How to Sell Undervalued Books for a Profit on Amazon

How to Sell Undervalued Books for a Profit on Amazon

Hi, this is Nathan holmquist, hope you’re
doing well, for this video I’ll show you some sales that happened today and what my strategy
is and what I’ve been up to lately. And so for the first book as you can see technically
this is a penny book, the lowest used price is 1 penny plus shipping for merchant fulfilled
sellers, but if you scroll down, all these are inacceptable and good condition. When
you scroll down and get to the very good, really you’re at a 5 dollar book. So just
because the lowest price is a penny doesn’t mean it’s worth a penny. About 80 to 90 percent
of the books that I find, I sell them as very good condition. So that’s just one thing to
keep in mind. And I actually sold this one on fba for 9.95. so just because it’s worth
a penny doesn’t mean you have to sell it for a penny on Amazon fba. You can mark that up,
and I’ve been experimenting with the bottom of 9.95 lately. I believe after fees, it’s
about 5 or 6 dollars that’s left to me. Keep in mind that I probably paid about 50 cents
for this book, so that adds up. Sometimes I’ll go to a book sale and I’ll buy 200 to
300 books and that’s a pretty decent profit margin. Here’s another one that sold today. Lost children
of wilder. And for this one you can see that the used price has a buy box with the fba
price of 9.99. so as a seller, you have a huge advantage when you sell on fba. Because
you show up in this buy box here. So let’s pretend your name is on buyer. You’re gonna
go on here, you see the new price that’s 15.93, and you’re gonna see the used price of 9.99.
most likely you’re not gonna mess around down here too much and look at the merchant fulfilled
even though it is cheaper, because all you have to do is click on here. It’s 1 or 2 clicks.
You get the book in 2 days. Buyers are busy, they’re not gonna want to mess around with
these books down here. That’s another huge advantage of fba. And sure enough this one
sold at 9.95, here’s another one, the lowest used price is 1.20, and I sold this one at
9.95, tears of a warrior. And here’s another one that has a buy box of 10.99. and as you
can see that is a huge spread between the lowest non fba and the fba price. It’s a 1.11
all the way to 10.99, so you have advantages when you’re selling on fba. And this one sold
for 9.95. so as you can see, you get tremendous advantages of selling on fba. You can sell
the lower cost books, you can set the minimum price to 9.95, 8.95, 11.95. you just have
to make sure there’s not too many other fba competitions selling that same book. You can
get away with it when there’s 1, 2, 3 other sellers. If there’s 20 other fba sellers,
then it’s probably not a good idea to buy that book. Most of the scanners and apps on
smart phones where you check the prices show the Amazon fba prices so you have all of that
information at your book sales. So I just wanted to show you what I’m up to, all 4 of
these sales were today. I know it doesn’t seem like much, 9 dollars, 10 dollars, but
it really adds up when you buy these books cheap and you sell them in bulk. If you have
any questions or if you want to view any more of these experiments that I do, I’m posting
all the book sales I go to, and I’m posting the profits and what I buy them at and sell
them at, just go to and thanks for watching this video.

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  1. This is amazing. I always assumed FBA would have only a small impact on sales. Why buy a book for $10 if you can can get it for $4, just to get it a few days quicker? And I also have been assuming it would never be worth it to try to sell books with sales ranks over about 200K, unless they're really scarce — wouldn't you end up with thousands of books just sitting there for month after month? So I'm learning something new here. Thanks.

  2. How do you get your books to be labeled with the "buy box" on the main item page? I notice some fba seller have the buy box for their items, others do not.

    I guess I just better go read amazon's manual on fba!

  3. In order to qualify for the used buybox, you need to:

    1) have a pro merchant account
    2) sell on FBA
    3) have a competitive price
    4) meet certain performance metrics

    Just google "amazon fba buy box used" for more info.

  4. I don't mind having books just sitting in the Amazon warehouse. The storage fees are 1.3 cents per book per month. I can afford to wait several years for a book to sell.

  5. That's a good question. I would say number of FBA sellers. If there are too many FBA sellers they will probably consistently undercut your price, so it will be harder to make the sale.

    An item with a high rank might take a while to sell but when the buyer does come along, he or she will most likely buy your item. Since you will most likely be the only FBA seller.

  6. Hi, Nathan.  I sincerely appreciate the video. I'm considering becoming a seller on Amazon and debating on the FBA vs Merchant fulfillment.  I understand how the benefits are good but it does cost more when you consider that you have to send the book to Amazon in addition to the fulfillment fees, storage and all in addition to the actual transactions fees that go along with selling (whether Professional or Individual).  What is your feeling on that part of it?  Is it really advantageous when you factor in the cost for shipping the items to amazon plus all the FBA fees that go along with it???  Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi Nathan, as a fellow North Carolinian I thank you for these videos. I have a merchant inventory of over 5,000 books & media items in my basement.  I was using scoutpal which is not a FBA scanner.  I joined PAC and I am learning more about FBA.  My books are $1-2 books and I am only preparing books that are below 500,000 for FBA.  I just purchased a FBA scanner off ebay from A-Seller tool (smartphone w/wireless scanner).  I wish I had gotten the Neatoscan, it appears to be better. Could you give me some advice based on this information.  Many thanks!!!

  8. Amazing video Nathan.  I have been selling high value books merchant fulfilled here in the UK but I am trying to get into FBA. When you buy a book do you make the judgement on the new price and the condition?

  9. What sales do you go to to get books for 25 cents. Where I am even beat up old Stephen King library books are $1 minimum.

  10. Hey Nathan, great video.  How would you recommend that someone who has a large quantity of books; sort, scan and ship?  (really stuck on the sort, scan part) it is taking waaayyy to long!!! Some books are higher prices and some lower.  We also need to do this quickly so that we can earn money for our nonprofit. Thanks!    Need a miracle plan to get things flying.  ~Thanks, Kimberly    I can send you my contact info if you would like!!!    (We are looking at listee and Aman currently.)

  11. You can't get the buy box in books. Only Amazon does. They get books as returns and sell them usually in like new condition, which is used.

  12. Hi Nathan! nice video… I have a slew of books on FBA and have sold a few but they aren't moving like I'd like… No sales last week.. Any tips on how to get things moving other than lowering the price…???
    Most of them I got for free so maybe fees plus $5 pr so…??? Thanks in advance.

  13. I don't get how they can sell the books for .01 cents ??? For me to ship any book from where I am costs approx $ 16.00 standard with the post office …..

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