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  1. thanks for this….I just recently bought a Kronos, so I'll be checking out some expansions….the Kronos is such a beautiful instrument

  2. We need more korg kronos in depth tutorials for step sequencer,programming in depth of various sound engines.would be of great help if you do.thanks a lot..๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  3. Thank you Korg. These videos are long overdue. I love my Kronos but its operating system is very difficult to get to grips with. I feel as though I donโ€™t really fully understand my Kronos. More of these please.

  4. Does not work at all. I purchased the new organ library. vanished. Obstructions are also obtuse adn impossible on Korg I want to give it away

  5. I have a Kronos 2 73, and info from the user's forum, EX -S 19 is free for Kronos 2. The site mentioned above does not seem to work no matter how many times I tried. Any help is much appreciated.

  6. Hey,

    I bought the symphonic dreams complete 4.
    My problem is: I bought it with my phone. And after I want to download from my pc I had nothing from these? Now my question is where are the files?

  7. I made a reply to a comment below, but I might as well let everyone see it. "don't feel bad. I went to download install KAPro Epic Composer Private Collection today and it won't download because the KSC files take up too much memory. So halfway through installation, I have to abort it. I tried to make room by deleting things, like in Windows. Bad mistake. I accidentally went to load a song and all the files with it to see what it even was from a few years back to see if I still wanted it. So, it loaded, to nowhere, and then it deleted every f*n combi that I had been working on and refining over the past several years. GONE! I am beyond livid. There has to be another way to do all of this. Why can't it be more cut and dry like Windows functions. I feel like I was in the REG mode on a PC and wiped it out. That's how I feel what happened on my Kronos. All my hard work for combis for songs that I had yet to release. ALL GONE! and, still no KAPro Epic collection. What a way to end a f*n year. All my life. Nothing but being taken from, used up, and sent spiraling backwards or down. Why can't I just finally f*n die.
    Sorry, actually not sorry. I'm just done with it all.

  8. I have some small libraries that only use less than ten slots/patches. I would like to load additional libraries into the remainder of this bank. But when I select Append and load the next library, it overwrites the first slots. Is it possible to load the next library into the empty slots and not overwrite the used slots?

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