I Survived A Shark Attack | SNAPPED IN THE WILD

I Survived A Shark Attack | SNAPPED IN THE WILD

ALEXANDER KRAENKL: I looked down and I see this big grey monster. ALEXANDER KRAENKL: For one week in a year, my friends, also my brother-in-law and my son with his friends going for a dive trip to Egypt. And last year in 2018, in June, we had a trip on the little boat to the Brother Islands. It was the second day of our journey, it was the second dive. GEORG ARNOLD: There was a oceanic whitetip shark coming out of the dark blue and I filmed it with my GoPro and I was super excited, because I never saw a shark like that so close to my camera. ALEXANDER KRAENKL: After 50 minutes of floating in the water, it was a really nice dive; had a lot of fishes and corals, and it was really beautiful. Usually I stay there at five meters for couple of minutes more than it’s needed and to have a look around and feel happy. GEORG ARNOLD: We dive back to the stern of the ship, the shark was coming back three times very close to me, that time I didn’t feel very comfortable. The distance was less than two meters. I saw that the shark is swimming close to Alex. ALEXANDER KRAENKL: I decided to grab the line which is hanging down from the boat. The moment I grabbed the line I got a really hard shock on my right-hand side of the leg, and I didn’t know what’s going on. I looked down and at that moment I saw big a shark swimming away from my leg and I had a big hurt on the right-hand side, yeah. And I went up, it was milliseconds to getting out when I say, ‘I have been bitten by a shark,’ they say, ‘no’. The first moment was a shock, because I saw this blood coming out of my leg, I was really stressed and in that moment, you are only thinking, ‘Oh God, please let it be not the biggest thing.’ It was about 50 stitches. The guys tried to get out other people out of the water because my brother-in-law and my son with his friends, everybody of my friends have been underwater. So, I cried, please bring them up because you have seen some films of what sharks can do if they smell blood. GEORG ARNOLD: When I went out of the water and looked for Alex, I saw a lot of people surrounding him, then I saw the blood coming out of his leg and the wounds. So, it was frightening. ALEXANDER KRAENKL: As you can see, there is the big bite as it was the big tooth and there are a lot of small holes here and as you can see here and, at the end part of the knee, and although there is a bigger one on the back side of the leg. GEORG ARNOLD: This one is the big one and then you have many smaller ones here around and you see here larger one on the back. GEORG ARNOLD: You can see here as I’m diving to the line… ALEXANDER KRAENKL: You can see here the cloud of the blood coming out of the leg, it is amazing. ALEXANDER KRAENKL: The first time I saw the video was amazing, this was a thing of microseconds. If you can see it on a video, it’s only a small bite and I was really happy that I survived this. ALEXANDER KRAENKL: I could not say if this happened in 30 meters, I could be dead, if I didn’t put up my leg. So, I was really happy that I’m a lucky guy that this happened in five meters deep and it has been filmed and documented. ALEXANDER KRAENKL: To stop diving never crossed my mind. I can’t imagine that this will happen again, this is once-in-a-lifetime, hopefully.

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  2. It was pure luck it was just a minor injury. I’d be very appreciative the shark did not do any serious or lasting damage.

  3. He needed to turn around and face the shark. That way he could have used his flipper to ward it off as it got closer. He let it get to close for an investigational bite.

  4. good when ppl rememmbering god in their hard situations bcuz we know he is the only helpper … i m happy for u bro

  5. Sharks sense fear and the shark may have thought you were a shark or fish sharks cannot see very well because they’re under water sharks don’t like to eat humans so it’s not the sharks fault or yours.

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