How To Look Good In Photos For Men | 8 Male Model Tips

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gonna talk about how to look good in photos for men and we’re starting right
now alright so there’s a couple of tips that
you can do to take better photos now number one is the light the light is
the most important thing when it comes to taking photos like right now I’m
standing in front of a big window right so the light comes in everything is
clear but let me turn the camera around and you see how it looks if I turn
around focus on my face you see how that’s that just looks look terrible
right even if I turn it to the side you can see the light coming in here but
then this side is very dark so when you’re indoor stand in front of the
window where the light is better now if you’re outdoor it’s better to try and
take the photos in the shade because the sunlight is not so strong in your face
and the light is a lot better you never take photos in direct sunlight because
you’ll get all these kind of shadows here and in your face and that really
looks terrible so what you want to do is take photos when the Sun is at the back
of your head and not in front the second tip is grooming and style with the right
grooming and the right styling it’s just a little bit of effort but you can
look so much better in photos tip number three is your posture and the angles
together what do I mean well it depends on if you’re a bigger guy and got a lot
of muscles or if you’re slim and skinny right if you’re bigger you want to have
this posture of really bringing these shoulders a little bit back standing up
straight and just looking a lot better with your posing your face and your
shoulders and your chest everything goes together they work together as a team so
it’s really good to look straight into the camera but also the angles of your
face look a little bit down a little bit
or a little bit up especially if you look far away all right but if you’re a
skinny guy what you want to do is you can move a lot more than the bigger guys
and you won’t look strange but what I mean is you can change and play with the
angles right you can stand like this and you can walk you can do a lot more
because you won’t to look so weird you can tilt a little bit back with your
back and look at the camera and look there and you can try all these kind of
interesting and different angles you can even bring the hands up you can play
around and you can do everything that’s kind of weird and interesting and fits
in with you a lot more it’s a little bit more closer to high fashion modeling
where it’s more interesting right now the angles of your body is always like
45 to the camera and 45 left right if you missed my video for male model poses
for beginners go check it out so you can learn about these angles and then for
your face if you look straight to the camera sometimes it’s better to tilt
your head a little bit down like that and to the side – like that or this way
but play around with the angles see what works best with your face type and your
body type that’s something that you have to do and I cannot explain to you how to
do that just play around and see what works and that takes us to the fourth
tip facial expressions some guys look good by being very friendly and smiley
and everything is just all good right and some guys look better when they are
more serious right but even though you have these
expressions there’s a lot that you can do with your eyes so I’m gonna do some
of these expressions let’s start with the basic ones where it’s kind of the
the cool look right so what you want to think about while you do this pose is
just think about something that looks really cool or I don’t know use your
imagination right so you look somewhere and you’re more serious right but now
you play up your eyes so you make your eyes stronger so you do this you see the
difference in how your eye look right so you can play around with your eyes a lot
to give a better impression if you look friendly you do the same
thing you just smile a little bit and look at the camera but don’t always look
at the camera look away a little bit you know and just be friendly and think
about things that make you happy that’s how you have these facial expressions
that are natural because it is how you are really like right that’s what you
want to do it so look somewhere think about things that make you happy even if
that’s food for me sometimes I think about my family that I miss back home
because doing modeling you have to travel a lot in foreign countries and I don’t see
my family a lot so I think about them sometimes and it makes me happy right
being happy never goes out of style but use the expressions that works the
best with you with your face type with your kind of look alright alright my
fifth tip is editing you can edit your pictures to make it look a little bit
better you know use apps like afterlight and facetune and those kind of stuff just donwload the app and you can edit it but don’t go just crazy you know it needs to look
natural I mean there’s a lot of fake stuff out there that’s just fake you
know and people trying to be someone who they’re not and you don’t want people to
like your photos or like your picture but it doesn’t even look like you
alright so keep it nice keep it natural so I would only use it if I’m at a very
dark place and how it looks on the phone is not how it looks in real life right
so I would edit it so that it looks natural that’s what you want to do
especially on Instagram there are these people who edit everything they make
their butts bigger they make their shoulders bigger they just go crazy and
so you never know what is real on Instagram anymore don’t do that
people want things that are real there’s too many fake stuff people like
things that are real that is true so focus on that alright let’s go to tip
number six if someone else is taking the picture
ask them to count it down you know because sometimes there’s someone who
wants to take the picture and you guys are ready and they did your standing and
visit the focusing and they’re just figuring it out but everybody is waiting
and they have their facial expressions ready and then with time
you lose your facial expression it it’s like you know those pageants when the girls start out and
they smile and it looks nice and natural right but after a while they’ve been
walking on the stage for a while they get tired so you can see when the
natural drops to being abnormal and weird right so is natural smiling and
then it’s this kind of weird face so that is what happens if you don’t ask
someone to tell you the exact moment when they take the picture so when they
take the picture they have to say okay one two three done my seventh tip is the
background the background is so important it needs to fit in with your
style right so let’s say the background here is more corporate right so if I put on
this kind of jacket it looks better because now it fits in right so if I
take a photo in here it will be okay right if I just change the angle a
little bit so if I would stand here with the jacket and with the background
it’ll be a lot better so so you can just play around with the expressions and you
can take the photo so the background is very important sometimes you want an
interesting background because it shows people who you are and your personality
it’s not just boring and fake so you can walk in the street or you can walk in the road and take photos as well especially if you’re in a
different country here the Sun is the best see here it’s terrible
sometimes a clean clear background like this is also cool all right my
eighth tip is be natural just be normal be you all right
oh my goodness I cannot say that more I’ve seen some of the YouTube videos and
they some of these poses it’s just it looks so fake and unnatural even when
the people are walking is like weird kind of strange walk where they fake it
and then they look so stiff what you want to do is just be who you really are
in real life and take that shot nothing is better so if you just stand you know stand and
smile and take the picture if you walk somewhere you look do it the way you
would really do it don’t be too stressed about being
perfect and having the perfect shot and there’s people who are so obsessed with
it it’s like crazy so when you take photos don’t just take photos of you all
the time just selfies just you you you you because for other people
you look like you’re obsessed of yourself so take photos with people show
the background show where you are what are you doing what’s going on in your
life make it more interesting there are millions of people out there that take
selfies and photos of themselves every day right but what makes you different
from everybody else it is your life it’s your story because you are unique and
there’s nobody else out there like you all right okay guys if you like the
video give me a thumbs up subscribe and then I’ll see you in the next video

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