Know your Keywords for the Real Estate Exam!

Know your Keywords for the Real Estate Exam!

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  1. I use CLOC for acronym for essentials of a valid contract: Capable parties, Legal(Lawful object), Offer and acceptance(mutual consent), Consideration

  2. I'm so glad I came across your videos!! I took a crash course, didn't pass…but taking what I learned and watching these videos, I feel so confident now taking my test!! 12 more days left to study!! 😎

  3. Signed up with "real estate express" feel like gouging my eyes out. Thanks for making this understandable. Wish I'd found you first

  4. Passed the National exam on my first attempt & the TX State on my second!! Listened to many of your videos beforehand & wanted to say THANK YOU because they helped me a lot!!!

  5. Hey Joe "Prep Agent" just want to give you a huge shoutout and thank you. I failed the real estate exam the first time, and was a hard time remembering the key words. I watched several of your review videos for 1 week before taking the test yesterday. GREAT NEWS I PASSED. Thanks again all the way from Texas

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  6. Can someone please help me in answering these questions?
    1. Is there a commission on exchange properties?
    2. On Exchange properties for tax defer do we have to do closing for both properties at the same?
    3. Do I have to disclose that I am an agent if my company is selling my house?
    4. Do I need written consent for yard sign, listing, house showing or door lock?
    5. Which one is a latent defect, infestation or leaky roof?
    6. Rented water cleaner, is this a personal property, real property or fixture?

  7. Joe:Misrepresentation
    Joe:no nooooooo
    😂😂😂😂😭😭😭that part had me laughing ….failed the first time by 5 points…so im going for it again thanks joe for all you do cause i probably wouldn't of gotten that close without your curriculum.😁

  8. what an awesome post! seriously you just made life a better place! thank you for this vocabulary prep! really needed this, thank you

  9. I took a weekend crash course where I laid attention to the concepts. The next day, i listened to 3 of your videos. The following day, July 3rd, I passed my exam. Because of your videos, I was able to nail the exam. Out of 150 state exam questions, there were only 5 I was unsure of. Thank you Joe for your wonderful videos.

  10. In thanks for making this, I created a flashcard public tool using your keyword definitions. Use it free here:

  11. 27:00

    “You sounded very INsecure”


    Kind of matches up intestate/testate

  12. So this is a lot of info for me. So I CD I wondering do u provide voc with b sheets with the short answers already on them. Because to be honest the amount of reading I have to do.. I don't want to have to come up with the words..I'd rather just learn the correct short

  13. Also with your practice exams are they specific to state.. because I'm in florida and our statutes are different than if course other states.

  14. Hi Joe! I’m in the state of Florida and I just passed my real estate exam on the first try. I owe a lot of it to you and your videos. You helped me tremendously! I travel all day as an RN and was in my car listening to you every day and I think that is why I did so well. Keep up the great work thank you again

  15. WOW! This presentation was absolutely the best 52-53 minutes I have spent in studying for the state exam! It was ACTUAL TEACHING, IMAGINE THAT! Great job and thank you so much!

  16. I just took and passed my state real estate salesperson exam 2 hours ago.
    I owe a big thank to PrepAgent! THANK YOU!

    Longer Version: I paid for another service to study for my exam. But I retained the most with PrepAgent. My testing facility was 2 hours away so I utilized the SoundCloud uploads to nail down vocabulary terms and concepts.

    This was my last day to test until I go back to school on Monday (I teach physics). Right now I'm the happiest I've been in years. It took five months but I did it!

    And to those here looking to cram and study for their exam: Good Luck! As a person experiencing success-bliss right now, I want to tell you: It's Worth It! Oh, how it's worth it.

    Some free tips from me that might help:
    1. Take the test 3 times. Make two columns on your scrap sheet (like a giant undercase t), and mark the one on the left MEDIUM; the one on the right HARD. As you go through the questions, answer the ones you KNOW. If you run up on a question that looks lengthy in reading or heavily math-oriented or one you don't know, mark it as MEDIUM and move on. When you go through the 2nd time, answer the MEDIUM questions and mark the ones you don't know as HARD. Then your 3rd time through, answer the HARD questions to the best of your ability.

    It cut down on my stress by making me feel prioritized and it prohibits you from spending too much time on the difficult questions instead of breezing through the easy ones.

    2. Use the same calculator you use for practice for the test (some states don't allow graphing/typing calculators). You don't want to be fumbling around with remedial junk technology, so if you can't bring in a newer calculator then have one you've already been using.

    3. DON'T RUSH.

    4. DON'T GUESS.

    5. DON'T STRESS. Seriously, don't; it's bad for you. The worst thing that can happen is you fail it. You get a year to try as many times as you want. The law of averages is on your side; you'll eventually pass it.

    6. Remember why you're doing this. I'm doing it because I'm tired of being poor, despite being educated with a career. And your reasons are just as important.

    It's the pursuit of happiness and in some ways, we're all taking the same first step towards it. Isn't that the dream? GOOD LUCK AGAIN ALL! 🙂

  17. Do you have a video with the whole worksheet filled out? I am a member to your website maybe one on there so I can study. I’m having a hard time putting the definition into a few words like this.

  18. Joe, today I passed both portions of my real estate exam in Massachusetts on my first try. I will say – I did have to attend a 40hour class (as required to take the exam in Massachusetts) I studied 22 chapters , roughly 600 flash cards, took many tests including some apps for my iPhone. My total study time was around 50 hours (not including the 40 hour class I took) your advise on studying helped me so much and this video was what I listened to in the car on the way to the exam. Thank you for your free content, I may subscribe on the website anyway just to further my education. You are 100% correct when you say just one thing won’t get you to pass the exam, you must practice multiple things. Again – thank you, you’re an awesome teacher!

  19. Hey Joe, I just passed my exam. Your videos helped so much! Thank you! I am going to recommend your videos to everybody! M.A.R.I.A!

  20. Hey Joe can you give me a link to where I can find all these words at that you went over on this video? I'd like to print them out and hand write the answer in to try and help me with understanding the words! Thank you!

  21. I have to take my exam again so I set my date for the 02/05/2019 hope listening to these videos give me good luck 👍

  22. Joe is wonderful. Thank you so much. I still heard your voice in my head in the test room.
    I passed the exam and the questions are exactly what you did review.

  23. This was so helpful! I understand most of the concepts but having one-word to jog my memory will be simpler once I am in the testing atmosphere

  24. ***Chattel REAL is different vs Chattel r?? Please clarify For example: chattel personal an item of movable personal property, such as furniture, domestic animals, etc. b. chattel real an interest in land less than a freehold, such as a lease. Very different

  25. Testate- husband passed the Test because he added me to his will.
    INterstate- i am IN my feelings because husband did not add me to the will.

  26. I love this it simplified so many things I’m having a very tough time passing the end of course exam which was an online class I feel it’s much harder, and even though I’ve taken the practice exam like 10 times I’m really stressed about not passing after it took me a long time to get through the whole class because I was working two jobs any suggestions the last time I studied and I took this exam I felt somebody hit me over the head and I didn’t recognize anything that was on the exam because it was worded completely differently than the practice exams provided by this company.

  27. This is really helping me learn RE terminology. Thank you so much for all you do, many blessings to you.😊

  28. Hello! I just started my online course for realestate. I am talking my exam here in California. I see a lot of people who passed that are not in California. Can your tips apply for the California realeaste board exam?

  29. I think this would have been good as a short video giving this as a study tip but this isn't as useful unless you are familiar with these terms like you said. I think a video with terms like this with a description of each and an example would be very helpful

  30. Joe, I just passed both my National and State exams first time here in Richmond, VA. I only started this journey 2.5 weeks ago and watching your videos helped me understand the theory and helped me more than reading endless chapters of text in books. I have no doubt that watching these PrepAgent videos were a major contributing factor to me passing the exams today. Thank you for the help and I will buy you a Starbucks if you are ever in the area. Richie

  31. Thank you Joe These Videos really help i found them the day before my exam. Spent so many days cramming. And if i would have just been watching these i would have passed yesterday. Oh well i am learning so much. Thank you for breaking this down in a form so i dont feel like i am reading another language. I am actually understanding the stuff i crammed into my brain. Haha i know i will pass the next time i take this exam. You rock.

  32. It’s really reassuring that I feel like I know nothing yet which each word I actually know something, yay! Getting some confidence

  33. Just ran into your videos and I got to say they are amazing. I’m set to take my exam in two weeks! So this is definitely helpful.

  34. So i have a question. After i finish my online salesperson course and final exam with a proctor, is there a time frame to take the NY state exam? can i wait a year to take the exam? or the online course gets cancelled..thank you

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