How to install Superior Drummer 3 MIDI librarygrooves

How to install Superior Drummer 3 MIDI library\grooves

The new Superior Drummer 3 is awesome
unfortunately the main installer goes without MIDI clips so when you click
groups you will not see anything. When you click settings you see that there is
one default location that Superior Drummer always search for stuff copy
MIDI clips that you have gotten here and it will do the trick. If you have some
troubles, ask me in the comment section.

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  1. You can help
    How to copy the Midi files, I can copy them but I get a yellow triangle on each MIDI and it does not sound anything! Help me please, you have facebook

  2. You can help
    How to copy the Midi files, I can copy them but I get a yellow triangle on each MIDI and it does not sound anything! Help me please, you have facebook

  3. How about other libraries? where can I place those folders at? eg. the rest of the 4 parts of 5 superior drummer library, and libraries like EZX2_EZDrummer2_Modern, etc?

  4. Hello,
    I have the midi files in an external drive, where can I change the path?
    I tried settings>> Libraries>> ( Browse for libraries paths) but it doesnt works..
    The path works fine for the drumer sounds only.. Please advise..
    Thank you

  5. I have the midi files of the EZ Drummer 2, but I have no "midi" folder in the EZ drummer folder that you told put into… I´ve created a folder whith "midi" name, but the program doen´t recognize it… can you help me?

  6. Is it possible to use ezx library in SD3? I've tried to create a symlink and to place the library in another folder but sd3 doesn't find any library

  7. First of all thank you very much, your video is very efficient and I solved the problem thanks to you. Now I have another one and maybe you can help me, do you know where can I get the AAX to run it on Pro Tools? I only have the stand alone version and I can't run it as a plugin because of that

  8. I cannot get it to work. I downloaded the MIDI.ISO file as you instructed. I created the folder, which did not exist on my computer. In the video, I have no idea what you did to make it work. You clicked on GROOVES to show the error. The you went to settings libraries. You pointed to the default path (c:Program Files (x86)Common FilesToontrackEZdrummermidi). At .017 seconds, a Windows Explorer box opens where you navigate to the path that is already listed. As soon as you close Explorer window, things start to update. How did that happen? Nothing happens if I click the path that is already listed in the program. The EDIT button is grayed for EZ Drummer Content Path


  10. I created the midi folder in Common Files and put there the extracted ISO you linked. Now it says "The currently installed resources for Superior Drummer 3 is incompatible with the running plug-in. Make sure you are running the latest installed plug-in and have not manually moved it from its installed location."

  11. Привет, у меня нет MIDI-файлов, а перейти по ссылкам на торрент, которые ты оставлял под комментариями ниже выдает ошибку. Не мог бы ты эти файлы скинуть на яндекс диск или на мэйл диск и прислать ссылку на него? Буду очень благодарен!

  12. I have a yellow icon instead the play/stop button when i want to listen the midi groove, can you help me?

  13. do i need EZDrummer 2 for all the metal presets and Mark lewis presets because i have the core sound library for SD3 but i dont have EZDrummer 2 so all i have is the default preset thats it

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