I Love and Apologize to [Insert Location Here]: Surprise Thursday Bonus Video!

I Love and Apologize to [Insert Location Here]: Surprise Thursday Bonus Video!

Excuse me while I use my dog for white balancing. Good morning, Hank, it’s Thursday. Special surprise bonus video!
So Hank, for the first time since 2012 we are going on tour to celebrate the release of
Turtles All the Way Down and also because we need an excuse to spend a few weeks together. There will be music and laughter and joy and I’ll probably cry because I cry a lot. Q’s will be A-ed, surprises will be plentiful and news from Mars and AFC Wimbledon will be shared. So today, I thought I’d answer real questions from real nerdfighters about the tour beginning with: Q: Where are you going? A: Okay, there are 19 stops, and I’m gonna do this all in one take. (1) New York; (2) Washington, D.C.;
(3) Charlotte, North Carolina; (4) Asheville, North Carolina; (5) Atlanta, Georgia; (6) Orlando, Florida – where we will be playing
Hank’s High School Auditorium; (7) Nashville, Tennessee; (8) Cincinnati, Ohio; my hometown of (9) Indianapolis, Indiana; (10) St. Louis, Missouri; (11) Chicago, Illinois;
(12) Minneapolis; and then on to Hanks hometown of
(13) Missoula, Montana; from there to (14) Spokane, Washington
and then (15) Bellingham, Washington; and then (16) Portland, Oregon; and then two shows in the (17 & 18) San Francisco Bay Area and then down to (19!) Los Angeles and I did it! Who says that I’m over reliant on jump cuts? One other thing: sadly there will be no Hank at the shows in Asheville and Atlanta, but there will be special surprise guest Hanks playing the role of Hank and you will hardly know the difference. So, a few of you might remember that in 2012, we did not visit the Midwest and there was much consternation and I said at the time: (Younger John) so Midwest this is me hugging you saying, I’m sorry. We’ll be there next time. You will note that just six short years later, I am keeping that promise and this time I must say to the people of Texas and the American Southwest and also the people living in the vast nation of not America: I’m sorry, and we will try to visit you soon. Q: Why no love for [insert location here]? A: I love [insert location here].
I’ve always loved [insert location here]. [Insert personal anecdote] about [insert location here] to prove love for [insert location here]
and then [express regret]. Q: Are these shows gonna be spoiler free? A :Yes, when it comes to my books but there might be some Star Wars spoilers. Q: Is it weird if I come alone? A: No, lots of people will be coming alone. In fact there will be a special letter in the program just for people coming alone. But also you might find that you can make friends over at the tuatara discord or maybe even at the show. Q: How much for the tickets? A: So ticket prices have been set by the bookstores hosting the event so that they don’t lose money, so it depends on the city and the venue, but every ticket comes with a signed copy of Turtles All the Way Down and also some other goodies. Q: WIll there be a book signing? A: Right, so this is the bad news. Partly because of the size of the venues, but mostly because of my brain’s malfunctioning. There will not be a signing after the show. I’m really sorry about this and it’s something that I’ve struggled with a lot, but I- Yeah, it’s just something I have to do, so, I’m sorry. Q: Will you guys be singing together? A: Yeah, I’m also sorry about this the answer is probably yes, but only briefly. Q: Are you bringing turtles? A: Only metaphorical ones, but we’re bringing a lot of those- like an infinite set of them. There is a link in the doobly-doo below where you can get more info about each event and also tickets. I will try to be in comments answering your questions. I hope to see lots of you on tour, it’s gonna be an awesome time. and Hank, I cannot wait to traverse the country with you. I will see you on Friday.

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  1. Can't wait for this!! I unknowingly drove by the venue for the LA stop yesterday and it's right down the street from Porto's which if you haven't tried, I highly recommend it.

  2. I stopped the video to purchase tickets when you said my city. I have NEVER been able to come to an event by you two, and my excitement is overwhelming.

  3. I can't wait to see you guys when you come to Naperville Illinois! I would love if you could do a thoughts from places video! From Naperville!!

  4. Is there any way I could get an interview for my local paper in Tennessee? I already have my own ticket–just looking to score some personal anecdote content!
    Thanks so much! DFTBA!
    (I can privately message anyone I need to in order to arrange interview-related things if needed)

  5. I'm from [Insert Location Here] and I'm happy you apologized to us. We in [Insert Location Here] hope you can visit us soon .. or at some point.

  6. I'm so happy you're coming to Atlanta!!!! Even though it's an hour away and I have no one to go with!!! It's still gonna be the best day ever!!

  7. Hopefully I can see you guys in Chicago!! Thank you so much for writing all your books, 8th grade had been good to me and I actually made quite a few friends from reading your books!

  8. Your Minnesota show is actually in St.Paul, the capital of Minnesota. Minneapolis is just our (slightly larger) twin. 😛 Sadly, I can't make the show either way because I'm at school in the middle of nowhere while you're going to be there.

  9. I wanted to thank you for not doing a signing if you cannot do a signing: 1. for taking care of yourself, and 2. for being an example to let people know that if they simply can't do a thing, it is okay to say that you cannot do that thing.

  10. I just wanted to echo all the reassurance below that you shouldn't worry about not doing a book signing. It'll be great to have you in DC and we can't wait!

  11. So I sent on the ticket page and it said that there were still tickets for Misula, Montana but then I clicked on the link and it said they are sold out. Are they really sold out already??

  12. My dear favorite author, I’m so excited and can’t wait for the new book. I hope you’ll have a good tour. Hopefully you’ll come to germany one day too x

  13. I really really think you should come to Edinburgh Scotland, it's a unesco city of literature and we also have a castle soooooooo you have no excuse really

  14. no boston – the home of nerdfighter gatherings 🙁 (i mean, or vermont where I actually live but there's not a lot of nerdfighters here)

  15. What is the tuataria thing John mentioned? It sounded like it will be separate from the show.

    I will be attending alone, and I am immensely touched that someone has thought of the alone people!

  16. =( I am always late to the videos and this time it sucks extra. You're already sold out for here in Decatur. At least you'll be at Little Shop of Stories again. That really is an awesome local bookstore.

  17. My husband & I are both coming to the Bellingham, WA event! We are very excited. However, we feel that we don't need two copies of the book for our household. Would it be possible to donate that extra book somewhere to someone else through the event or the bookstore? Of course I can also just give it away afterward, but I was just wondering if there was a system for this sort of thing.

  18. 😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔I CANT GOOOOOO😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔.

  19. LA site says, "copy of a signed copy" should i assume it is an original signed copy or did they decide to add a print of your signature

  20. This man saved my life. (At least as much as a man across a screen can.) I am so, so, so honored and excited to see him in the Real World. DFTBA john. (But you never do!)

  21. Just completed Turtles all the way down… Your best book… Well, second best (Looking for Alaska will always be the first)

  22. texas is sad, john. texas was reading TATWD as they drove by the Paper Towns show location is dallas. sAAAAAAAAAD but i have school anyway rip

  23. will hank be telling any dad jokes? also, can you give an explanation of what the vlogbrothers channel is because im bringing my parents(to the bellingham show) and they have NO CLUE who you guys even are. thanks!!!!!!!

  24. A countable or uncountable infinite set of turtles??? I MUST know!!!!!!!

    (now, that I am thinking about it, it is quite impossible to bring uncountably many turtles).

  25. Will you aver come to Germany?
    And do you really speak German or were the short German phrases in "An abundance of Katherine's" translated by someone else?

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