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  1. I sent it to my doctor.
    She blocked me on Messenger

    I- wow thanks
    Edit: 1. THANK YOU GUYS
    2. I am not trying to offend peple who's parents are doctors

  2. All my teachers say my handwriting looks exactly like the font 'comic sans' and some of 'em and my classmates calling me sans for that…

    Somebody end my life-

  3. My handwriting is awful. I have problems with slanting and tangled letters. This is definitely going to help me with writing more neat and legible. Thanks for taking your time to teach me as and many others!

  4. Your handwritting is very satisfying to look at. I was gonna ask what type of pen you used in the video, yet you've put everything at the end and it's really smart, love it.

  5. I lost it when they wrote “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”. Thank you for bringing up a Harry Potter quote

  6. It's been proven that if you have nest handwriting that means you're hand can't keep up with there brain to therefore you think faster then some people

  7. Why did youtube recommend this? Was it aware that i write like a doctor having an epileptic seizure?
    this is suspicious!

  8. Me with nice handwriting: “Hey does this look nice? I don’t like it.”

    Everyone else in class: stares at me in disappointment

  9. Ok so I do right neat but how the heck do you right neat and legible when you're trying to make notes whilst watching a documentary or something? I find it pretty much impossible.

  10. I have a problem…I can't write two Ls…like this word "totally"…idk why when I write "totally" the two Ls are like tilted and trying to get folded

  11. I was taught the letters should connect. That's why they have tails and such. And saying "keep them straight" is not solving the problem that I just can't. I try but they have uneven spaces between letters and they're always bended weirdly.

  12. When I was in school, many many moons ago, the teacher got us to use our index finger for spacing between words. Now my daughter is in school, I hate that they thought her to leave the main body of her letters open. I kept correcting her, but alas… I’m going to show her this video lol. Thanks for this great upload. I jumped onto YT to find an art tutorial, but am glad I found this x

  13. No lie i first thought u were using that thing where it looks like a person is writing but its just a program. Wow

  14. Since I learned cursive in 2nd and 3rd grade and my teacher taught us to slant our paper to make it easier, but I haven’t grown out of that stupid habit even though I don’t write in cursive anymore. Now my handwriting looks weird 🙁

  15. Well sorry i didn't get anything… well it just that don't have time to make my writing better i just wanna finish whatever my teacher wants me to write on the board

  16. Me- “Okay! I’ll do this!”

    Gets to school*

    Teacher- “Okay five min are up!”

    Me- hadn’t finished the letter “b”

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