How to Upload Your Art on TeePublic || Print on Demand Tutorial

How to Upload Your Art on TeePublic || Print on Demand Tutorial

Hi everyone! Today we’ll go through how to upload your
art to TeePublic, which is another print on demand site like Redbubble and Society6. Before we start, as a disclaimer, I want to
mention that this is kind of like the previous Design by Humans video. I just started my TeePublic shop recently,
I’ve only made two sales so far. So, I don’t have advice on what kind of designs
sell or what type of artist this would be good site for. But the reason, I wanted to show you this
site specifically, is that it has the easiest and fastest upload process of any pod site
I’ve tried. So, this is for anyone who’s complained about
Society6 upload not working or Redbubble uploading being slow. It does have some disadvantages too, but we’ll
get to those later. So, once you’ve made your account, hoover
over your account icon and click upload a design. Or it’s also under the manage my store section. You have two options. Either uploading one file or using the multi-file
upload. Let’s go through the one file upload first
and then I’ll show you what the multi-file uploader does, but they’re basically the same
thing. So, you can choose a file or drop it here. It needs to be a png file and at least 150
dpi resolution with a transparent background. I usually scan my art at 600 dpi or at least
300 dpi. And if you want to enable all products, like
the largest wall art, for example, the dimensions should be at least 5000 x 5500 px for the
products they have as I’m making this video. They also have a design guide that discusses
RGB and CMYK colors and other things related to their printing process, which I’ll link
below and will need to check out in more detail myself, too. So, I usually write the titles, descriptions
and keywords for each artwork in a notepad file, but you could also make an excel sheet,
if you want to organize them better. The tags field is a little strange. I’ve only tried it in Chrome browser, not
sure if it works like this in every browser or why it works like this. So, you can add 15 tags, and when you try
to add them at once, it only shows you the ones that fit into whatever length they’ve
determined for this field. So, it cuts out some of the tags and it might
cut the last tag in half. Then I’ll delete that tag that was cut off
and click enter before adding the other ones. Pay attention to the last tag before you click
enter so you’ll know how far you got in your list and which ones you should add next. TeePublic might alter the tags and rearrange
them. Of course, you might want to start writing
a tag and see the auto suggestions and use those, but if you’ve already done your keyword
research and listed the tags you wanna use, it’s faster to just copy paste them here. Although different pod sites do have different
guidelines for tagging so you might need to alter them anyway. If you’re uploading fan art to the official
fan art program TeePublic has, you need to use specific tags that are listed for that
brand, but I’m thinking of making another video about fan art on pod sites so I won’t
go into it more here. And you’re also asked to give a main tag that
the customer would search to find your design. I’m not sure if the suggestions are tags other
designers have used or if they’re ones customers search for. TeePublic does have a video about choosing
tags, so I’ll link that below. Basically they’re saying that you can use
something funny or creative for the title, but make the tags descriptive because they
weigh more in search than the title and description. And the main tag should not be too specific. It should be what a customer would actually
search for. Tags should be about the content or style
of the design. So nothing too general like just art or illustration. Now, onto the products. You don’t necessarily need to do much here
since the placement of the art on the products is usually pretty good already, which can
make this a really fast process. But you do need to select the default color. If you select a color almost all the shirts
have like black, you don’t need to click all of them individually. If you want to change the placement on the
shirt, you can use the scale and the tools let you align it to the top and center. All the colors are pre-selected. If you have a light design, you can select
all dark shirt colors with one button and vice versa for a dark design on light backgrounds. Or you can deselect all and only select ones
you want. Or even keep them all selected. If you have a darker design with a white outline,
it might work on almost any color shirt. You only need to select the shirt colors once
and it will apply to all shirt or apparel products, although not all colors will be
offered on every product. But either way, this is a lot faster compared
to Design by humans where you need to do this type of color selection for each shirt product
type. From the other products, I usually change
the placement of the design on phone cases and pillows. To make them fit into the product rather than
fill the whole space. The background color for these products is
the same color you chose as the default color for the shirts, but you can change it for
individual products if you want. Other interesting product types in the uploader
are stickers and magnets. You know how in Redbubble for example you
might have a white version of the design for most products but then you need to upload
a black version for the sticker, since the white outlines of the sticker just don’t work
for a white design? TeePublic has solved this problem by giving
you an option to add an outline or a background of any color you want. This way you don’t have to upload a different
version of the design for stickers or magnets and in fact, you can’t, because they don’t
let you upload multiple files into one listing. If you don’t need the outlines though, you
can remove them and just use the die-cut design only option. Or a rectangle if neither of those looks good. For the magnet, you also have a circle option. The bad news is as I said before, you can’t
upload two versions of the same art for the same listing like one with a background and
one without or one with just the image itself and one as a pattern for different product
types like you can in some other pod sites. So, if you want to do that, you need to make
two separate listings and then enable different products for each of them. Then you need to check the box saying you’ve
read the terms of service saying for example that you need to be at least 16 years old
and that you own the copyright to the content or have permission to use it and you can either
publish right away or save for later. Then let’s look at the multi-file uploader. I was hoping this means another version of
the uploader, where you could add different versions of the design for the same listing. But it’s not. It just means you can upload multiple designs
at once and then they’ll be in a queue and you can go through adding the info and editing
the placement and colors for each design one by one. So, you don’t need to find and upload the
next file after you’re done with one listing, you can just upload them all at once. So, it’s another way to make the upload process
a little faster. And I will say the uploader loads and processes
everything so fast for me compared to Society6 and Redbubble, so it’s more pleasent to use
in that regard especially if you have to fight with those other sites and try to upload the
same thing multiple times, trying to figure out what’s wrong with the file. Also, I don’t think a lot of other pod sites
offer magnets and pins. I know Zazzle does, too, but many of the others
don’t. After you’ve published a listing, it will
be discounted for 48 hours, I think, to boost initial sales. I had one design sell about 24 hours after
publishing with no marketing of my own. It also means that your profit is cut in half,
though, at least for the t-shirts. If you’re worried about your art being stolen,
TeePublic also has this tool to find duplicates. So, go to your account, and then image security
and art protection. You can select one of your designs and then
click update results and it will crawl other pod sites to try and find duplicates of your
art and if it finds them, it lists the sites and you can click them open and check the
links. If it’s your own account on another site,
just click this is me and if it isn’t, they give you an option to say it’s not your art
or to contact that site the art is on. I’m not sure what happens if you click that
button. In your account, you can also choose if you
want a watermark on your designs or not. And there’s just one watermark option, a pattern
of the TeePublic logo, not your own account name. For more POD tips, click on the playlist on
the screen. Thanks for watching! Bye!

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