Kontakt Library Fix 2.0 New Update (Future Mac Support)(Visit description for help)

Kontakt Library Fix 2.0 New Update (Future Mac Support)(Visit description for help)

hello guys I’m Mattia Formichetti and in
this video we’ll take a look at contact library fix 2.0 which is our new and
improved utility which you’ll be able to use for 3 things first of all you can
import non-native libraries second you’ll be able to create your own
personal library by merging instruments together and third you’ll be able to
change wallpaper and general information about libraries that you already own so
let’s start off by taking a looped look at what a non-native library will look
like so let’s see I have selected 8Dio Majestica and now I’ll select it no
library found so this actually happens because of the configuration file and
the wallpaper so how do we fix it we fix it by opening up contact library fixed
we know and as you can see you can click here and select the library after you’ve
done that you’ll automatically import the name of the library and the author
you have two parties yourself close it it may vary after doing that you can
white there arundel code o or actually click there which is much faster but
what it does is basically assigned a specific ID to your library which will
identify it so if you have two libraries with the same ID it will collide and it
won’t work so that’s very important if you’re having problems with your
libraries and you have many libraries then you’ll have to make sure that
they’re idiots different so after doing that we could select their wallpaper or
drag and drop it or maybe edit the default one or another
one that we dragged and dropped so we could apply effects on it we could write
on it as you can see we can place icons that I mean this is a very powerful
powerful editor that you mean you surely would expect from contact but I mean
it’s cool that you have though that many options to customize after you know
you’ve done everything you want to do you can just save it and check folder
that I leave it on what it does is check for those three folders basically those
two actually and then after you’ve done everything
maybe checked out you know your social network but after you’ve done everything
you could click here and fix it so what it does is it adds a neat file which
identifies your library as you can see and this is the N and SNP ID which is a
C as I said you wear this with your if you’re having problems with a library
you may want to check its nicht file and see if there’s any problem with them as
an IP d I still get it work but and as you can see this is just the wallpaper
that we’ve selected so now let’s import it again ok guys so as you can see this
is a teal majestic ax of course it was it will only show folders there cause we
selecting a folder so if you click here it will file in a library and then you
can just as you can see see the changes we start contact and enjoy your loud
walking library really really cool so another thing that I’ll tell you is that
you can create custom libraries by just merging samples and we related
instruments in another folder and then linking them to contact library fix so
this will take a little bit cause my computer is not it’s not really good
actually okay guys so as you can see here we have
our library and ok it’s still working out the rest but see it works ok so our
libraries work and guys this is everything about contact library fix 2.0
follow us if you want to get many more updates I mean I don’t know how many we
will be putting out it depends on the features that we want to include and
again if you liked video and our free utility then please consider offering us
a coffee by clicking ok and being send it to our people page so if you like you
could click OK and another thing how do you download it so you have to go in the
first link which is a link to this website here as you can see you have to
cut there there to know more and there you
find contact my graphics this is a a hole that you can use to talk with other
musicians musicians and you will have to register or to enter your account if you
already have one in order to you know download so as you can see you can click
here to download and download the file you download our RAR file which
will need we were to be you know unpacked and then you can just launch
the MSI file which is an executable basically to install our utility and
it’s very basic very easy to use so I mean if you have any technical problems
you can just post it here so as you can see you could create new topics and ask
us for help and we’ll respond you so again this is everything from me but you
are guilty and Paulo for locating the developer hope you enjoyed the video
please consider subscribing if you really liked it and if you’d like to
listen to some really good motor motor music yeah romantic music also and I
think I’ll publish something from the baroque age I’m not sure but I mean I’ll
publish something more and hope you will elect it so this is all from a Mattia Formichetti goodbye as a good day

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  1. Can't seem to find any download link. I'm looking at the URL link you provide above but don't see any place to download it.

  2. riesci a mettere il link in descrizione? io mi sono registrato sul sito
    ma non funziona molto bene, ho bisogno di fixare alcune librerie e nella versione precedente mi da errori generici, non capisco il perche.. dato che una libreria kontakt sono riuscito a caricarla

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