HPE StoreEver MSL3040 tape library delivers

The HPE StoreEver MSL3040 tape library has been designed for today’s
data driven business environment, where everyone wants
more from their data storage. More scalability and capacity… Greater performance and intelligence… Increased security… More efficient use of space… Better value for money… For mid-size organizations, with demanding short-term data protection
and long-term archive requirements, the HPE StoreEver
MSL3040 delivers on every count. The MSL3040 sets high standards for
scale out performance and capacity, ease of use and extremely
low cost of ownership. The modular design can grow vertically
from 40 to 280 cartridge slots, and from 1 to 21 LTO drives. The MSL3040 supports LTO-6,
LTO-7 and LTO-8 drives and is available with both sass
and Fibre Channel interfaces. You begin with a
40 slot base module and add up to six expansion
modules as your data needs expand. This lets you store up to 8.4
petabytes using LTO-8 media, at speeds of more than 56 terabytes
per hour in a single 21U rack. That means huge storage density
in a fully expanded library system no larger than a
household refrigerator… …critical mass when
data centre floor space can reach up to
$10,000 per square foot. Today’s MSL tape libraries are easier
than ever to configure and manage thanks to HPE’s Tape Library
Management Software applications. These allow you to control the
MSL3040 from across the room or from across the globe
using a single pane of glass. While the MSL3040 delivers
scalability and performance, it also offers a powerful defence against
the threats of ransomware and cybercrime. Your data can be
kept safe at all times through integrated security features
such as native drive encryption and library-based
key management. Encryption is a powerful method that stops
your data falling into the wrong hands, even if the
tape is stolen. Another a key benefit
of using LTO tape is the ability to create an air gap
that can act as a physical barrier to prevent hackers from
deliberately targeting your data. Storing a copy offline blocks even
the most determined cyberattack and protects against natural
disasters or human error. In conclusion,
industry-leading storage density…. The flexibility to reuse existing
MSL tape drives and media… The opportunity to consolidate multiple
libraries and applications into a single unit… The MSL3040 delivers
a cost effective, sustainable and efficient
way to protect data in the era of high
performance computing, the Internet of Things
and 5G networks. Protect more data
for longer, for less, with the HPE StoreEver
MSL3040 Tape Library. Lasting innovation
that you can depend on.

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