LEGO Pop-Up Book Ideas Project

LEGO Pop-Up Book Ideas Project

Hey everyone, Jason here. Today I’m really excited to show you a collaborative project I’ve been working on with the
very talented Grant Davis. At first glance this may look like a simple
brick-built book but in actuality it is a fully functional LEGO pop-up book.
Before we get into the details, we have posted this project to LEGO Ideas, so if
you would like to see it potentially become an official LEGO set be sure to head on over there and add
your support, it’s really easy to do and we would really appreciate it. As you can see the opening and closing
mechanism is very robust. The covers are connected to the spine using hinge
bricks and the pop-up scene is connected to the interior using a couple of simple
Technic axles. We also added this clasp to the outside to keep the book securely
closed when you’re not playing with it. Of course being built out of LEGO the
interior can be completely customized to illustrate different stories. This
interior I created is a simple cottage which could serve as the backdrop for
any number of classic fairytale stories and, for example, here I have Little Red
Riding Hood, who is visiting her grandmother in the back. The interior of
the book contains LEGO studs so that you can add details around the main pop-up
scene and the back of the book contains space so that you can store your Minifigs and accessories when the book is closed. Now let’s send it over to Grant. Hello everyone, my name is Grant Davis as Jason mentioned. I personally have been messing
around with LEGO pop-up books for a couple of years now, but it was only in
the last few months, that with Jason’s help, that i was finally able to get this to a
finished product. On the inside of my book we have a completely different
style. As you can see it as a Western themed insert. Maybe we have a
sheriff and a criminal out front. Around back we have some really nice details as
well. We got a few barrels, this chicken over here, this bar that moves up and down when you open to close the book. I think my favorite thing about these
LEGO pop-up books however is the fact that within a few seconds you can
completely change out the insert of the book. This insert is a ruined jungle
temple that includes a pirate and a monkey. Once again this is up on LEGO
Ideas so make sure and head on over there to give us your support. Thanks so
much for watching.

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  1. The second I saw this video I went straight to lego ideas, and supported this, then grabbed my tablet, and supported this with that

  2. im a bit late but how can someone conjure up a magnificent genius build like that. its authentic, unique, and definitely should be a LEGO set for sure! well done.

  3. They should make this into a series with different color and styles of the book covers and interiors that can still be changed and some minifigs too

  4. Hey man! The comment section on the official Lego ideas website is closed now, so I just wanted to say that I've been supporting this set since 200 supporters, and I hope it becomes an official set. Good luck.

  5. I think the reason Lego would not make this amazing idea for there products a reality is that they can't sell enough pieces so the price will have to be reasonable and so they will not make a profit. All in all a spectacular use for Lego.

  6. I heard that the 2nd review of 2017 had no ideas project chosen so I’m hoping the 3rd review gets better by having this as a set for all best luck to you

  7. Ok i realy dont get how your lego idea's are getting approved its strange its like the lego group wants all of your ideas to win

  8. Congratulations on you being Chosen I couldn’t stop talking about how badly I wanted this project to win

  9. I'm almost 2 years late here and I don't have sound so I don't know if it's mentioned, but the wolf head on Professor Lupin in 4756 might help

  10. Ah
    now I’m so proud of you Jason that this set has actually released
    I know it may be late but you have inspired us all and worked many years.
    That’s all I wanted to say

  11. We made it! The Pop-Up Book is now available from LEGO's online store!
    More information can also be found on my website.

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