How to Remove the Powered by WordPress Footer Links

How to Remove the Powered by WordPress Footer Links

Are you looking for a way to remove the
powered by WordPress area in your website? Well keep watching in this video
I’ll show you two methods we recommend you use to remove the powered by
WordPress footer links on your site. Before we get started we get the
question often of is it legal to remove that and yes it is legal. WordPress is an
open source platform which means that you can use it and change it up as you
want and depending on your theme that you’re using this should be very simple
most themes nowadays come with the ability for you to be able to remove
that in the themes option. For instance I’m using Michael Hyatt’s get noticed
theme here and I’ll show you how to do it with this. Your theme might look a
little different but just dig around and see if you can find the remove part. So
from the WordPress dashboard let’s head down to Appearance, Customize and your
theme will look a little bit different but for this theme I’m going down to the
copyright area because I know that that’s where it’s at and I can change
the text right here and also I have a credit get noticed theme I can uncheck
that and you see my powered by area is gone. So that’s a very quick and easy way
that you can do that. Now if your theme doesn’t automatically have an area for
you to do that with then there’s another way that you can do this and it involves
a little bit of digging into some code but I’ll show you how to do that next.
You see down at the bottom of my site we have the footer area of proudly powered
by WordPress. To remove that we need to connect to our files on our server and
we’ll be using an FTP client. There are several FTP clients that you
can use. For this video I’ll be using FileZilla so you want to head over to and download the one appropriate for your machine.
Once you install FileZilla this is what it will look like. The next thing we want
to do is go ahead and add the credentials to access our website. So
let’s head over to File, Site Manager. From here we can add a new site. Under
host you want to add your website name your FTP credentials should have come to
you from your hosting provider via an email or you can also email your hosting
provider and ask them for the credentials if you
don’t know them already. Under protocol we’ll choose FTP the encryption we want
to use explicit FTP over TLS if available. That means that it is
encrypting the data that is coming from our computer to our website so we want
to keep that. For a login type we want to use normal next go ahead and add the
credentials for your user for the FTP. Finally we can rename this and that
helps if you have multiple sites. Now I’m going to click connect once it connects
you’ll see a successful dialog up here you’ll also see all of your folders
coming over over here. After you’ve connected you want to go to your wp-content area and go to themes. The theme that we’re working on is 2016 theme and
we’ll need to adjust the files and we’re looking for our footer.php so let’s
download that. Once we download that let’s go ahead and open it in a text
editor. I’ll open it with notepad++ but any text editor will do. When
we’re in there you just want to look for the proudly powered by and this is the
whole div that we would want to remove because it’s the site info. You can
either remove this whole piece of code or if you wanted to you could simply go
in here and say powered by and then replace this information with something
that you’d want. For this video we’ll just remove this whole bit of code I’ll
clean it up a little you need to save it and then we will upload it back using
the FTP client. Once we go back over here and click upload we do need to overwrite
and say yes once it’s uploaded you can go to your site and you see that the
proudly powered by is now gone. So those are two methods that we recommend you
use to remove the power by on your WordPress website. Did you learn
something from today’s video? If so subscribe to our YouTube channel and
we’ll send more helpful tips to help you manage your WordPress website and thanks
for watching

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  1. I designed my Website using wordpress… But now i want to create subdomain for every page …like..
    In wordpress how i can create?

  2. I'm having troubles with the FTP portion of the video. Does wordpress provide an FTP login if you're hosting on via their site?

  3. Very good tutorial – thanks. Can I also add that there is a third method you need to know for some theme companies. Imagely themes have their footer info, not in a 'footer.php' but in the "functions.php" file. The same thing applies – just download the file, open in a text editor and comment-out (using /* and */ top and tail) or delete the footer info then upload again to the site.
    Thanks again for the informative video.

  4. I dont understand why you went thru all that trouble with the FTP when you can easily edit the footer.php in WordPress itself? Did i miss something?

  5. Hello, I followed until finding the footer file in the folder. When I tried to download it, it failed. What do I do now?

  6. Won't changes to the theme footer.php get overwritten when the theme has an update, and you install it?
    I know that one way to nicely get around that, is to create a child-theme, and then have a custom footer.php (which, obviously, will never get overwritten).

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