Indecision (Decisions and Indecisiveness) – Teal Swan –

Indecision (Decisions and Indecisiveness) – Teal Swan –

(How to make up your mind) Having difficulty making a decision or feeling unable to make a decision, is an acutely painful emotional state. The best way to describe it is
that it’s a state of uncertainty. it puts you in limbo. It’s a feeling of being frozen. Now the purpose of our lives is progression and expansion, so it’s easy to see how
if you’re in a state where you can’t make a decision, the entire course of your
life is put on hold. And the entire purpose of
your life is put on hold. So obviously there is going to be immense negative emotion
preset within your being. First things first, if we are experiencing
difficulty making decisions, especially if this is a chronic thing which we struggle with. Then, in our childhood
what we experienced, is one or both of two very
painful freeze states, I’ll explain; The first is an experience or many, where we felt like we couldn’t
win, no matter what we did. It’s the classic damned if you do,
damned if you don’t scenario. The second is an experience or many, where there was a high
degree of value placed on right or wrong,
success or failure, so we experienced
painful consequences as a result of making the choice, that our adult caregivers
thought was wrong. This created the fear of
making the wrong choice. So let’s just jump right into it; “What the hell should I do, if I’m
having a problem with indecision? 1. If we can’t make a decision, it’s because we fear the consequences of making the decision. So what we have to ask ourselves is: “What exactly is the consequence or the consequences
that I’m afraid of? In the western world,
when we feel stuck because we can’t make a decision
between two difficult states, we call this being stuck between
a rock and a hard place. So the question to ask
yourself is what is: “What is the rock and
what is the hard place?” “What bad thing will happen
if I make either decision?” “And what does this consequence
mean to me or mean about me?” 2. When you find out the consequence
that you’re afraid of, face those fears directly. You will find that your
fears of consequences, correlate directly to childhood wounds. What we have to do is to
gift these childhood wounds our unconditional presence. Instead of trying to escape from them, we have to go back
to the original trauma and to improve our vibration
about that original state. Let’s say your worst case
scenario is abandonment. If you can feel the
feeling of abandonment, be with the feeling of abandonment, and use the feeling to access
the memory of abandonment which is being triggered
by this scenario. to learn this process watch
my video in YouTube titled: How to Heal the Emotional Body. When we integrate these
childhood wounds, we will not feel the same way
towards what we’re afraid of. Potentially if you chronically
struggle to make decisions, you will even be
led to memories where you have suffered as a result
of making decisions as a child. Or memories where you’re
stuck in a lose-lose scenario. Also release resistance by allowing yourself to go
to the worst case scenario and then, incrementally soothe yourself by thinking thoughts
and doing things which cause you to feel better
about the worst case scenario. If you are able to soothe yourself into a space of feeling better
about the worst case scenarios, then your subconscious mind, your flight or fight mode, is not going to be spending
so much focus on the worst case scenario. You have more of your attention to orient toward something
that feels better. The more aware we are
of what we are afraid of, the more conscious we are. And the less power these
fears have over us. Find the beliefs you have about
these worse case scenarios as well. For example if I think a consequence of making a decision, might be: “I’ll lose my whole family.” Then I ask myself:
“Why would that be be so bad?” “What am I really afraid of about
this worst case scenario, and what it means?” The answer might be:
“If I lose my family, I’ll be all alone.” This is a belief I can work with. I can question the belief,
and change the belief. My favorite process for
questioning belief is offered by Byron Katie. It’s a process called: The Work And if you want
to change a belief, you can watch my
video on YouTube titled: How to Change a Belief The meaning you give something
controls how you feel. We have to be willing to alter
the meaning of an experience, if we want to feel
better about it. And how we feel
about something controls the decisions we
make about something or wether we make a decision at all. 3. Once we have done that, we can take a close look at
these worst case scenario, and ask ourselves the very
interesting question: what is this worst case scenario teaching me that I know that I want? when we have keen awareness
of something that is unwanted, and let’s face it, worst case
scenario, is unwanted, that gives us acute awareness of what it is that we want. And so what we’re
meant to do as creators, is to place our full attention
on the thing that is wanted, instead of the thing that is unwanted. But if I put my attention on what I want, the opportunities, the places, the people, and the things, and the decisions which are in alignment
with that thing that I want, will come into focus, and into clarity for me. If you are struggling to
figure out what you want, you can watch my video
on YouTube titled: How to Discover What You Want. 4. If we really can’t make a decision, we have to release resistance to the idea that we have to make a decision. And instead we need to
place our focus squarely on anything that causes us
to come into alignment. In layman’s terms, this means
we have to focus on anything that feels good. In the universal sense, the minute we know what we want, which can be conscious or subconscious, our higher self already becomes
the vibrational equivalent of that thing. We are then pulled towards it,
as if by a huge magnet. When we are focused on things
that cause us to feel bad, we’re turned in the
opposite direction of it. And when we are focused on things that cause us to feel good, we are turned in the direction of it. So, if we focus upon anything that causes us
to feel good about any subject, we’re allowing ourselves to
flow towards what is wanted, and the opportunities, and people, and circumstances that are
a match to what we want, come into manifested reality. It is very easy to then feel clear about the decision
we need to make. The decisions made from
a space of feeling good are always the right decisions
for you personally. The actions taken from
a place of feeling good are always the right actions to take. When it comes to making a decision, unless the inspiration is so strong, that you couldn’t be kept back
from making that decision, or taking that action, you probably aren’t ready
to make the decision or take the action yet. So instead I want you to just
continue to focus positively. It would be best if you could focus
positively towards what you want, But focus positively towards anything, until you get to that point where the inspiration quite
literally is undeniable. So how does this look practically? Let’s say that you have to decide whether to end a relationship or not. But you just can’t decide. It seems like pain either way. You face and release resistance
to the potential consequences of both staying in, and of
ending the relationship, by revisiting and integrating the wounds that are being triggered,
from your childhood, and you soothe yourself
into feeling better about the potential consequences, and question and change your
thoughts about those consequences. You then focusing on what the scenario is causing you to know that you want. So let’s say it causing you to know
that you want to know yourself and what you want, so clearly, that you are confident of
what decisions to make. Perhaps causing you to
know that you want a partner that you are
sure you want to be with, because the relationship feels
supportive, and safe, and consistent. You visualize what already
having those things in your life would look like, or feel like. You think about why
you want those things, you deliberately choose thoughts
and things to focus on, that make you believe
it is possible for you. You look for ways you already
do have those things that you think you lack,
in your life, already. Or if it’s too hard to
focus on what you want, you focus on anything
general that feels good, like gratitude lists,
or funny movies, or exercise, or inspirational speeches, and what you will
find is that eventually with enough alignment, the decision
will become clear to you. You may find that when
you’re in alignment, and thus feeling good,
you know that best choice is to end your relationship. And instead of feeling
terrifying, it feels right. Then you might feel the
impulse to call your partner and ask to meet up, so you
can end the relationship. In other words, your inspired
action, or inspired decision, will become clear to you. And it will be the decision that will bring you to the doorstep
of what you really want. And then, instead of trying
to go find the opportunities and circumstances and people who you think will fulfill your desires, they will come to you. And all you’ll have to do
is to say yes or no it. But because you’re
already in alignment, the saying yes or saying
no to the opportunities, will be an easy choice. Or as we say in America: “A no brainer.” If we are in alignment,
and feeling good, the decisions we need to make, come to us with no effort. That sums up the way we were
meant to make decisions or intended to make decisions,
before we came into this life, and decided that making decisions
was absolutely terrifying. But I’m going to give
you some more tips that will also help with your
decision making process, or with struggling with indecision. 1. You need to understand
that NOT making a decision is in fact, a decision to not decide. It takes you squarely out of
the drivers seat of your life, and places you in the back seat. If you decide to not make a decision, than a decision will be made for you, by the universe or by life itself or by the people around you. You can’t put a pause button on life. The river of life never stops flowing, and time is not going to hold still. And so you will be led by this
universe, towards your highest good, whether you have active
participation in it or not. The problem is, often when we don’t
actively participate in decisions, we get led to more reasons why we should have
an active participation in decisions that we make. You have to ask yourself: “Is it serving me to be
in the back seat of life and let the universe or other people
decide my life for me right now?” “Or does it not serve me?” But we have to be really
honest with ourselves when we ask ourselves this question, because what we might find, is that it absolutely is self loving. It absolutely is the best thing for us to be in the back seat of life, because we are practicing
a state of allowing. However, sometimes it is absolutely
the opposite of good for us, to sit in the back seat of life and to let life take us
where it wants to go, because it’s self sabotage. So be willing to be honest about whether your decision
to not make decision, is self loving or is self sabotage. 2. No matter what decision you make, you can always make
a different decision. You are living in a universe
is that is based on free will. What free will means, is choice. It means that even if you
make certain decision today, you can change your mind tomorrow. And you can go in a
radically new direction. This will help you to release
some of the resistance to the idea that, I am going
to be locked in and trapped by making a decision that may
not really feel good in the long run. You have the ability to choose again, and the beauty of choice is
that every choice we make, brings us closer and
closer to the awareness of not only of who we really are, but of what we truly want. And to create the life we want, we first have to know
what we want. 3. You can’t get this life wrong. So many of us that are down
here in the rat race of life, are constantly chasing after this idea, that there’s some state
of perfection that exists, that we have to line up
with or match up to. It doesn’t exist. You can’t get it wrong, so you can’t really
make a bad choice, because even if you make
a choice that you decide is not ultimately good for you,
it’s just giving you more clarity, and thus, the universe
more expansion. The universe has not
decided what is right and what is wrong for you. Free will is about your ability
to choose and know what is right for you personally
and not anyone else. So you ultimately can’t
make a wrong decision. 4. Take a serious look at your addiction, to being right and being good. If you have a difficulty with indecision, then you are addicted to
the idea of rightness, and you are addicted
to the idea of goodness. So ask yourself: “What is it that I’m getting out
of being right or being good?” You need to look at
the universal truth that there is no right or wrong, because right or wrong
is a matter of perspective. Right and wrong is born
out of cultural relativism. Don’t believe me? Look at the world today. If you lived with an Eskimo culture, you would believe that
there is nothing wrong with killing your infant if you
couldn’t reasonably support it. If you lived in American
culture you’d believe someone who killed their infant
should go to jail for murder. Your definition of right and
wrong depends upon the society and family
you were raised in. I certainly hope they were right. And if you are searching
for a universal truth to teach you what is
right versus wrong, good luck! Because the universal truth
is there is no right or wrong. All that exists is you,
as an individual, knowing what is technically right, and thus feels the best
for you specifically. Even if you just took any action
and made any decision, that would be progression
and movement and would give you more information
about what is right for you and what you want. 5. The thing that we may
hate about indecision, is in fact uncertainty. Sometimes when we feel
the need to make a decision so strongly, that we begin
to resist indecision itself, and feel the desperate
urge to make a decision, we hold ourselves in
a place of indecision, because, whatever we resist, persist. When this is the case, we have to take the complete
opposite approach to indecision, and become OK with indecision. For this reason, I want you to
watch my video on YouTube titled: How To Deal With Uncertainty Then I want you to get
way outside the box, and I want you to think about why it is okay to not make a decision. How it might be a good thing
to not make a decision. As what is unwanted,
and to the opposite of that, what is wanted, comes more into clarity throughout the course of your life, momentum will be building
on the side of your desires. You will be pulled in
the direction of that. more and more, until it becomes too uncomfortable
to stay in the place that you are in, and the decision that will be made
for you, will be fairly easy. So if you have extreme resistance to the fact that you can’t
make a decision right now, and you really, really need to, repeat after me: “I’ll know when I know.” 6. make your practice in life, whether you’re spiritual or not, the practice of increasing
your self esteem, your self concept. If we have high levels of self esteem, of self worth, and of self love, making decisions that are right for us, becomes very easy. To the contrary, if we
don’t have these things, it becomes very difficult, because we have to get those
things through other people. So our first priority is to figure out how
to get the reaction we want out of them. Do you know how difficult
it is to make a decision, that is right for you,
if you’re factoring in, the reaction you want to
get from other people? If you struggle with self worth watch my videos on YouTube titled: How To Overcome Shame, How To Develop Healthy Boundaries, and: How Do I Discover Self Worth? 7. Trust your gut. Trust your intuition. What you will find is that when we have
to make a decision, we almost always already
know the answer. It’s just we don’t have
all the confidence yet, to act on that particular decision that we already know the answer to. Your Intuition will not compete
for air time with your ego, which is ruled by fear. So, it will often be the stable,
solid, subtle knowing that it’s always there nagging at you. The more you live according
to your intuition, the louder your intuition will become. Your logical mind is ruled
by a limited perspective, whereas your intuition is ruled
by an objective perspective. Analysing your choices
often paralyzes you, instead of helps you
to make decisions. And often no matter how
much information you have, making a decision does
not become any easier. No matter what, your intuition will never lead
you in the wrong direction, but there should be a
little bit of a caution flag, when we say that,
that your intuition and your gut feeling will never
lead you in the wrong direction, and this is why: your soul, upon coming into this earth, had absolutely no
plan to avoid pain. Because it knew that pain was
one of the greatest teachers. And so, it is common, that when you follow your intuition, you are led in the direction
of your highest good. But to get to that highest good,
you may have to face some of your greatest difficulties. Your soul’s prerogative is not
to keep you comfortable. It is to take you to what you want, thought the quickest route possible. In other words, it will provide you
with most expansion and growth, sometimes this will feel amazing, sometimes this will feel like pain. So ask yourself: “Is my goal to avoid pain, or it is my goal to experience the things that I’m wanting?” Because they are very different things. If you struggle with intuition, then you struggle with self trust. For this reason, I want you to watch my
video on youtube titled: How to Trust Yourself 8. This suggestion might seem fairly odd, but it works; Flip a coin. What happens when
you flip a coin is, either you are sitting in the
back seat of your life, and letting the universe
decide for you, and then you are going
forward with that choice and gaining knowledge
about what is wanted, or else, as you flip that coin, you will discover what
you really wanted, then you can make that decision. It becomes easier. You can flow in the direction
of what you really did want, but just didn’t have
the guts to say. After having outlined
all of my suggestions about dealing with indecision. I couldn’t fail to mention the fact, that when we feel as if we’re
stuck between two things, both of which we
don’t like the look of, our perspective is often
being completely limited. When there is always a third option. So when you feel faced
with that difficult decision, when you’re stuck between
a rock and a hard place, I want you to look for this third option, make that a new practice. I’ll give you a hint, that most often, the
third option is a blend of the best of both choices. When you definitively make a decision based on what is in
alignment for you, instead of going back on
that decision or doubting it, I want you to line up
with that decision 100%. Find supporting evidence as
to why it is a good decision. Focus on the positives of making
that particular decision, and you will experience yourself, flowing in the direction
of your own expansion. Coming into the next phase of
what you really, really want. Instead of holding yourself apart from going in the direction
of your own expansion. And so, at the end of this episode, I want you to understand something, which I have said several times, but I will say it again; You cannot make a wrong choice. Have a good week Subtitles by: Tanya Duarte &
The Youtube Community Subtitles by the community

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