Jesus Prayer and the danger of pride (Fr. Dionisie)

Jesus Prayer and the danger of pride (Fr. Dionisie)

As hard it is to acquire the prayer of the heart, as easy it is to lose it… The prayer of the heart is the best prayer, which I do not have… it is perfect, the perfection of man… As hard it is to acquire the prayer of the heart, as easy it is to lose it… If your mind says to you, “I have the prayer of the mind, I am not like him or her…” In that moment you lose it… Do you understand? That is a terrible fight… The enemy of our souls fell because of pride… for us Christians, who want to be saved, the most fearful weapon of the enemy is this: a proud mind. If you have the prayer of the heart and you are not watchful, you will lose it very easily… that is, you lose it through pride… If your mind told you: “Yes, Glory to the Lord, I have the prayer of the mind [heart]…” This means a proud mind… God dwells in the heart of the humble. But about the proud one… we never heard in the holy books that a certain proud person received salvation… The proud one has pride in his soul and heart and he or she can not obey, can not pray to God with humility… and then… it is impossible to get saved… This is the most powerful weapon of the enemy… Because the enemy knows that God wants to raise the good Christians and monks to the place from where the devil’s cohort has fallen… He knows that. That’s why he fights against mankind, day and night, with pride… Because if you have a proud mind, then you can not move forward… Therefore, because man fell because of this big sin, that is, pride, the enemy fights against the poor man from his young age, from childhood… But man, if he really wants it, has the power to overcome this, to overcome this bad and terrible passion that prevents his salvation… with God’s help and by asking God, by humility, to acquire a humble mind… he will receive it, but some effort is needed…

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  1. what if one is the most sinner of tellus?
    that one's
    sins of deaths
    are [among others]
    greediness & e g o t i s m .
    are those only
    children of prideness,
    or are those independent deaths?

  2. Interesting but Holy Fathers say that a prayer of heart is difficult to lose?! Father is right for the pride, but he does not teach constructively. He polarizes things (bad and good) and in that way invites the listeners to bind to that specific inner mood (pride-fear). For him, pride has supremacy over the prayer of the heart (which is a prayer achieved by long experience and construction) and somehow the prayer (in his words) is easily lost, it seems to have no power.. In this teaching there are elements of fear, and that approach is a little suspicious for anyone who believes in Resurrection.  This is not a good lesson for believers, since it is based on polarization, and for that reason it is not constructive. And for this same reason, we have many advanced believers who do not fruit into perfection and stay problematic.
    In the Orthodox prayer we get three basic types of sensibility. Purification, illumination, deification, three levels of sanctification (with inner confirmation of Jesus' prayer in every level and all that in peace of soul).
    We'll take this person's example on this video. He is a famous personality in Orthodox monasticism, but the level of sensibility in his thoughts is a little problematic. We can say that this spiritual father "belongs" to the line of spiritual people who are not perfect because they emphasize the loss of PRAYER OF HEART because of the thought of the pride. I do not know if this translation of this video is good but in Orthodox spiritual culture it is better to say that we lose peace because of the pride of thoughts. Prayer is not lost, but it acts differently at that moment, as in Adam, whom the Lord asked for in Paradise. Adam is lost the prayer because of pride and because of lost of repentance.
    This video (audio) is not for the benefit of most viewers. It does not perfectly teach life in God's divine (uncreated) energy and therefore does not represent Orthodoxy perfectly. Orthodoxy is (real) Perfection!

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