How to IMPROVE your ENGLISH GRAMMAR Quickly and Easily

How to IMPROVE your ENGLISH GRAMMAR Quickly and Easily

Grammar. Some people love it, some people
avoid it like the plague. Honestly, no matter whether you love it or not, you need it to
be able to communicate in English. In this video, I’m gonna show you how you can improve
your grammar quickly, easily, and without driving yourself crazy. Make sure you also
stay until the very end of the video cause I have a very very exciting announcement for
you. You know I don’t do announcements that often so when I do they are normally pretty
good, so please stay until the end of the video, you won’t regret it, I promise. So
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go live. Tip number 1 is identify exactly what problems you have with grammar. So, be
very specific with this. Don’t just say “oo prepositions” “oo tenses”, okay, which tenses?
What kind of prepositions? Once you identify those you’ll be able to focus on those, correct
those, practise those, and hopefully perfect those. The next tip I recommend is reading.
Some books that I recommend are, of course, Harry Potter, I definitely recommend this
one. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. A parallel text which essentially
has one page in your target language, which for you would be English, and another in your
native language. And the last one I want to recommend is a graded reader. So you can find
graded readers with any type of story. This one is Frankenstein, and this one is Frozen
Pizza and Other Slices of Life. So, basically, they take normal books, and they adapt them
to certain levels, so you can find one that is your level and read that. So when you’re
reading, take notice of any structures that are new for you, structures that you’re maybe
familiar with already but they just need a little bit more practice and reinforcement
inside your brain. And start practising how to use those. How do you practise? You practise
with writing. So practise writing very short sentences using those things that you have
problems with. So for me with Spanish and Portuguese, I have problems with past tenses,
so I would write very short structures, very short sentences, just practising the past
tense. And I would keep practising and practising and then comparing my answer with conjugation
charts. That’s basically all I did. And once I practised, I would say after about 2 or
3 days, I got it. I was able to just use the past tenses. I remembered the conjugation
and the structures, how we use them, so actually, I avoided the past tenses for so long and
I don’t even know why. I essentially convinced myself that they were difficult and so I never
practised them. But once I faced my fear, let’s say, and I started practising those
past tenses. I got them and I’ve had no problems since. So with your writing, see if you can
find a teacher or a friend to correct those sentences and give you some feedback. If you
don’t have anyone to give you feedback that’s no problem, there are other ways. You can
download Grammarly which is essentially a plugin into Google Chrome and this gives you
basically, not feedback, but corrections on your grammar. Now it’s not going to correct
everything, but it will definitely correct any very obvious mistakes that you make. So
it’s good to get a little bit of feedback and the plugin is free. Now another way that
you can get feedback and corrections is by using a good and reliable grammar book which
has the answers in the back. One grammar book which I highly recommend is this one. The
English Grammar in Use book by Raymond Murphy. Why do I love this book? I’ll tell you. Now
I believe that investing in a good grammar book is crucial, honestly, I’ve seen some
grammar books out there that can just have the tiniest writing, so much explanation,
and then very little practice. But this, my friends, is the absolute best one I’ve come
across. The reason why I love this book is the way it’s organised and the way it explains
things. Actually, when I was becoming a teacher, so when I was doing my teacher training, I
used this book to help me practise my grammar. Because it explains things so clearly and
so easily and so well, I was able to understand it. Okay? So then I could start teaching.
That was many years ago when I did my teacher training, but I still love it so it just shows
how good this book is. If you are a fellow teacher watching this video you can also use
it with your students, so it can be used for self-study or it can be used as essentially
additional materials in your classes. The book is essentially organised into different
sections so it talks about different tenses, talks about prepositions, which I mentioned
at the beginning, that’s always a massive problem. There is a whole unit just dedicated
to prepositions, which is fantastic. Also, as I said, the explanations are so clear,
so each section is essentially organised where you have just the explanations, they are so
so simple. They’re so easy to get. So the explanations are on one page and here you
have plenty of exercises to practise everything that is over here. So one key thing to mention
with this book is that at the back we have the key, these are all the answers we need
for the exercises during the book basically. So it’s great for the teacher, and it’s great
for the student if they want to self-study. The book is also designed so that you can
choose any unit in any place at any time. Okay? So you do not need to start from the
first unit. I know some students, they start from unit 1 and they’re like “oh but I know
this grammar already”, that’s fine, skip it, it’s okay, that’s how the book was designed.
So if you have problems with, look here, have to and must, okay, maybe you have problems
with this. This is unit 31, so you can go straight to that, do those activities, practise,
check your answers at the back, see how you’re doing, and that’s that. Now if you’re not
sure what you need to study, what’s great is that there is a little test at the very
back of the book that you can do. And at the very back it will explain which unit you need
to go to to practise those things that you’re having problems with. So during that little
test at the back you can see what areas you have difficulties with and it will tell you
which unit in the book to go to to practise that, so it’s great. If you don’t know what
you have problems with, the book will tell you. Also, if you need a little bit of guidance,
right at the beginning of the book, there are the author’s notes so there are notes
for students and notes for teachers. They just give you a little bit of guidance on
how to use the book so that’s fantastic. A little bit of extra support there for you.
Now with the latest edition of the book there is also the ebook available which you can
download and you can use to practise your pronunciation and listening skills. So if
you’d really like to invest in a book I definitely recommend this one. I just, I can’t recommend
it enough. Honestly, I really can’t. It’s great. That’s all I can say. So I will leave
a link below if you’d like to purchase that, now, something really really exciting for
you, guys. Cambridge have told me that they will give away not one, but two copies of
this book, this exact book, to one teacher and one student. All you have to do is this.
In the comments below I would like you to tell me whether you are a language teacher
or a language student. Please tell me if you are one or the other, I know us teachers are
all technically students but do just tell me one or the other. Okay? And also tell me,
what is the part of grammar that you most struggle with? If you are a teacher then what
is it that your students struggle with the most? So on Friday the 22nd it will close,
we won’t accept any more, and we will choose a winner, 2 winners in fact. A student and
a teacher. That is it. So guys, get commenting down below, tell me, are you a student or
are you a teacher? Also, don’t forget to tell me what problems do you have with grammar
or what problems do your students have with grammar if you are a teacher? Go and tell
me those below, I’m so excited to read your comments and find out more about your struggles.
I may actually pick a couple of those and then talk about them in future videos. I hope
you have a fantastic week and I will see you very very soon. Bye bye.

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