Today on REBRICKULOUS we’re taking over the
city library in Salt Lake So Tyler and I have a few pranks we’re going to pull on some
unsuspecting victims inside the library let’s hope we avoid the librarians and
not get into any trouble let’s go! Okay
so Tyler is going to be driving Vernie over toward that guy studying and try
to distract him well I replace all his stuffs with LEGO stuff. We’re gonna start
he’s unsuspecting, too into his book. Hey what’s going on man if you see
there’s like a robot driving around here? That guy? What is that? I don’t know, did you read his
little note? No, what did it say? It said that he’s smarter than the rest of us. Did it
didn’t really say that? Yeah. That’s kind of horrifying, I kind of wanna get away
from them I don’t really trust him. He’s gonna take over the world. Christiana is down there, can you see her? She’s got
her bucket of bricks one of them is a bottomless bucket like we’ve seen before
but the other one has 50 pounds of weights hidden inside so it’s gonna be
super heavy for someone to pick up She’s moving in, she’s
got her her bucket the real button in her hands she’s acting like it’s
really heavy it’s not that heavy. Excuse me? Can you help me carry one of these
boxes I’m trying to bring them downstairs. I’m kind of waiting for somebody… Do you have a second to spare?
she got shut down Hi yeah that would be so great thank you
so much yeah if you try to grab this one maybe that’d be be great oh it’s heavy?
Oh you know, just just put that one down, we can get that one later this
one’s a little bit lighter. You’re a big help. Gotta go bye. I’ve been there I know how it feels. I don’t
want to be a pest can you help me for a second? Oh my gosh thank you so much!
I’m trying to carry these downstairs and I really don’t want to take three trips
so if you can just like carry one maybe I can get the other one on the way back
that’d be great Sophie grab that one yeah mm-hmm the heavy for you now I
might be a little bit later those bricks are like heavier you wanna do that
that’d be so great We just have to go down the stairs and then we’ll
be good, thank you. Gotta go! All right so Christiana went downstairs to
take a break get little snack for a second So what I did was I switched out
the buckets and I’m gonna tell her hey we gotta get one more bottomless bucket
prank and this is actually the bottomless bucket so when she has to pick it up
finally hopefully gonna get my revenge. Let us know in the comments down below where we should take over next! Click one of these two videos to watch more REBRICKULOUS or click down there to subscribe.

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