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  1. Fires don't kill firefighters and what Does kill them is NEVER discussed.  Everyone focuses on emotions and the cause of the fire.  No one focuses on the TACTICS used to stop the fire!  No one focusses on ways to PREVENT Firefighter Line Of Duty Deaths! 

    From the few videos that showed the early stage of the fire, I saw no Horizontal Ventilation and water application on the Visible Burning Material through those windows to allow the pressurized gasses a direct path out of the structure and knock down the fire until the temperatures were more survivable for entering firefighters. 

    I saw Nothing going on outside to stop the threat.  That means they went into a Non Survivable inferno to look for the burning material they could have accessed from the safety of the exterior.  When the windows burned out on their own, the highly flammable gasses ignited because of the fresh air they mixed with and at that point there was no chance of survival for anyone inside. 

    THIS, is how you fight fires Safely and the vast majority of American departments ignore it.  You extinguish and cool from the outside and then continue as you enter.  You cool as you go.  They Just walked into the raw gasses which is beyond intelligent comprehension.

    This is how you PREVENT LODDs!

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