Kobo DRM Removal – Remove DRM from Kobo Books

Kobo DRM Removal – Remove DRM from Kobo Books

How to remove DRM from Kobo books Here are the tools we will need: Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) Epubor DRM Removal Download and install the two programs
on your computer before the decryption. Step 1: Download Kobo books to computer. Go to kobobooks.com, click “SIGN IN”
in the top right corner. Input your Kobo account, password and
click “CONTINUE”. Click “My Library” on the top navigation
bar, you will find your purchased Kobo books displayed. Click the “Adobe DRM EPUB” button
to download your Kobo books to computer. The downloaded Kobo books come in ACSM format. Step 2: Read the downloaded Kobo books
with ADE. Launch ADE. The first time you run ADE, you will
be asked to authorize your computer with your Adobe ID. Click to create an Adobe ID if you don’t have one. Drag the downloaded ACSM file to ADE. There will be a “Downloading Content…” window displayed. The EPUB version of the book will be
downloaded during this period. When the download is complete, the book
will be opened automatically. Click the “Library” button in the top
left corner to go back to the library mode. Right-click the item on the right-hand
panel, choose “Item Info” to find the book location. Books synced with ADE will be stored under “My Digital Editions” folder by default. Step 3. Remove DRM with Epubor DRM Removal. Launch Epubor DRM Removal. The books under Adobe Digital Editions
folder will be loaded automatically. Click “Remove DRM” to decrypt. When the decryption is complete, the
decrypted folder will come in front of you. Now you can enjoy your Kobo books anytime and anywhere. Besides Kobo books, Epubor DRM Removal
also enables you to remove DRM from Kindle, Nook, Sony, Google Play and other eBooks. Thanks for watching. Created by Epubor.

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  1. What software have you used to make this amazing presentation? Thank's for the video, It helped me a lot.

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