I go to a Library Bag Sale –  Book Sale – Canon G7X #042

I go to a Library Bag Sale – Book Sale – Canon G7X #042

(Gary V) Boom, I sold $650,000
in used books on Amazon in 2015. Good sh… Rezzy Resells. You see that?
That’s hustle. (music) Good morning guys, it is 9.46am. I decided last night and kind
of finally decided today that I’m going to a bag sale
at the Los Altos library. Take me a couple hours to get
there, I think it’s $4-$5 a bag. I have an idea that it’s probably
going to be a waste of my time or totally picked over and whatnot but
at the same time I just do not know and that kills me, I must know. I’ve never been to this sale so it’s
about high time I did go to this sale and you guys are going to get to
see me and see what I do today and follow my journey. Hopefully,
you enjoy watching the story and hopefully we do alright but either way
I’m going to learn if it’s good or not and that’s a good lesson
to learn so we’ll see. Charging various electronic devices
and things I’m going to need. I got my arm bands, got my extra
Mophie power pack. I got Mophie case. I got a KDC 200 Koamtac scanner.
I got an opticon 2002 scanner. I got an iPhone here. I got
another iPhone, not shown. I got an axonmex-51 PDA, we still do
use a couple of those here or there. They’re just pretty cheap. We’re
actually phasing them out so as they break we replace them with
phones which is amazing. And important headphones, you’re
going to need some headphones if you want to scan fast. (music) What’s up guys, so we’re here. We’re
at the Hillview community center, used book sale. Today is the bag
sale that means it’s $5 a bag. So obviously these things have been
picked over on the preview sale and the public sale but there’s a lot of
lower margin books that you can’t afford to buy when you have to pay
$1-$2 a book. So my guess is, there’s going to be a lot of good
books for us to flip for FBA. I haven’t been to this sale ever
before so I’m not a 100% about that but you never know unless you
try and today I’m going to try and shortly we will know and you
will too, so wish me luck guys. We just showed up, we’re about 40
minutes early. Super small line, there’s only about like five
or six people here so far. So we just went and set up at the sale. I’m running this Starbucks
to get some coffee. I think I’m going to grab some coffees
for some of the other sellers that I saw, just butter them all up
like how are going to hate me, I just brought you that coffee?
(laughs) Strategies folks but yeah
there’s like nobody there. There was like six people, seven
people in line and I was like okay 40 minutes before you know that’s
decent. Then I found out that line was for the room that was for
the children’s books. The other room the nonfiction room
didn’t have anybody, nobody zero. And they were just sitting around,
there was three or four sellers that were sellers sitting around and
we just put our stuff in line. My employee is holding the
spot down, my big bro Mike and yeah we’re going to
go and kill it hopefully. The sale is kind of weird, I’ve never
had this kind of pricing you buy the bag for $5 then you fill it so you got
to pay up front which makes it weird. I don’t know if they’ll refund you if
you don’t use the bag or not because you obviously have to
buy the bags first, you have to use their bags so
we’ll see how this goes guys. What’s up guys, it’s mid sale.
I just left that room, that’s where the nonfiction is.
I’m going into this room, this is where the fiction is. Hopefully, I’m going to get a
lot of good fiction kids books stuff for my bundle books sets. (hubbub of people perusing the books) What’s up guys, everything’s winding
down. The hustle and bustle is over. Most of the money has been made.
The bones have been picked. Now it’s time to go back for the
ultra double, double check. Check everything out, make sure we didn’t
buy any crap that’s not profitable. It’s really easy to get excited
when you’re buying, in buy mode, trigger happy and you can convince
yourself that anything profitable so we’re going to check it
out before we leave. Another once over and then we’re
going to go grab some lunch and we’ll let you guys
know how it went. I might do a live periscope, so check
me out on periscope, Reezy Resells. Also subscribe to my
YouTube, Reezy Resells. Twitter, everything, ReezyResells.com (music) What’s up guys, we’re done. We’re
packing… we packed our bags. We got six and a half bags. So those
six and a half bags cost us $30-$50 whatever but I bought $50 worth of bags
so I ended up just giving away the rest of the bags to some kids and
parents that were still shopping. A couple things happened
while I was in there, I seen a bookseller that I’ve
seen before at other sales. I haven’t seen him for a while and
he had like 40 bags, he killed it and obviously he wasn’t selling online,
these were for his brick and mortar. He sells books at his brick and
mortar for half of the cover price and he does really well. He has a prime
location here in this ritzy area. The other thing that happened, was I seen an Asian couple
that I really respect. They’ve been in the game as long as
me at least maybe 10 years or more. I remember seeing them at
sales coming in teams with… they always wear these green vests. Got gear in the pockets everywhere,
cordless scanners everything and I just talked to him. And it was
really cool to see that they’re still in the game because a lot of people
have dropped off in the last 10 years and I think people are just unwilling to
adjust to the new things or I don’t know but I really respect that they have been
able to adjust and stay in the game. It’s a good indicator
that they have hustle. So we finished six and a half
bags like I said earlier. Just loading up the foldable carts.
Where you want to go eat at Mike? In and out? [Mike] Yeah [Reezy] Wherever you want though man. We just worked, let’s
go eat some good food. In and out? You about to get
that triple double quadruple? That’s what I’m talking
about animal style guys. Yeah, time to eat.
Triple double quadruple? As far as I’m concerned, that’s
the 10 commandments right now. Animal style fries, animal style
burger, animal style everything, animal style dude. That’s how you do it man, you
work hard then you eat hard. (music) Alright, that’s a wrap guys. The books are on the table ready
to be processed into a shipment and sent off to Amazon FBA. Average price that we sell most of our
books for is around $10 so with a payout of around $5.50 and
these cost us like a quarter. Another quarter to 50 cents to send in
so every book in this bag is basically going to be $4 profit on average
and we got six and a half bags. Hey guys, thanks for watching my video. Please remember to
subscribe to my channel, add your comments down below and give
us a thumbs up if you liked the video. See you later.

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  1. Every fill a bag sale I have gone too makes you buy the bags upfront with no refund if you do not use it great video

  2. Hi Reezy,
    I was thinking you lived in San Jose. But 2 hrs is not too bad. I am about 3 hrs away, but wanna get up there as it seems there are a ton of library sales up there. Good video to just see the normal stuff. How did the Bricks & Mortar guy get so many? Did he have a team? Havvagudweekend!

  3. OMG you make it look so damn easy! I guess my fear is waiting for the books to sell to get paid. I don't have alot of $ to start out with, I have picked up a few books here and there at the thrift stores but still have that fear. Any advice?

  4. I have never gone to a bag sale myself yet…I'm always hitting the previews. I'm wondering if you have your employees change their fba scan trigger settings at the bag sale? Great videos as usual, thanks!

  5. so with your opticon scanner. you scan and send it to your phone and then make a decision and upload it to your computer when you get back?

  6. Reezy your videos are gold man. I look around YouTube and you share some of the best inside info on reselling. Stay strong.

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