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  1. The claims in general were that there are similarity not that the exact same things occurred… I have seen these specific claims made and agree they are incredulous.

  2. 3 things I would challenge a non believer on wether Jesus (or his real name Yeshua) existed or not .

    1st : are you willing to say every single character in the Bible existed and the only one who didn’t exist was Yeshua ? All of the real documented Kings , landmarks , artifacts ect are all true , but they randomly lied about Yeshua ?

    2: NONE of the Bible characters are real, and everything in the Middle East (artifacts , historians, reliable text) are all completely made up and 90% of people who live there are delusional.

    Or option 3: you have no real education on anything relating to the Bible, you’ve never read it or even summarized it, and choose to try and debunk it as oppose to doing some small research and seeing the truth .

    Once you answer that , get back to me

  3. Ok lets accept this compare jesus win. What about greek dyonisos or sumerian tammuz. All of them same story. There are many pagan myths same. Is it true story of Jesus in your belief? When you say ‘egyptians dont claim this’ we can not believe it. Show us more evidence. Because Isis(Meri) was Virgin for the myth. All claims you deny are claims for horus(iusa). Tell us Nicea councils. 400 years later you accept jesus as gods son. What about Barnabas

  4. Egypt was developed 30 thousand years before Greeks even thought of a God. It was the Roman Greek Polit that said he's (going to Egypt kemet.) Is where the Gods live. And in bc before Jesus was even thought of. Greek and Turkish became Roman defeating Egypt took the book's of the Gods. And forum there on own government called christianity. The highest court is called catholic.

  5. You know, you are also making a bunch of claims aka anti-claims ? Why should I take your word ? At least other people made a whole presentation on the subject proving just that , the whole story of Jesus was plagiarized from other cultures. And you ? You made a 3 minute video of silly anti claims ?

  6. Jesus = ge says the earth deity ge also yah the checkered floor of masonry is connected to this idea . Gods son is the son of morality not the earth. Ra says is the son of God Horus Hero Heir Alpha Haru I am the last . The true outdoor sparring in the divine order to restore it martial arts King is the King of Kings no one gets to heaven but by me they are just playing racist western nerd sissy compared to me

  7. Thiss ridiculous video about the similarities between the myth of Jesus and the myth of Heru (Horus), is posted by a person who has and demonstrates little to zero knowledge of the multiple myths of Heru. It demonstrates a profound lack of understanding and comprehension of African-Kemetic-Anu (Egyptian/Ethiopian) spiritual and religious mythology.

    The central themes, outlines and framework of the myth of the European version of Jesus is stolen legacy from multiple African-Kemetic/Anu mythical gods, goddesses, religious and spiritual mythology. None of which are even mentioned in this videos.

    The person in this video needs to familiarize himself with the history of ancient Africa-Kemet/Anu…specifically from experts on African-Kemetic/Anu mythical religion and spirituality. Start with Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Cheikh Anta Diop, Charles S. Finch III, MD, Wayne B. Chandler, Anthony Browder, John Heinrich Clarke etc etc…

  8. “Simply does not exist” “Jesus Wins” Why should we believe you anymore than the mythicists? Where’s your proof?

  9. Bullshit, Konstantin made in the 4th century the Bible and the invention of Jesus Christ, he also started to build Churches and klosters , (the first in Europe) and brought it to the public, he copied the story of Horus and didn`t know that google will find out. The Bible is man made, if he made mankind why we all look different and speak different languages, where he was as Hitler killed 25 Million Jews, and for Moses he splitet the Ocean for 600 K Jews!, the last 2000 Years out for vacation? Belive in yourself, fight all Religions, I am the Real Messiahs, Son of Men!

  10. For some reason whenever you make a video on Egypt, black supremacists come crawling out of the woodwork to dislike it

  11. Will somebody clear this up God got Mary pregnant so he could walk the earth man's form so who did they really kill did they put Jesus on the cross or did they put God on the cross

  12. The expect us to believe some Jesus story without any real physical evidence, yet we have the Egyption Pyrimids and civilisation of over 4500 years with abundance Stuctures and Artifacts as proof which they try to tell us cant be fully understood or explained. Anyone with half a brain cell and who isn't bound by Religon, race or patriotism can clearly see that; Jesus story was copied from Egypt, and the Truth about the Pyramids and Egypt is being kept from us. FACT!!!

  13. This is unbelievably ridiculous. I hope you are all right and Jesus is real and he hurries up to get here…..cause the stupidity of it all is tiring. Let it all be over, please. Waste all our life worrying about what {MIGHT} happen when we die. Good grief Charlie Brown.

  14. Don't get fooled this Egyptian Mythology is demonic and is not biblical it's all a trick . Jesus first . These are hybrids they talk about in the Bible these are Demons. On the back of ur 1$ bill ull see the pyramid and all seeing eye trust me it doesn't me nothing "holy" only the woke will really know

  15. I’m a Christian, and I sent this to my Dad that believes that Christ was stolen from Egypt. He got through thirty seconds of the video, and he didn’t want to accept the truth.😕 For Christians watching please pray for him✝️💜

  16. The winner is jesus why because god is stronger he can do everything jesus is the strongest god of all time and he defeated satan when jesus was tested in the mountain look if jesus can defeat satan then I'm dam sure he can defeat falls god of nothing jesus the strangest one there is the king in heaven

  17. Religious fanatics will go to any desperate lengths in order to deny reality. Must be exhausting living in that slavery.

  18. the question is, why is a planet Sun behind Jesus… Sun god…

    and btw. Islam is the only religion without images idolatry and so on.. one only one version of book

  19. Religion is something that was created by this bunch of greedy humans..To create fear within humans,So they could gain control over humans and their wealth for their own benefits.Period.

  20. From outside of the Bible we have empirical evidence of Jesus being a real person see Josephus, Pliny the Younger, Suetonius, Tacitus, the Tahlmud, amongst others all of which are antagonistic towards Christians, or at the very least non Christian. Non of them however say that Jesus Christ didn't exist. The very Jews themselves who were so offended by Christ chose to write about him in their books. So much easier for them to deny his existence, as Jesus was a source of great embarrassment for them, however they did not they wrote quite extensively about him. The evidence for Horus as a real being is looking a bit thin by comparison…

  21. 2:10 You are also wrong. Jesus was born in spring ro summer, Was moved to 25th because of pagan rituals already performed on Saturnalia

  22. What I do know is ya got Jesus white with blue eyes , all that goes out the window right there , cause white ppl manipulate and change everything …. I’ll trust the Egyptians before any of the lies of His-Story 🤷🏽‍♂️… Than they hide everything . What y’all hiding ? But u expect me to believe the story of Jesus without any questions? Yea aight 😂😂😂

  23. Osiris was murdered and his body was then dismembered and scattered. Later, his body pieces were recovered and rejoined, and he was rejuvenated. Osiris then journeyed to the underworld, where he became the lord of the dead. He did not resurrect with a glorified body and walk with men on earth, as did Jesus. He was not alive again, as was Jesus, but was instead a “dead” god who never returned among the living

  24. Well, one thing is certainly demonstrated in most of the comments here: The Bible is right about the evil in men's hearts and minds. Sad, but as I read them, I am quite certain many would kill each other if they had the chance.

  25. Brother, I think there is a lot of things you are missing. In reality the New Testament is based on pagan doctrines and Jewish scriptures. At the council of nicea from 325 AD to 451 AD. Many changes and development were made. Trinity, THE NICEAN CREED, and it's decree. Who ever Jesus was the Roman Catholic Church made him son of God, became incarnate, virgin Mary, baptism instead of circumcision, Sunday worship instead of sabbath, Christmas, easter and what not. Christianity became a a religion by mixing Jewish scriptures, where Jesus is the hero doing miracles and what not. Rome was having 100% pagan worship copied from babylon and Greek so we're Egyptians, Africans, Indians, where you find trinity. Example in hindus three god in one or one in three, namely Brahma, vishnu and mahesh. Christianity is not different from these pagan belief. The new testament is totally corrupted, thousands of errors. The fact is that the so called Jesus did not fulfill any prophesies. Read what the messiah is supposed to do, read what the mission of the messiah is. Read (Isaiah 2:2-5).. (Isaiah 11:1-10).. (Jeremiah 31:31-34).. (Jeremiah 33:14-18) & (Ezekiel 37:21-28). Tell me which part of these verses did Jesus fulfilled. The bible doesn't say that the messiah will come then die and then resurrected. No he has to fulfil God's promise. The new testament is the well dressed lie. The DARKAGES since 2000 yrs. That has made people so confused, many are deceived, fooled, cheated many denominations with different interpretations. Please wake people, instead of defending the well dressed lie that Romans made save people, save them from this well dressed lie. THE FETAL FLAW HERE IS THAT THE SO CALLED MESSIANIC PROPHETIC PORTRAIT IS LARGELY A CHRISTIAN FICTION THAT AMONG OTHER THINGS REGULARLY RELIES ON THE FABRICATED PROPHESIES AS WELL AS TENDENTIOUS MISQUOTATIONS AND MISAPPLICATIONS OF PASSAGES FROM THE HEBREW SCRIPTURES. YES THIS IS WHAT THE NEW TESTAMENT IS, ..A WELL DRESSED LIE…. SAVE PEOPLE FROM THIS LIE INSTEAD OF DEFENDING THE LIES.

  26. Truth be told if you do not save your sexual energies n purify the body mind and spirit by alkalinity of your meals in at least the 8/20 ratio and meditate or pray and nurture your intellect you will in fact not be able to access the deeper truth that lie within your own soul…. this is facts. Whomever made this video speaks with ego🤞🏼🙏🏻🥰

  27. Wait hold up did u just clarify that osirus remained in the underworld which tells me u are lost in the sauce ….smh

  28. The so called jesus was a copy, your theory doesn't make sense and silly. My friend prove history instead of your belief,stop being a fanatic

  29. This channel should be called damage control philosophy. That was the lamest “nothing to see here” book report I ever heard.

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