SPRO time no time like
spro time, I love coffee. California’s finally getting the rain
they deserve. My wife’s taking the kid to school, I think I’m going
to be a lazy online seller. Make your wife a coffee in the
morning major key to success. Here’s your coffee babe, how happy does
that make you? Where’s my breakfast? So I know I told you that I wasn’t
going to get money today due to the weather situations but I lied!
I’m going to get money. (music in the car) Boom $10 self fulfilled,
$18 FBA, hollar. Another one, $30 merchant
fulfilled, maybe $75-$100 FBA, for a quarter? I’ll buy that. Here’s a great example of
a book merchant fulfilled it is only a few bucks. Has a great
rank FBA sells baby for $18, all day. Here’s an even better example, this
book is basically worth nothing merchant fulfilled but the FBA
price, lowest Amazon $60. We’re going to sell it for $45. Can I tell you a secret? This book is
worth $43 and I just bought it for a quarter, pretty awesome. So you might want to scan this and you
know you want to sell it for $3-$4 and you’re pretty hyped because
you got a for a quarter, wrong. Sell it on FBA for $15-$20. Another one, $30. Here’s another one, you probably think
this isn’t worth anything right? Well guess what, yeah, yeah
you’re right about that one. $45 with a 700,000 rank, these are the
type of books that get me excited. Another one, I seriously run into
so many copies of this book, I could build a damn house out of it. Okay this has me even more excited.
The box said Game of Thrones, this goes for $400. So far it looks like we’re coming with
15 bags but we still have way more that aren’t sorted yet. Almost missed this one, it’s only worth
$2 or $4 but the rank is ridiculously good and FBA is selling it for $18-$25. Make sure you step your
knowledge up on old books. This one is like 3.4 million (rank)
but for a quarter I might try and drop this for $80 FBA. From one to another,
the hustle don’t stop. Start rewarding yourself when you
earned it. I just worked my ass off for like three hours probably made a couple
thawow ($1,000) for the company. I’m about to get a $10 burger. Wasn’t playing about that $10 burger,
you feel me. You know it’s legit when you got pineapple on that ass. This sale, you’re having
on snapchat Luna? [Luna] Yeah I know. I’m going to use
it from our home so that kids can get some of my toys. The end. [Reezy] When you drink as much coffee
as I do, blam you get that wholesale account set up with one of the finest
cafes in America and get 5 pound bags. Thanks for the add everybody, really
appreciate people telling me that they love following the story or
they appreciate the content. It’s really keeping me
going, let’s do it. Thanks for watching guys, thumbs up if
you liked it, comment down below and please add subscribe my channel if you
want to see some new amazing videos. Peace.

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  1. I can tell you know your stuff and that you are very smart. I'm very close to paying $1300 for a private label course, but something is telling me not to do it. Coming from a smart person such as yourself, what's your take on PL and have you considered it? Thanks in advance!

  2. The content is sick but you're hilarious so it definitely adds to the watch. So do you sit at a store and scan all the books there or do you pick and choose which shelves you hit?

  3. Lessons In This Video #1. Find out where Reezy buys all those books in those giant bins. #2. Books chaching. #3. Thow-wow is a word.

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