How to Reset Photoshop and Create a New Workspace

How to Reset Photoshop and Create a New Workspace

hello I’m Robin Whalley
welcome to Lenscraft recently I’ve received several emails asking me why my
Photoshop software looks different it seems quite a few people are confused by
my layout because it’s not standard in this video I’m going to explain why my
copy of Photoshop probably looks different to yours I’ll also explain
what you can do to change yours if you want to let’s start by looking at the
interface I use you can see that I only have six windows visible thus the
histogram navigator properties adjustments layers and channels that’s
because these are the windows that I use all the time for my photo editing in
Photoshop we call this layout of the windows the workspace let’s switch now
to the default layout for Photoshop we can do this using the windows menu in
there you’ll find the workspaces option and the essentials default which is the
default for Photoshop as you can see that now looks quite different to how I
had it before there’s also other workspaces you can
choose from including a photography workspace and there’s a painting workspace which
looks very different yet again when you’re working with Photoshop it’s
easy to become accustomed to using a particular layout but it’s also very
easy to change the layout sometimes by accident and sometimes you don’t even
realize it’s changed for example I’ve had software that I’ve installed that’s
also changed my layout let’s look at an example I’ll remove the brushes window
from the docking panel so that it becomes free-floating
I can even dock the window on the other side of the interface a lot of new Photoshop users drag and
change the layouts of these windows by accident and then don’t know how to
reset them even changing to another workspace doesn’t fix it the only way to return the workspace to
the way it will before is to reset it in the window menu because of the flexibility and
shop it’s a good idea to create your own custom workspace we can start with the
essentials default workspace I’m then going to remove any of the
windows that I don’t need you I can then add any missing windows that
I use regular you and I had the interface looking the way
wanted I can save it using the window menu when I used the new workspace option I
can enter the name of my new workspace you can also see in the dialogue that I
have the options to include keyboard shortcuts menus and toolbars in this
workspace that’s because you can configure all of these things in
Photoshop and save them as part of the workspace no I can see the demo workspace I’ve
just created in the workspaces menu this means that if I change something in
error I can no reset it using the option if I want to delete the workspace all I
need to do is change to a different workspace I can then pick the delete workspaces
option from the window menu then select the workspace to delete from
the drop-down menu so next time you find yourself confused
because Photoshop doesn’t look the way you want it to start by resetting the
workspace if you share your computer with another Photoshop user it’s best to
save your own custom workspace if you’d like to know more about using Photoshop
and configuring the interface I’d covered all this in my book essential
Adobe Photoshop CC I’ll include details of where to find it in the video
information below I hope you found today’s video helpful I’m Robin Whalley
you’ve been watching lenscraft I’ll see you soon for another video

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  1. this is good
    but…. would you consider doing a video on transferring your lightroom to a new computer??
    i'm facing that prospect here in a couple weeks
    (( apologies if you already have – i haven't looked through your history, new subscriber – but will look later – but still wanted to make the request ))
    thx! : )

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