LEGO CITY UPDATE | Canal, Bookshop, Statue of Liberty, Underwater Vignette and More!

LEGO CITY UPDATE | Canal, Bookshop, Statue of Liberty, Underwater Vignette and More!

Welcome my fellow Lego fans to another
edition of Old Brick Town. Old Brick Town is in a bit of a shambles, but I wanted
to take a break from building and show you what I have been working on while.
I’ve added a few more buildings to old brick town I focused my energy on
building the canal I’ve placed the Lego creator book shop as a centerpiece as
well as the Statue of Liberty where I love living in the south I have to
represent New York because that was the state I was born in the second reason
for this video is that I’m trying out a new filming device a stabilizer and
gimbal I hope you’ll improve the quality of my videos as well as get an in-depth
look into old brick town however there is a bit of a learning curve so please
have a little patience all right let’s hit the streets here comes one of my latest mocks
ninjago teahouse and apartments it is a modification of the townhouse pet shop
and cafe along with a bit of flair of my own do you spot Neville from Harry Potter up
in the greenhouse let’s move past the Statue of Liberty and slip down beneath
the city streets a rework my underwater vignette and place it under old brick
town now the subway train doesn’t have to go through it because now it has its
own dedicated space let’s move from the elevated city and
take a quick peek at the lower city limits things are still in a bit of
disarray and some of the streets are not quite even with each other this by no
means is where things will end up but I did want to make it look somewhat
presentable for this video as you can see the gimbal can get into
some tight spaces in old Brit town hey thanks for watching please like and
subscribe and please leave a comment below I would love to hear from you and
if you like this video watch a few of my others but more importantly happy

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  1. FINALLY! (A new video.)  I've looked for a lot about canals, water areas and tiered layouts since starting a city over a year ago. Everyone has a little something unique going on, but your layout really has everything I'm looking for in terms of ideas and inspiration. And I'm not even counting your MOCs…  

    Glad to see new content – keep it coming!

  2. Looking great. I love your city's depth of creativity and interest. It's something I want my city, Brick Nottingham, to have. Always seeing something new from a different direction. Flat grid cities are out. Interesting layered cities are the future!

  3. Just found your channel, I'm now a subscriber. Looking forward to see how your beautiful Lego city grows and expands.

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