and that’s a good thing, ’cause if you’re comfortable
in the environment, then you’re in the wrong
environment, right? If you’re the smartest one in the room, you’re in the wrong room.
– Wrong room. – So, I like to be in those
environments that scare me. I feel like I’m in, I’m doin’ very well, but I’ve been a part of groups where I’m, like, the quiet one, the sponge just kinda
absorbing, the fly on the wall because these guys are talkin’ about $100 million deals,
and I’m just like, wow, and I’m just observing
and learning from that. I love being in those environments where they make me uncomfortable. I can be that student in that environment. I think that’s a key thing, it’s just always being open to learning. I think that’s also been
one thing constant for us. We’ve always been willing to read books. You’ve got a huge library,
I’ve got a huge library. We’ve always gone to seminars
and invested in ourselves, and been willing to actually
decide we want to pay to learn from other people that have experience and knowledge that we want to be able to obtain. – I think it’s not just people think about why we invest so much money in ourselves. Why are we buying the books
and buying the program and attending all these different groups? It’s not so much, “Ya, but
all this stuff is free! “I can get online, I can watch videos.” You don’t fucking get it. First of all, the good
stuff is not online. It’s all the trade
secrets, all closed door. The second thing is, until you invest, it’s just different. When there’s no skin in
the game, there’s no game. There’s a difference between, you watch something for free
versus you put some money on the line, you pay more attention. – The more you pay, the
more you pay attention. – 100%. – I found that the value’s not necessarily the information, it’s what you do with it. I’ve heard things time and time again on free videos or articles and blog posts. I didn’t do anything with it, so it didn’t really have much value.
– There’s no skin in the game. – Sometimes, I go to an event or a course, and because I paid and I value it more– – You pay the hotel, you pay
the flight, you lock yourself in the room, right?
– If I actually do it and apply it, for me,
I got my money’s worth, ’cause it actually led to
me actually taking action, and sometimes we need
that again and again. I remember in my business, I had a lot of mental barriers around
really hiring people, scaling up and bringing on a manager, ’cause I had beliefs around, they can’t do as well as me. Fear of giving up control. So, I already knew. I already had information,
I read these books, but it wasn’t until I paid this coach, and invested a lot of
money in this person. That actually got me to do it, even though I had read about
it, all this sort of stuff, he got me to do it, and
that was so valuable for me. – I agree, I agree.
– I think that’s a key thing. – I definitely also wanna
circle back about skeptical. There are people that
say they’re skeptical, they’ve been burned and all that. I always say, have you
ever had a bad meal before? Yes, do you still eat? Right? It’s the same idea that, just
because you’ve been burned in the past, we’ve lost money
on so many freaking things. We have had failures,
we have gone to programs that suck, right? Invest in wrong people,
but it doesn’t mean we stop. It’s just all part of the process. So, I think when people
say, I think Tony Robbins talks about this, when
people say I’m skeptical, what it means is you’re scared. You’re afraid
– Don’t wanna get your hopes up.
– You don’t wanna get your hopes up, so instead of raising your standard expectations,
what do you do? You lower your standard. You don’t get your hopes
up, you lower expectation so you won’t fail, then what happens? You’re not playing to win,
you’re playing not to lose. – So Dan, I think one
thing a lot of people don’t realize is that they are gonna fail. – Oh yeah, guaranteed! – You’re guaranteed to
fail, and so many people, they’re trying to avoid it. I actually think that’s where
the biggest lessons are. In the faliure, and I think,
changing the relationship because the successful
person fails just as much, if not, more than the other person, but they don’t view it as failure. – I remember sometimes,
when I do speaking, I would ask the audience,
“Put up your hand. “How many of you have lost more than “$10,000 in your business? “I said put it here. “How many of you lost more than $50,000? “Well, keep your hand up, $100,000? “Half a million? “A million? At a point, two million dollars, usually it’s just my
hand and a couple people. I say, “You know what? “My hand is still fucking
up, and that’s why “I’m up here in front
of you, teaching you. “I’ve failed more than any one of you. “Anyone lost more money,
made more stupid mistakes?” And that’s why, but it doesn’t stop you. – It’s what you learn from
it, and there’s no failure, there’s just only feedback. So, if you view it as feedback, then you can always get better, you can improve from
that, and that’s what’s gonna lead you to have net success. – Yeah, and it’s about failing fast. Marketing’s about failing fast. Knowing what doesn’t work
and then you move on. So, those are some of the top reasons. Click here, watch the next video, and find out more reasons
why you don’t become wealthy. Go ahead. – Are you guys still here? – Click the video!
– Come on, click here! – Watch part two!
– Right there! Right there!

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  33. I thought I was good at closing deal…but still am poor…Am on garments supply…this awakening….fight again….

  34. I dibble dabble MANY things in trying to find my niche. My problem is I LITERALLY come from and have nothing. After my garnishments, I go negative 2 weeks a month and have no spending money. If I leave my job, I can get in big financial trouble even worse than now. So what do I do at this point? I tried e-commerce which is actually my interest, however…I can’t link the deliveries and warehouses to my actual dashboard. So what sort of help can I obtain? I don’t seek free, I seek help with an IOU that could be hugely repaid greater than your investment in me (value, time or funds)

  35. When I was 12 years old, I had a conversation with my father that I promised him that he will have a daughter who is a PhD graduate. My father told me that it is a big dream and it is hard. He said it is enough for him that I will graduate in college and have a job. I insisted that I will do it even if its hard. From that day on, I see myself as a PhD graduate doing my specialty skills. I will be graduating PhD in Pharmacy on February 2020 and sad that my father died las July 2018. Now I am learning more form you Sifu Dan about business and sales and personal growth and it is very helpful for me in preparation of ky plan to get into industry after graduation. "Maybe I can do that too" I am learning more everyday and figuring and planning out how to start my own startup company and give quality service value and impact. Thank you Sifu Dan! More power to you and all of your students and business partners!🙂💖

  36. I get the mind set, I understand visualization. I don’t understand how! I’ve said since I was young that I’m going to be a millionaire, and yet I’m in my thirties. Not even close.

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