i get a tattoo & reread warriors

Welcome back to my channel! My name is
Rhiannon and this is Crescent Moon Reads, and today I am going to be vlogging my
experience getting a rather large tattoo piece, the largest I’ve ever gotten and
because it is cat centered and I used to be obsessed with the warrior series (used
to be being a light term because I would still describe myself as obsessed with
this series) I am going to be rereading Into The Wild, the first book of the
Warriors series today. As well as getting this cat themed tattoo, so I’m gonna be
filming all throughout the day my experience rereading this and getting
that tattoo, and hopefully that’ll be something fun for y’all to watch! We’re
gonna leave pretty soon but I’m gonna start this really quick before we go
because we have a little bit of time and then I will take you all along for the
adventure! so when I got there, my artist Naysla was amazing… I got the stencil put on and everything and she really worked with me with the design, which was awesome. I found out the inner arm is a place that most people avoid cuz it
apparently is supposed to hurt pretty bad. It wasn’t that bad for me, but like
take those words with caution because the artist and everyone at the shop was
definitely talking about how much that spot normally is pretty painful, also
with inner arm tattoos and places where the skin is stretchy like that it
normally takes like twice as long as whatever design you’re getting normally
takes, so this piece may have been like a three hour piece normally, but because it
was on a spot where she had to really like stretch out the skin and stuff it
wound up taking like six hours in one sitting so my body was really tired by
the end of this, but it was well worth it because I’m obsessed with it and it was
such a good experience! So, I won’t lie, it’s not the same day. I had to break up this vlog because this bad boy took about six hours which was longer than I thought it was going to take, so I wasn’t able to
finish Into The Wild on the same day that I got the tattoo, but that does not
mean I have given up! I am going to be finishing it! I did start it before I sat
down to get this piece done and I’m already so happy… I literally imagine the
entire setting of this novel exactly the same way that I did when I was in
elementary school because I was so obsessed that it’s so engrained in my
brain exactly the way that I imagined it when I was a kid, which I just love! It
really truly feels like in my brain I’m revisiting almost like a real place so
I’m really excited! I’m going to dive back in! [rain sounds] [rain sounds] [rain sounds] [rain sounds] [rain sounds] [rain sounds] [rain sounds] [rain sounds] [rain sounds] [rain sounds] [rain sounds] So I just got to the part where they are
all going to the moonstone and that’s really exciting. I am going to go for a
walk on some trails because my mental health is not super great, but the
weather is really nice, I really love cold rainy weather so I’m gonna go on a
walk on this nature trail and maybe keep reading as well and I’m just really
loving my reread experience. I’m glad I didn’t rush it all in one day cuz I’m
really loving taking it a piece at a time, but I think I’ll finish it today
so hopefully this vlog will go out pretty soon and yeah I’m just gonna
enjoy the trees and enjoy nature and rain and try and get deeper into these
woods! So at this point I started my walk, and it was really lovely. I was able to kind of be alone in nature for the most part because most people were not out
walking in 40-degree really wet rainy weather, which is my favorite. So
sometimes being contrary really pays off because I got to kind of have the trails
to myself for the most part, but I did kind of look like a weirdo whenever
someone did pass me because I would go off trail and things like that, and I
definitely got some weird looks for that. But you know what? It is what it is, I had
a great time and I decided to transition this vlog into a nature vlog, and at this
point in my walk I saw this really great plant right there and so I stopped
filming so that I could go see it! It was very pretty, I will inform you. I was
really enjoying also imagining clan cats like I used to do when I was a kid
because I was reading the book and going on this walk at the same time, I was
really dipping back into my imagination. I also decided that I was gonna make
this sort of aesthetic so pardon me while I give you like rain
noises with plant close-ups… There were just some really pretty
plants that I wanted y’all to see so hopefully this is of interest to you
like it is to me! Anyway, as I was saying, it was really
really nice to engage my imagination the way I used to when I was kid literally
all the time every day! I was always pretending I was a clan cat
and always like imagining clan disputes and like, I wanted to be a medicine cat
so bad! It was really nice to go on this nature walk and imagine what
parts of the preserve would be what clan cat’s territory, and it was just so nice
because I finished the book while I was out here. So I was just really able to just play and I remembered why this book series meant so much to me as a kid, and it was because it inspired me and made me imagine things and it was doing the same thing for me as an adult! Which was just so meaningful for me, so I
had this like whole two-hour just meaningful experience with this book and
being outside and I can’t recommend this series enough! I think it holds up really
really well, I might be biased, but it is what it is. And I’m just so happy, also
Yellowfang has my entire heart, but yeah! I finished the book, I loved it, and this
is gonna be the end of the vlog because I wanted to just end it on this note. So
like and subscribe all that good jazz… and stay wicked.

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