Lesson 12 – Led by the Holy Spirit – The Pioneer School

Lesson 12 – Led by the Holy Spirit – The Pioneer School

Today I’m going to talk about the Holy Spirit
and what it is to be led by the Holy Spirit. And if there is something I love to talk about,
if there is something I am so excited about then it is the whole part of being led by
the Holy Spirit. In the book of Acts in the first church you saw that the Holy Spirit
was an active part of the church, the Holy Spirit was the one who was working in the
first disciples, He was leading them and He wants to be a part of our lives and our church
today, I heard somebody say that if the Holy Spirit left the church today 90% of all the
activities are going to continue as if nothing had happened and I believe there is something
about that. You are going to see that in this teaching I’m going to share a lot of
amazing testimonies of how we can be led by the Holy Spirit today and how God is working
by His Spirit and I’m also going to give you some practical tools you can use in your
life so your life can be led by the Holy Spirit exactly as we read in the
book of Acts God bless you. Welcome to the Pioneer School this is
lesson number 12 out of 20. Today I’m going to talk about being led by the Holy Spirit.
I’m going to talk about how it is to walk by the Spirit, how it is to listen to the
Spirit and being led by the Holy Spirit. I love teaching about these things because
some years ago me and my family got a taste of what God has for us when it comes to
being led by the Holy Spirit. When we tasted that we just looked at each other and we said
this is what we want, we want this life. Because being led by the Holy Spirit is what it is
all about and it is so much more than just coming in a church on Sunday. I believe many
people have the idea that the Bible said that you can walk by the flesh and you can
walk by the Spirit. Walking by the flesh is living in sin and we agree with that. But
then we think that walking by the Spirit is the opposite of living in sin. That it is just
don’t sin. So now I’m a nice person, I don’t sin, I don’t live in sin and I come to church
on Sunday. I live my everyday life trying to not do a lot of things and
come to the church on Sunday. But to be led by the Spirit is much more than
just standing still and don’t sin and come to the church on Sunday. To be led by the Spirit
is to live a supernatural life, it is to walk by the Spirit, it is to go from one place
to another it’s not to just stand still. And not sin it is to live an exciting life
where the Holy Spirit is leading us in everyday life. You are going to get a taste of that,
because in this teaching I’m going to come with a lot of amazing testimonies and then in
the end I’m going to give you some practical tools that can help you to come in and walk
by the Spirit and live the life. Before I start I’m going to pray and I’m going to take
some questions out of the last teaching. Then we are going to continue looking
at what it is to be led by the Spirit. God I thank you for this teaching I
pray that you will help me to share this word I pray that it is going to be a revelation for
everybody who sees this, that it is going to open their eyes and it is going to help them
to come into the life we read in the book of Acts. That they are going to live a life
led by the Holy Spirit in everyday life, God. God thank you because this is something You
have for every one of us so help me to share this word and come with your Spirit and open
our eyes God in the name of Jesus. Amen OK, I have been talking about repentance,
baptism in water and baptism with the Holy Spirit. This is part of salvation, everything
is part of getting saved, Peter stood up and said, “Repent, get baptized in water
for the remission of your sins and you will receive the Holy Spirit.” Then he said that
“this promise is for you and your children and everybody God is going to call on.” What
promise? The promise of the new covenant. The promise that had been spoken by the prophet
Joel, the promise that had been spoken by the prophet Ezekiel, the promise by Jeremiah, the
promise from the old prophets. That one day God is going to create a new covenant with
His people, a covenant where He is going to put a new heart inside of us and give us a
new spirit. So we may walk in His statues, so we may walk with Him. That promise, He said,
has to do with all of those three things. And the Holy Spirit is like the end of it. The
fulfilling of that; the new Spirit. It’s not like you get saved, you repent and you get baptized
in water and yes you are saved and if you want the Holy Spirit, like something extra, you
can say yes to that. No, everything is part of salvation. I’ve been teaching about
that the last times. I’ve got a lot of response, out of this teaching, out of baptism
with the Holy Spirit. A really good response. One of the emails I got was this, “Hello
Torben, I’ve been waiting for this topic the whole way through the Pioneer School since
God revealed Himself to me in a Pentecostal church. I want to get baptized with the Holy
Spirit but in our days it seemed like baptism in the Holy Spirit happens more seldom. Why?
Especially during the Bible school God has opened my eyes. And there is still a question.
Why is it in the book of Acts it is so simple to get baptized with the Holy Spirit but now
it is so complicated compared to the book of Acts? I know brothers who have been serving
God for more than ten years and asking for baptism of the Holy Spirit during all
of those years but have not yet got it. They are members of the church and are baptized
in water. I personally miss this power of God in my life. God bless you.” Why is
it like that? Why is it so simple in the book of Acts and so difficult today? The
answer, I’ve been trying to work with during the whole Pioneer School, the answer is
our religion glasses. We have a lot of teaching today that is not built on the Word
of God, it is built on tradition. We have a lot of wrong doctrines and we have a lot of
fears. At the same time we build our doctrine on our experience instead of what the Word
is saying, as I said when it comes to healing, when it comes to all the other things I’ve
been looking at during the Pioneer School. We need to come back to the simple life
we read in the book of Acts. We have a lot of theology, a lot of knowledge, but there
is not so much life. Why? Because the knowledge complicates things. An example is what we
read here. Those people have been praying to God during ten years, and have not received
it. The last time I spoke about how my wife when she was ten or eleven years old, just
went and prayed a simple prayer, “God I pray that you will give me the Holy Spirit.” and
immediately she got baptized with the Holy Spirit and she started to speak in tongues. She
prayed one prayer in faith like a child. We have to be like children. It’s not about
praying, praying, praying ten years, it’s about simple faith. You don’t have to pray
ten years to press through to get it. No. I think what those people need instead of
just praying and praying and praying is they need discipleship and they need to get their
eyes open and get the wrong doctrine out of their lives. If I met them, I would not say
continue praying for ten years, I would say, “Let’s sit down and talk and let’s go through what
the word is saying. Have you repentance?” And seems like they have, “And have you got
baptized with water?” And they have and then talk about baptism with the Holy Spirit and
sit down with them and explain what it is all about. This is what we need, discipleship.
And again I can come to a church, come to a meeting. I can speak from the pulpit and ten
people can come up to me, I pray and five of them get baptized with the Holy Spirit
in an instant, and I can go over there and there are only five got baptized with the
Holy Spirit. Why did the other five not get baptized with the Holy Spirit? Because
it is all about discipleship. It’s all about taking people from where they are right now and
helping them to take the next step. Maybe some of them have not repented, some have not
been baptized in water and have something they need to deal with
before they can receive it. Some of them just need to get the fear out
of their lives. This is what I want, I want us to focus on discipleship instead of just
having a meeting speaking from a pulpit, and then expect everything to happen. We need
to take people from where they are, sit down with them and go through the Word and talk
with them. And another lady also, she wrote this, “I had difficulty receiving the
Holy Spirit, but I needed to be delivered. She said that somebody talked with her
and she burned her old books, a lot of new age stuff she had. And two people prayed
and she was delivered. About fifteen minutes later, she wrote, “I was getting in my car
and driving home and I started to praise God in English and then tongues just started to
flow through me and I stopped the car while I was enjoying this whole experience. So
here we have a lady who wrote that she also didn’t receive the Holy Spirit like this. But
somebody did discipleship with her. Somebody sat down with her, talked with her and she got
to understand. She didn’t have books, but something else she had not turned away from. When
she turned away from it, she had at the same time gotten delivered from a demon. When
that happened the Holy Spirit came instantly. It just flowed out of her. Like my wife she
didn’t have so much to get set free from, she was a young girl but she just prayed a
simple prayer. This woman had something she needed to repent from and when she had
done that she just worshipped God in the car and it came like this. So I want to
say if you don’t have it yet what you need is, of course, to pray to God in faith. But
what we really need also is discipleship. We need to go back to step one, step
two and step three. Another wrote, “I’ve been praying for baptism with the
Holy Spirit since Friday but have not yet experienced it. Unfortunately there is nobody
around me in my town who teaches about this so I hope you can help me.”
Sometimes we have to do something extra ordinary to get it. What I mean is in
the Acts chapter 8, the people in Samaria had not yet received the Holy Spirit and
when the apostles in Jerusalem heard about that they travelled there to lay their hands
on them so they could receive it. And what we need today often, is to jump in a car and
go to somebody else that you have not been together with all the time. Go to another
church find other people, find some people who have it, who know about it and let them
pray for you. Because this promise is for you, this promise is for your children, this
promise is for everybody God is calling on. OK, I’m going to talk about being led by
the Holy Spirit. I love the whole part of being led by the Holy Spirit. I can share
a lot of testimonies about being led by the Holy Spirit. The next time I’m
going to have a lesson here in the Pioneer School is one month after Christmas.
So in one month I’m going to come with the next teaching. They are going to wait one
month because next Sunday me and my family are going to South Africa. And like many
other things this has also to do with being led by the Holy Spirit. I think everything
we do has to do with being led by the Holy Spirit. If we buy a car, every time we move
from one place to another. All we do, we see that God is in it and God is leading us by
His Holy Spirit. The way we came to South Africa… the reason we are going to South Africa
is because some months ago we were on a mission in Poland. I was sitting in the car and
driving, on my way to Poland. My wife was sitting beside me and she looked at me
and she said, “Torben, there is something I have been talking with God about, but
I’ve not told you.” I looked at her and said, “What have you been talking with God
about without telling me?” I was curious. What is it? She said, “I’ve been talking with
God that I want to go away for Christmas, I don’t want to be home this year; the Christmas
stress and presents and all the things there are with Christmas. I want to go away,
have a holiday with the family and at the same time serve God; do something with meaning,
with a purpose.” I looked at her and said, “Yes, I want that, I am open for
that.” It came as a big surprise! Because it was the first time ever she said something
like that with Christmas and going away. But I was open for that, but I said, “But,
but, but…who would want to invite us for Christmas? Because every church, every person
I know they are closing down for Christmas because everything is about Christmas and
presents and all those things, no one is having meetings so who want to invite
us. But I was open and we laid it over to God and prayed. Two
hours later, we were in Poland and I checked my email there was an email
to me from South Africa, where one guy wrote, “Hello Torben, I want to invite you
and your family to South Africa, Cape Town, for two weeks in December. Come down, relax,
have a holiday, swim in our swimming pool, and have some meetings with us, and train us,
do you want that?” And I was like, “Wooo! Yeah! Yes, I want that!” We said yes to that
and I didn’t hear from him for a long time. Later he sent some money to me, he just
wrote, “I will send the money everything is OK. He send a lot of money because it
cost a lot of money for us five persons to jump in a plane from Denmark and fly to
South Africa to Cape Town. And he just paid everything. So next Sunday we are going to
South Africa; Cape Town. I love that because when we are there, we are not there because
my wife prayed a prayer, we are not there because he invited us, we are not there because
he paid for us to come there, we are there because God sent us. My wife prayed because
the Holy Spirit led her to pray this. And we know if we pray according to the
will of God we have already received what we are praying for. And it was something
God put in Lene to pray. God worked in her and she prayed at the same time God worked in
a man in South Africa. We haven’t seen him yet. God told him to invite us and
he gave us the money so we could go there. And when we are there, like many other
things, we just know we are exactly where we are called to be, exactly where God
wants us to be. We are not there just by accident, we are not there because we choose
in our own free will to go there, we are there because God had led us there.
The Holy Spirit has sent us. I have a lot of stories like this, a lot of testimonies
where you can hear how the Holy Spirit is leading, how the Holy Spirit is working.
I want to say that everything we do today, every big thing, I’m not talking
about going out go to a shop to buy some food or what time we have to
get up out of bed. I’m talking about every big thing, like God, what shall we do
with this? How shall we use our money? What about the Pioneer School? What about the teaching?
What about this invitation? What about the books? What about what you want us to…I
can say that God is leading by His Spirit. and I’m so excited about the whole part
of being led by the Spirit. I am going to tell a lot of very short testimonies. Now we
have to continue and do what we always do when we come to theology and teaching.
We have to look at Jesus. So I’m going to start with looking at Jesus
when it comes to the Holy Spirit. I want to say, of course, the Holy Spirit was a part of
Jesus life from the beginning. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit so the Holy Spirit was
there at the beginning. But at the same time Jesus needed to get baptized with the Holy
Spirit. When John baptized Him the Holy Spirit came over Him. We can read about that in
Luke 3. After Jesus was baptized with the Holy Spirit we read this in Luke 4, “Jesus, full
of the Holy Spirit returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the wilderness
for forty days, being tempted by the devil.” So we read here that Jesus, after He got baptized
with the Holy Spirit, was full of the Holy Spirit and when He was full of the Holy
Spirit we read that He was led by the Spirit. He was led in the wilderness where
He was tempted. When you get baptized with the Holy Spirit you are going
to experience that you are getting filled with the Holy Spirit. So baptism with the
Holy Spirit is something that will happen one time in your life. It’s when you receive
the Holy Spirit but the Bible also says that we need to not get drunk
with alcohol and other things but let us get filled by the Spirit; in Ephesians
5:18. So when we have received the Holy Spirit we also need to do something to live in that.
And this has to do with living close to God because when we spend time with God or when
we pray a lot in tongues, when we serve God, when we live there, we are going to experience
we are filled by the Spirit. And what I want to take up here is that Jesus was filled up
by the Holy Spirit and also that He was led by the Spirit. The first place He was led
by the Spirit was in the wilderness, where He was tempted by Satan. And when He came
out of that and we can read this word, “And Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit
to Galilee, and a report about Him went out through all the surrounding country.” After
Jesus was tempted by Satan forty days, He came out of that place he returned in
the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe there is something in these three Words that
I have here. This is my personal experience also. That we get baptized with the Holy Spirit
and we can experience being filled with the Holy Spirit, and then this is also something
we can live in by living close to God. We are full of the Spirit and when we are filled by
the Spirit we can be led by the Holy Spirit. When we are led by the Holy Spirit the result
of that is we are walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. So if you
want to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, what you need is to get baptized
in the Holy Spirit. Or if you are baptized with the Holy Spirit, get close to God spend
time and let the Holy Spirit fill you up from your innermost being and it is going to come
out as living water. When you spend time with God, with the Holy Spirit, and you learn
to be led by the Holy Spirit, you will see the power of the Holy Spirit in your
life. Because when you are led by the Spirit you know, right here, right now, that
right moment is here. You are not here by accident because the Holy Spirit has sent you.
And when you know you are walking in what God has prepared for you to walk in, then you
have a faith that is stronger than any other thing because right now you are acting on
the Word of God. Of course we are acting on the Word of God when we go out, what Jesus
is saying each time we go out, what Jesus has commanded us to when we go. Also we hear
the Holy Spirit leading us when we go on the Word of God, He is with us, we know that
because the Word of God is the truth. But at the same time we have a lot of
fear in our life, but when you experience that the Holy Spirit is there in a special
way and leading you at that moment, the fear is not there the same way. Because
you know, that you know that God has sent you and he is there right now. I’m
going to share some testimonies about that. Jesus, was baptized with the Holy Spirit
but He still took time to be together with God. You see that in Jesus life. One time
when he needed to choose his twelve disciples we read that just before that He
went up to the mountain to pray. All night He continued in prayer to God. He did
this just before he was going to choose his twelve disciples. We read other times where
Jesus went out early in the morning. He went to bed after the sun went down and got up
early before the sun rose up He went out to pray. So that night, I don’t know if He
got many hours of sleep. And this night He continued in prayer all night. So He didn’t
sleep. Jesus the Son of God needed to take time to be together with God. He needed
to take time to pray, to fast and it is the same with us. If we want to not only experience
the baptism of the Holy Spirit but if we want to be led by the Holy Spirit and if we want
to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. We also need to take time in praying and
fasting like Jesus did and like other persons did in the Bible or church history.
The secret… I’m going to talk about fasting next week. For me, fasting is…
If somebody asks, “Torben what is the secret?” What you have experienced,
is no secret, it is just about Jesus. But at the same time I can say that fasting is
special for me. Because each time I fasted maybe forty days or twenty days or other times,
it had done something in me. It had become the beginning of something new. Jesus
took a period of fasting and He returned in the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe
that when you receive the Holy Spirit one of the first things the Holy Spirit is going
to lead you into is closeness with God. To walk with God, the Holy Spirit is going to
start to cut all the other things out of your life, so there is nothing other
than God left; this is how He works. OK, we looked at Jesus and now we are going
to continue to look at the first disciples. It doesn’t matter if it is the first disciples
or disciples like you and me who are living today. Because Jesus is the same every
day. I’m going to go through the book of Acts now and just take some of the things
you read in the book of Acts when it comes to the Holy Spirit. I heard somebody say about
the church today that if the Holy Spirit was to leave the church today, 90% of
all activities would continue like nothing happened. 90% of all the activities
in the church; the programmes, the meetings, the worship, the preaching is going to continue
like nothing has happened. To be honest, sadly, I think it is like that, because much of
what we do today has to do with our programmes. We do it because we have the programmes,
we have the money we can do it. We are not really dependant on the Holy Spirit. But
if you go to the book of Acts and see how the Holy Spirit was there, you will see that
the Holy Spirit was working in everything. The Holy Spirit was Him who was working in
the church. But during the Catholic church a lot of things changed. One of the things
that changed was the Holy Spirit went out. We got a big system at the same time.
This is what we are building on today. But you are going to see now, in the book of
Acts, the Holy Spirit was part of it. In Acts chapter 5. “”we are His witnesses
to these things and so also is the Holy Spirit Whom God has given to those who
obey Him.” God has given the Holy Spirit to those who obey Him, but I
want to say, we are His witnesses also is the Holy Spirit. So it was not only them
who were the witnesses but the Holy Spirit was also there. And they recognized that they
were there but also that the Holy Spirit was part of that and we read something like this
“the Spirit said to Philip” in another place “the Spirit said to Peter” another place
we read this, “as they ministered to the Lord and fasted.” So they also did that. The
Holy Spirit said, “Now appoint unto me Barnabas and Saul to the work to which I have called
them.” So they were together praying, they were fasting and the Holy Spirit said to
chose those people to do the work I have called them to. Who had called them? The
Spirit had called them. Another place, “for it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us”
When have you last been in a meeting where someone said, “Oh, it seems good to the Holy Spirit
and us” or, “the Holy Spirit and us are witnesses to this” or, the Holy Spirit has said that
we should call him and him to the work the Holy Spirit has called him to? Can you see? It
was not only what seemed good to those people, it was what seemed good to those people and
to the Holy Spirit. So the Holy Spirit is a person. He is a person in the Godhead, He
is there, He is not just a power, He is just ‘NOT an IT’ and sorry if I said ‘it’.
Somebody said to me that I said ‘it’ about the Holy Spirit, but it is because of my
English translation. He is not an ‘it’ He is a person. The first church again said it
seems good to the Holy Spirit and to us and they said something like this and they
said also that “…they were forbidden by the Holy Spirit to preach…” and they were “led
by the Holy Spirit” and Paul is saying, “I am going to Jerusalem bound by the Holy Spirit”.
So at one time we read that they were led by the Holy Spirit, another time they were
forbidden by the Holy Spirit to preach, another time it seems good for the Holy Spirit and
us are witnesses to this and this. And if you look through the book of Acts, these are just
some of the places, you will see that the Holy Spirit was a big, big part of the church in
what was happening. It was not just a programme, the leader of the church was Jesus Christ
working by his Holy Spirit here on earth. Jesus is in heaven sitting at God’s right
hand, the Holy Spirit is here on earth. He is not just a power, just a power to heal the
sick out on the street. No, it was Him who was leading the things, who was organising,
who was saying where to go, who to point out, where not to go, stop here, go
there, choose them, do this and this. It was not just leadership who sat down and
said what shall we do? I think we should do it like this because I think it is a good
idea. What about God? For me, today we can experience the same with the Holy Spirit that
He is leading us. I want to say one more thing because in chapter 6 they were
going to choose some men who were going to help with the tables and other things
So the apostles could take time with the Word and praying. You read that they said, “…pick
out seven men of good repute, full of the Spirit and wisdom, whom we will appoint
to this duty…they chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit, and…”
and you read that they prayed and laid their hands on them. So what they needed
to do there was find seven men who were full of the Holy Spirit. Because what God wants to
use today is people who are full of the Holy Spirit. Because we cannot do what we are
supposed to do in our own power. No, we can do what we are supposed to filled by the Spirit.
I’ve written a lot of books, I don’t write books because I’m good at writing, when I
went out of school I could not read, I could not write, I had never imagined I was going
to write one book in my whole life. Before I became a Christian I only read one book,
a small book. I could not read. But God has chosen me to do this thing, why?
Because I was taking time with Him, I was full of the Spirit. And I know, I recognise
today that what I do I only do because He is leading me. I cannot do it in my own power.
Not one of us can serve God in our own power. So they were going to choose some
men who were full of the Holy Spirit. It was not because they had just got
baptized with the Holy Spirit. But there were some people who had been living in that
fullness. And again got filled by the Spirit. You can read in Acts that they
prayed and the Holy Spirit came and filled them again. And they took time
with God and were filled by the Spirit. They chose the people who were
filled with the Holy Spirit. After they had chosen them they
laid their hands on them. They didn’t lay their hands on them to
receive the Holy Spirit, they already had Him. They laid their hands on them to recognise
what God had already given them. I believe in laying on of hands when it comes to baptism
of the Holy Spirit. When somebody lays their hands on you, you get baptized with the Holy
Spirit and you receive the Holy Spirit, yes. But I don’t believe you have to run from meeting
to meeting, from meeting to meeting, from conference to conference, conference to conference,
after you have gotten the Holy Spirit to let every woman or man of God lay their hands
on you and pray for you. No. I don’t believe that because I don’t see that in
the Word. I believe when you have received the Holy Spirit you have to walk by the
Spirit. You have to be led by the Spirit out in the wilderness: led by the Holy Spirit
so you can take time with God. And then walk by the Spirit and when you are full of the Holy
Spirit, God is going to point you out, and use you. Because He uses people He filled by
the Holy Spirit. And that being filled by the the filling of Holy Spirit doesn’t come by
going from meeting to meeting. It comes by paying a price, it comes by taking the
time to seek God. I am going to share some testimonies now about being led by the Holy
Spirit. It is not something that came instantly, in two seconds, “Hey I want that!” It
didn’t come because I went to a conference and somebody prayed for me and I got a special
anointing. No. I got the Holy Spirit like you and every other person who has the Holy
Spirit. It comes by taking time to seek God, taking time to listen, being led by the
Holy Spirit in the small things so God can put us over
more and more. OK, they were led by the Holy Spirit. The
Holy Spirit was working. Now to my life. Some years ago I was out camping and
I prayed. Praying is more than just, God! Praying is a life, it is fellowship,
fellowship with God, For many people praying is like what I am going to say now. I am married
to my wife. Try to imagine; I have a small room and I put my wife in the room. And twenty
minutes each day I open the room and I go in, I closed the door, sit down with my wife and
then I just talk for twenty minutes, everything that has happened, then thank you! Go
out, and close the door again. The day after go in again to my wife, close the door talk
twenty minutes-…-and then I go out again. One day she knocks on the door, I open
the door and she says, “I have something to say.” — “Not now, tomorrow.” and I close
the door. And the day after I sit down, I talk twenty minutes, “Thank you.” and I go out. And
she says, “I have something to say.” — “Not now, not now.” What marriage relationship
is that? It is not a marriage. No. Because I cannot put my wife in a room and just use
twenty minutes with her every day when it suits me. No, my wife needs to talk to
me also, it’s not only me who has to talk, she also has something on her heart she wants
to tell me. When she needs to tell it to me, I need to be ready to listen. At the same
time there are times when I need to tell my wife something here and now and then she is
ready to listen. But the same with God many people put God in a room and take him out
five, ten minutes each day just talk, talk, talk and never give God also time to talk
back because praying is not only one way, it is two ways. It is not only us who talk to
God, God talks to us. Praying is not only going to a room and close your door, this
is part of it, praying is a life, it is an everyday life. I want to show how
I pray. I was out camping some years ago and when I prayed something like this, “Hello
God, Oh, it was good, it was really good yesterday. What do you think about the
meeting? OK, Hey, I got an email today. I don’t know exactly what…what shall I
write? I’m not sure, because…what do you think? What do you think I should do?
Hey… one more thing, mm what about this? I don’t understand exactly what this is…I
pray God, help me, help me to explain things.” This is what I am praying, I’m talking with
God, I am taking God into my life, I’m talking about the emails, I’m talking about the journey
we are going on, I’m talking about things I am struggling with, I am talking about the
Word of God, what about this I don’t understand. God …if this is the truth… what about this
then? This is the way I pray and often I experienced that God works in my prayer like God works in
my wife Lene. God put the Holy Spirit, God put something in my wife to pray. God opened
the door to South Africa for Christmas. It was the Holy Spirit in my wife. When
I was praying some years ago I was walking and in prayer and it came very clear, “Torben,
pray for an open door to TV so you can go against evolution and Darwin.” I thought,
“What?” It just came to me out of nothing, it just came, the Holy Spirit put it in me.
So I said, “OK”. So I prayed, “God open the door to TV, God. God I pray you are going
to open the door to TV so I can go against evolution and Darwin, God. God let the lies
of Darwin fall down in our country.” It was my praying and I prayed that. The next day
I was out walking and I prayed the same, “God I thank you for opening the door to TV. God
I pray that you will open the door to TV so I can go against evolution and Darwin.” and
while I was walking and praying that, I saw a man there, where we were camping and
when I saw him, “This…this is this man.” It was a famous stand-up comedian one I have
seen on TV and TV programmes and commercials. And this stand-up comedian, you know, like many
other stand-up comedians, don’t speak the most holy words and it is also with him. It was
not holy words he was speaking. He was making fun of the Christians. He was cursing
all the time and I saw him there. And my heart started to jump and I just felt…
this is God, so I went to him and when I went to him to talk with him, just one meter
before I was there, he turned his face and I saw his face and saw it was not him.
I thought… “It’s not him, it’s just someone who looks like him. And there God spoke
to me. God spoke and said, “Pray for this guy, his name is Simon Jul.” — “What?”
— “Pray for Simon Jul” — “You mean the one on TV?” — “Yes, pray for
Simon Jul.” — “But God I don’t know where he lives, I don’t know if he is living in
Copenhagen or other places…God I’ve just seen him on TV like other people.” — “Pray for Simon Jul.”
— “OK” So I continued praying, “God I thank you for opening door to TV so I can go against
evolution and Darwin. God I pray for Simon Jul.” It seemed crazy to be praying
for Simon Jul because I didn’t know this guy. I had just seen him on
TV, so I was walking. “God, send somebody to him. Speak to him God, God he needs
to hear Your Word, he needs to hear the gospel he needs to repent, God, send somebody to him,
and open the door to TV.” It was what I prayed that day. When I came home from prayer, two
meters before I was home I got a phone call. I took the telephone and somebody said, “Hello
Torben, this is from Danish TV we are making a program about evolution and Darwin we want
to know if you want to be a part of it? The one who is going to interview you is Simon
Jul! The one I had just been praying for. There are about six million people in Denmark,
almost six million. God put in my heart that day to pray two things: open door to TV so
I can go against evolution and Darwin and a guy I had just seen on TV his name is Simon
Jul. I prayed those two things and two weeks later I was sitting in Copenhagen right
beside Simon Jul and his TV crew. I was sitting there in a café and we were sitting
talking and I said Simon I am here because of you. I was praying for you that day when
your secretary called me and God wants you to repent. And he looked at me and everybody
looked at me and they were in shock and I was the only one who was eating now and I
told the story and everybody was surprised and shocked. Then we went out to the middle of
the street in Copenhagen and we were stopping people and talking about God and evolution
and when we were talking with people I saw a young guy come with crutches. The Holy
Spirit said, “Him! him, him, him!” And when I saw him I just knew it was God, because the
Holy Spirit led me. So I knew it was God and I said, “Simon come with me!” And we went
to him and I prayed for this guy with crutches and he got completely healed. He could walk
without crutches and I stood with the crutches like this and Simon is not so tall, so
he stood like this and he said, “Tom, what is this?” And I looked, “What do you
mean?” Simon said, “This Tom! What is this?” I said, “Have you not read the Bible? This
is what we read in the Bible.” Afterwards we went to a big museum in Denmark. A big museum
with a lot of things about Darwin also about the missing link, who is still missing.
in that museum I was sat on a chair with two spotlights on me. Simon Jul
was sitting in front of me on a chair. We were sitting a little high, we were sitting
on a suitcase. We had to come higher because there was some missing links behind me they
also wanted to see when they were filming me. Simon was sitting in front of me and
I was sitting there for one and a half hours he was asking questions about God. “Do
you really believe in Noah’s ark? Do you really believe God created the heaven and earth
in six 24 hour days? Do you really believe in this? What about DNA? What about about
this? If God is going to say kill your wife are you going to do it? He asked a lot
of questions about God and evolution for one and a half hours. (I have a picture here)
Here you can see me sitting and there you can see the two spotlights on me. I am
sitting on a suitcase in a chair, and there is Simon Jul with the paper. He is
sitting there for one and a half hours asking questions. You can see one of the missing
links behind me where I am sitting and talking. And to sit there giving an answer for what
I believe in. The best way to explain it was like being in heaven, because in one
and a half hours I knew everything. It was so special because for every question I had
an answer and many times during the one and a half hours. I thought, “Where, where did that
come from?” But I knew where it came from…the Holy Spirit. What did Jesus say in Mark 13?
He said, “When they take you to trial… Or it can also be other things, “don’t
worry beforehand about what you are going to say, but say whatever is given to you in
that hour for it is not you who speak but the Holy Spirit.” Mark 13:11. This is what
I experienced that day. Somebody said to me later, and also before, “Torben why do you go
to this program?” You know it is a stand-up comedian program. They are stand-up comedians,
they want to make fun of you.” I said to them, “I am not going there because they
invited me, I’m going there because God sent me. No matter what any other person
was going to say around me I knew I needed to go there because God sent me. It
was interesting when I went to see the program. Because they almost forgot one
thing, they almost forgot Darwin, there was a little of Darwin. But my testimony
was what filled most of the program, where I told how God led me and saw how the young
guy got healed with crutches. Many hundreds of thousands saw that. Later I met people
who had known me from that program and came to me and wanted prayer and other things.
So this is one story of how the Holy Spirit can lead us. Because Jesus is the same yesterday,
today and forever, the Holy Spirit is the same yesterday, today and forever. He can
speak to us and He can lead us the same today as we read in the book of Acts. There is
nothing like being led by the Holy Spirit. I’m not only talking about ministry I’m
talking about everyday life. I remember some years ago my daughter was ten years
old. She was going to school on bicycle she was going one and a half kilometres. I
said goodbye Stephanie, and she said goodbye in the morning and went on her bicycle. So
she went this way and I went the other way to pray. And as I was walking the Holy Spirit
spoke to me, “Stop! Your daughter needs you.” And I thought, “What? — “Your daughter needs
you.” — “No, no, she… I just said goodbye to her.” — “Your daughter needs you.” I
said, “Oh, my daughter needs me.” So I was going that way but the Holy Spirit said, “Stop
your daughter needs you.” So I turned around and I was now running the other way. It
was one and a half kilometres to school. But after one kilometre I saw my daughter. There
was a small bridge and she was standing on the bridge and I went there and she was standing
beside her bicycle and crying. I said, “Hello Stephanie.” She looked at me! And the
first thing she said, “Father! What are you doing here?” I could then say, “God said
that you needed me, and now I am here.” It was really strong for her because she
saw me go the other way and suddenly I’m standing beside her and could say that
God sent me. “The Holy Spirit told me that you need me and now I’m here.” She had
a problem with the bicycle and I could help her go back. Another testimony:
I remember one time when I was going to open the mail box and before
I put the key in, the Holy Spirit said, “There is something here you don’t like but no
problem I have everything in control.” When I opened the mail box and there was
something I didn’t like: one time there was a bill because we got some money from
the state here in Denmark from a house we had. There was a bill we had to pay a lot
of money back and we didn’t have it. I thought, “Oh no, …hey, God is in control.”
The Holy Spirit had warned me beforehand. So I just contacted them and said can you just
check it one more time?” They said, “Yes we will check it and come back to you.”
This is now six years ago and I’ve never heard anything and
I’ve never paid the money. So the Holy Spirit can lead us in everyday
life, and this is the life we are called to; each of us. One more story: I want to share
one more testimony to show how it is working. Some years ago I was out evangelizing and
stood talking with 3-4 young persons and there was a young guy there who came and stood
beside me when I was sharing the gospel. When he came the Holy Spirit said to me, “You
are going to be his father.” I thought, “What?” It came as a total surprise to
me. I looked at him and then he left. I continued talking and then he came back
again. When I had finished talking I said, “OK, is anybody here sick? And that young
guy said yes! And he took his trouser leg up he had a lot of bandages on his knee. He
said, “Yesterday I fell off my scooter and I have a lot of pain, I’ve not been able to
bend my leg, I could not walk.” I said, “Look here.” I prayed for this guy and he took the
bandage off and he was surprised! He took the plaster off and he was standing and the
tears were coming out, and he said, “No more pain!” And I said, “Come with me.” and
I took him, I didn’t know this guy, and the first thing I said was, “Tell me about
your parents.” And he was so surprised! So he said, “OK, my father is dead, and my
mother is very sick, she is going to die.” And I said, “I’ve never seen you
before, but when you came God spoke to me that I was going to be a father for
you, I am going to help you.” He was so surprised, I was also surprised. And then
I got his phone number and we were writing to each other but he had just met me, and so
strong an experience, so he was a little afraid to meet me again. But two weeks later there
came some people to me who were going to become journalists so they were studying
and they came to me and wanted to interview me. We were sitting in Burger
King and talking, they were interviewing me. Then one of them said, “Hey I have a
camera with me, we want to go with you and see what you are doing on the street, can we
do that now?” — “Now?” I didn’t want to, to be honest, I didn’t want to do that, I
wanted to go home and relax because I was tired. But because he said that I said,
“OK …shall I? OK, OK…let’s go. Let’s go to the city.” I jumped in the car and
I went to the city and was sitting in the car and I was praying. And I felt like the
Holy Spirit spoke to me, I felt like… I looked at my hands…I said, “God…I pray
right now. Hands…yes. Hand in bandage…God send somebody …send somebody to the street
right now God who has their hand in a bandage who is going to get healed God. Thank you because
it is going to be a testimony for those people, in the name of Jesus.” It was what I prayed.
We came to the street, I was walking there, We didn’t find any right there who wanted
to talk with us. Then I saw the young guy I met two weeks before the guy God told me
was to be his father. I saw him and said, “Hey how are you?” — “Hey…I’m fine.” I
saw he had a bandage on his hand and I said, “What is wrong with you?” —
“I don’t know, it was yesterday I got a lot of pain and it hurts.” — “Hey!
I have some journalist people who are studying to become journalists, they don’t believe
in this. Can I pray for you?” — “Yes, you can do that.” It is OK they are filming and
you can tell what happened two weeks ago. Yeah! So they were filming him in the middle
of the street and he was telling them how he met me two weeks before how he got healed
with the knee. Then I pray for him and this time, the bandage ..One more time not
the knee but the hand and then tears in his eyes again, and he said, “It’s gone!”
It was really an eye opener for them! And it was really strong for him. Then he
was ready to meet me, and we talked again and said that we were going to
meet later. Then I met somebody the day after, a Christian, and I told
the story of what God had done and how God had led me to this boy. He came to me and
said, “Tom, I feel like the Holy Spirit is saying to me I should give you two hundred
dollars, this is for you and your son.” I called this young boy and I said, “I want
to invite you out to eat.” He said, “OK let’s go out.” I met with him and we
were out eating and he said, “Tom there is something I want to say to you, something
special, do you remember the day you met me in the street when you prayed for my hand?
I never go to the street, it was the first time after school I went to the city, I
was on my way home, but I felt there was something inside who said that I have to go
to the city and there I met you.” Can you see it? I was praying in the car God send
somebody with their hand in a bandage. I led me to praying that because God knew this guy.
This young guy had the hand in a bandage and God spoke to him and said, “Go in the
street.” And we met each other and he got healed. I got in contact with him and two days
later he called me, “Tom my scooter has just broken down and I got a new job and I cannot
go to work because I do not have any scooter.” But because I had the money I paid. It
cost exactly what I had, so I paid for his scooter and went to his job. So
everything is God working. This is what I like when it comes to being led
by the Holy Spirit. I meet many people who are very sceptical when it comes to God.
When we talk about healing they are also very sceptical saying, “No, no, no…
this is just something in the mind- they don’t believe in it. Because they think
it is something just in the mind. But when I start to talk and tell testimonies about being
led by the Holy Spirit, everybody closes
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their mouths and are surprised because
it is not just something I can imagine in my mind. Because God can speak to me. But
before things happen God had to speak to this person and this person and this person and
everything has to go like this. And this is what I like and I am seeing sceptics, non-believers
getting their mouth closed when I start to tell about everyday life with the Holy
Spirit. This life is not only for me, IT IS FOR YOU! Because Jesus said we have
to get born again by the Holy Spirit: not born of water, but of water and Spirit;
he is talking about repentance, baptism in water and the Holy Spirit. And in John 3 when
He is talking about that He is saying this, “Do not marvel when I say to you, you
must be born again.” and He continued, “the wind blows where it wishes and you
hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with
everyone who is born of the Spirit.” He is talking about the wind. And I want to explain
that. “So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.” Jesus said we have to get
born again. We have to get born again by the Spirit. Getting born again by the Spirit
is like the wind. The wind: you don’t know where it is coming from and you don’t know
where it is going and so is everyone who is born of the Spirit. Or I can say- who is
being… who is walking- led by the Spirit. Romans 8 is says- we are not walking
by the flesh…led by the flesh, but led by the Spirit. It is much more than helping us
keep away from sin, it is to live the life I have just spoken about. Being led by the Holy Spirit, the wind…
Sometimes the wind will blow this way…or the this way… then the wind is blowing the
this way….and it is going back…so the wind is coming from here and there and
the wind is coming really fast from there and slow from there. The same as is being
led by the Spirit. God said, “Pray for Simon Jul.” Go to Copenhagen! God said, “Your
daughter needs you, go back.” God said, “Pray for this guy with the hand there.”
And God told my wife to pray for something in December and God spoke to somebody in South
Africa and now we are going there. “Can you see it? It is like the wind, we don’t
know every day where we are going. We just know that the Holy Spirit is leading us. One
day he says this way, then he says this way, then he says this way. These
testimonies I am telling you today can seem like, “Oh, this is powerful
Tom, you are powerful. You experience a lot of things.” No, this is normal! This
is for EVERYONE who is born of the Spirit. Go back to the book of Acts. Read about Paul,
about Peter, about Ananias, about the persons I’ve been talking about during this Bible
school. See being led by the Holy Spirit was not only for a few people, it’s for everyone.
It’s the same today. I want to give you some advice. I want to end up giving
you some practical advice, something that can help you to come into this life. Because
there is something we have misunderstood when it comes to the Holy Spirit. I want to say
to you also, I got born by the Holy Spirit, born again, eighteen years ago. But the
first many years I didn’t experience what I am experiencing now. It isn’t that God
hadn’t been speaking. God had been speaking from the day I got saved.
Because everybody who is born by the Spirit is a child of God.
We have ears but we have to use the ears to hear what God is saying. And from the first
day when I got born again the Spirit was talking to me, the Holy Spirit was leading me. But
I was not listening. I didn’t know how to listen, and because I was not listening
there were so many things I didn’t do. When I think back it is so sad; all the things
I’ve been missing out on because I didn’t listen. Because I was walking in my own power.
Because I was doing what I thought to do instead of listening to what the Holy Spirit was saying.
There is so much we have been missing out on, because we don’t know how God is
working, we don’t live the life we read in the book of Acts, we don’t make disciples,
we don’t train and equip each other. I’ve been missing out on so much. But some years
ago I tasted what it is to be led by the Spirit and I looked at my wife and she looked at me and
we said this is what we want. And we changed our life totally upside down and we changed
a lot of things so we could have time to seek God and listen. In my book The Last Reformation
you can read a little about my story how we had a house and we gave it all up and we live
very simply because we needed to have the time to seek God. Because like every other
person, it’s not that I just hear voices all the time. No, it’s difficult to
hear. It’s not like I’m better to hear than other people, but I have been training
and this is the difference. I want to say something about praying, I have never heard
God speak to me with a loud voice. When God speaks to me He is speaking in my mind.
every story I have just been telling you now, where God has been speaking, -pray for Simon
Jul, -pray for an open door, -pray for this, -do that, -go this way, every story has just
been in my mind, what? Yeah and this is often what we misunderstand, because when we
read in the book of Acts, the old testament and other places, when the Holy Spirit led…
we think yeah…it was so easy to live there. It is so easy to do it because they didn’t
doubt, they just knew it was God, but I don’t believe you will ever know
with 100% certainty that it is God you are hearing because then it is not by
faith. God wants everything to be by faith. Every time I’ve told a story about
how God had spoken to me by the Holy Spirit; every time it was by faith. I get a
thought and I have to choose and if I believe if it was God or not, and I have to act
on it. This is how I started. I remember some years ago, I was out walking and I was
starting to take time to seek God. I needed to come in and learn to listen to God’s
voice. I was walking and I saw there was a forest, at the end of the forest there was
a field and at the end of the field there were some people who were working. And
I got a thought. “Go talk with them.” — “No, no, no.– “Go and talk with
them?” — “No…it’s just me.” It was like every other thing I hear. The first
thing I say is, “It’s just me, but…maybe it’s God? No…it’s just me…Is it God?
And what could I do there?” There was only one thing I could try: I could not say…
“God if it is you, please…” No, it doesn’t work like that. God had been speaking one
time and then I had to find out if it was God or it wasn’t God. So I decided I had to
try. So I went there and I was really nervous and I said, “Excuse me, excuse me, can I talk
with you ten minutes?” And there were some people who were sitting there eating who were working
in a forest. And I just shared a testimony and said thank you and went I was so afraid.
As I went from there I said, “Oh it was just me.” Because no supernatural experience
happened, I thought it was just me. But what happened was, one week later a girl
came and said, “Hey…can I say thank you? Thank you!” — “Thank you for what?” — “My
brother is a fallen away Christian, he was working in the forest and one day you came and spoke
to him and now he has come back to God.” I thought, “Woo….nice!” I had thought it
was me, but when I heard her say that, I suddenly knew that it was God. Later, I
experienced something similar and because I had that experience the last time it helped
me to tune in and recognise if is this thought is from me or is it from God? For
example, if my wife is calling me from a different telephone, I take the telephone,
she can say, “Hello.” and I say, “Hey Lene, why are you calling from this number? I don’t
know; whose telephone number is that? Because I have spent a lot of time with my wife and
I know her voice. But if other people are calling, and say, “Hello it’s me.” I say
“Who are you?” because I don’t recognize their voice. The same way with God, if we
want to get better at recognizing His voice we have to be quiet, listen and take some
chances. If you get a thought you have to try it…”God is that you? Or is it me?” Because
God, for me, is not speaking loud like this, God is not speaking loud like this! God is speaking
to my head with a small thought. But the way I recognise it is, “Hey….where did that come
from?” It’s not like I’m sitting focusing, thinking, we don’t have to use
our minds to get it, No, we have to worship God, we have to focus on Him and
then suddenly there comes a thought. “Hey, God this is you.” So we have to
practice. This is discipleship again and again, it’s all about discipleship.
You start where you are and then you practice and you become better and better and better
to listen to God, to do other things. But at the same time, it always takes faith,
you always have to believe and take a step by faith. Hebrews chapter 5 when it is talking
about a new believer, an old Christian, a mature believer says, “Those, who by reason of use,
have had their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.” So you get your senses
exercised by reason of use, you use it again and again. We need to exercise our senses
so we can discern what is from God and what is not from God, it is so simple like this.
It is like when Jesus is talking about praying in Matthew 6. He said, “But when you pray, go
into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father
who sees in secret will reward you.” Pray to your Father who is
in secret, God is not like… taking God, sitting Him on a chair, sit down with
him and say, “God what about this?..OK..What about this? What about this? We are not talking
to God like one man talks to another man, it’s not like that. It is by the Holy
Spirit and the way we learn is by exercising, using, what God has given
us like I did. I got a small thought, is that God or is it not God? Then I try it and
know it was not God, then another time, yes it was God, yes it was God, and then
I learned and after time it became easier for me. It is easier to recognize
what is God and what is not God. God speaks to our minds, but at the
same time I want to say that Satan can also speak to our minds. That is why we
need to try everything by the Word. If God says something like, “Go and pray for him,
go and do something good, you can do it without a problem. Try it. but of course
if you hear something bad, don’t do it. Go to the Word of God and always get things
confirmed by the Word of God and by the Spirit inside of you; the peace. OK, is that good
thing or not a good thing? Because every good thing is coming down from God.
And it is not like we have to… I don’t believe that we have to say. “OK
speak…God speak God speak…” then your mind is going around. No, just take time, spend
time on God, talk with Him, be together with Him, focus on Him, thank Jesus. A good
thing, I believe, if you really want to be led by the Spirit and know what
God is saying is to throw your TV out. It has helped me, really, to be honest, if
you are watching TV more than one or two hours every day, throw it out, if you are
listening to radio the whole day, throw it out. When you are listening to music the
whole day throw it out, why? Because if you are doing TV or music and radio, when you go
from there the last thing you hear is still going into your mind spinning. You still hear
the last song, you still hear what they have been talking about, you still hear a lot of
voices a lot of activity in your mind. And because you have a lot of things your mind
is not at ease to say, “What is it God?” and what is all the rest? So we need to get rid
of many of those things and learn something. We don’t to be quiet in the west. Learn
to just listen, learn to just take time and just be quiet with God. Just talk with
Him, don’t have a lot of things happening all the time. Take time, take time, it is all
about taking time. Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit in the wilderness for forty days
and then he came out in the power of the Holy Spirit. Forty days, yeah but I
don’t have time for that. Everyone of us has the same time 24 hours. It is
how we choose with our time. Some years ago we had a house, we had a car, I was working
a lot and doing a lot of things. But then I tasted what it is like to be led by the Holy
Spirit. I got an experience and I said this is what I want, I want this life. And
because I wanted that life so much I changed a lot of physical things around me which
helped me to get more time. At one time we had been living in a big house, had to earn a
lot of money. Later we were living in a small basement, with three kids. But because we
changed everything, we got more time, time to be quiet, time to seek God. Everything
I have experienced has not come for free, it doesn’t come suddenly. You don’t
live like every other person and then you experience a lot of other strong
things. No, you get what you pay for; you do. We choose what we want. I have fasted
forty days many times, I have taken time with God. I walk a lot, I pray
just like every other person. It’s not easy for me to hear God speak. But because I
have taken time to exercise concerning what is good and evil, it has become so much
easier for me now. I still need to learn and I am learning every day. So what I
have been teaching about here is that we get baptized with the Holy Spirit and we need
to be filled by the Holy Spirit. We need to live in that fullness by taking time with
God, we need to be led by the Spirit, we need to have time to be led by the Spirit;
to listen. We need to also move, we need to take some chances and learn by using; by exercising.
And when we do that we are going to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and as you
see the Holy Spirit was part of the first church and the Holy Spirit is part of
the church today because He is the same. This is for everyone, this is for you, this
is for me, this is for everyone, so I hope you got something out of this teaching. I
want to encourage you, take time. Take time to just be together with God, take the
other things that are disturbing you, all the sounds in your head ..all the things…
just take time and throw it out…do some fasting with you and God together, and just reading
the word and praying; Word and pray, you and Him. And then you will see that God
is starting to speak to you clearly. And you take some steps in faith and you will
recognize when God speaks it is like that, the next time, and next time…and next time and
then we can start to live the fellowship where God puts something on our heart and we pray
and then it happens. God puts something there, we pray and it happens. It’s all about
the will of God. I don’t say that…we go to South Africa because God put it in my wife’s
heart to pray these things, it’s not like Oh, we just pray because my flesh wants
it, or I want to go on holiday and I want to have a new car, and I want to have that…
No, I don’t believe in that. I believe that if we pray according to the will of God then
we know that we already receive what we pray for. But we have to know what the will of
God is, and that comes by living with God. The next time after we go to South Africa,
I am going to talk about fasting, this is an important message. I’m going to talk
about fasting and give you some practical tools for fasting. If you have a question
out of this teaching come with it and I will to start with it next time. And
after fasting I am going to continue with Luke 10 and other places in the Bible. Now
Lene is going to sing one of her songs. You have heard it before, but just let
the words speak to you out of this message because it is your life and many things…I
know it is radical, but how much has God been speaking to you the last years. But you have
not been able to listen, and because you have not been listening you have not been able to
receive what He has for you. The testimonies you have lost, the experiences you have not
gotten, where God has so much more for each of us. The first many years I was a Christian
I didn’t see this life, then I tasted a little of it and said this is what I want
and now I am seeing it more and more. It is not because God is speaking more and more,
it’s because I am getting better to listen. I am getting better to act on what He is giving
me, and I believe if you act in faith, God is not going to look at you and say, “What did
you do! It was not me who was speaking!” ‘No’ He would say, look at this guy, look at this
girl, this woman. And then He will help you, so you can recognize the voice of God. So don’t
be afraid, start to do something, ask God every morning, “God help me today, give
me something…talk to me, I want to be open.” Then take some step in faith,
at the same time seek God. Do you still remember …..

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  1. This is an Excellent & very important teaching for the Body of Christ especially in these last days people NEED to know how to follow the Holy Spirit, Rom.8:14.I believe the lord has truly raised you up for such a time as this. So many churches have neglected to teach God's people these most important truths &  now the people of God are suffering the consequences for it.. Keep up your wonderful work , we need 1000 more just like you laboring in Gods vineyard!
    Many blessing to you & your loved ones~

  2. Awesome Teaching I remember 28 years ago I got baptized in the holy ghost in Teen Challenge in Ohio I was up in the Prayer room and the words just came out and flowed. I love praying in my heavenly language sometimes I just start praying and I kick in too Tongues and I try too pray in English but I just pray in my heavenly language. Thank God for the gift of the holy ghost. 

  3. This teaching has really blessed me. The testimony about the stand up comedian had me in tears. Our God is great and I look forward to being led by the Spirit in such a way as you are.

  4. It is a good thing we don't have to come up with formal, King James type prayers when we talk to God because I cannot pray like that. I have always talked to God like He's my friend and doesn't get tired of hearing even the most mundane things from me. I talk to Him all day long. If I find a good parking spot, I say "Thank you Jesus". I try to always remember to thank Him for answered prayer. It's easy to remember to request from God, but it is also easy to forget to thank Him when He answers our prayers.

  5. God told me over a year ago to get rid of TV. I gave my TVs to a youth ministry and I had the hardest time convincing the cable company that it's not about the high cable bill. They just didn't get it until I finally told him God told me to do it. So much has happened in my life since I obeyed Him. He told me to quit a 2nd job that I had and, at first I doubted it was God, then I finally admitted to myself that it was the Voice of God so I quit my 2nd job. More blessings flowed into my life and still are when I obey. I am walking in Faith and Trust and it makes life so much more interesting.

  6. Wow cant really believe…iam in shock god is jus amazing…from being many dayz i keep havin this feeling that i shud watch lesson 11 about holy spirit baptism but i was acting lazy and i didn't felt good from last many weeks but this morning i felt soo strong need to watch it and i jus ask god in the middle of watching the video that god plz take out the confusion because i always felt confuse to do things i wana do and later this evening suddenly a thought came that i shud watch lesson 12 led by holy spirit and i did and i felt the freedom and this teahing is the answer to my prayer in the morning…now i feel free no more confusion..and this is what ive in my heart always but i didn't knew i was missin being led by holy spirit and i really cant put in words my happiness and excitement in words wow god is too amazing and iam soo happy feeling the freedom…i thank god its like my eyes are open and the burden has been removed…god bless all.😄🙌☺

  7. Brother Torben, you say you had a house and you gave it up. How did that give you more time? You still need a place to live and you still have bills to pay, right? Do you not have to earn a living and pay for insurance, food, utilities, rent, etc.? I'm just trying to understand in a practical sense because I would love to have the freedom that you seem to have.

  8. So wonderful this teaching! Thanks a lot Torben and TLRTeam… You are being a great blessing for me and many people and I pray this will increase till the whole earth will be filled with his glory!

  9. Thank you so much for these videos, I had always believed that God makes things easy, we muck it up with "religion". I love this.

  10. I hope that everyone soon gets the revelation of being baptized IN JESUS NAME. Whatsoever you do in word or deed. . . All the Jehovistic names of God are wrapped up in Yeshua, which means "God has become salvation." If He is your salvation He is your provider, your healer, your peace, etc., your all in all. In the New Testament, everyone was baptized in Jesus name.

  11. Sometimes it is like an interview with God, talking with Him face-to-face. There are times when Holy Spirit allows me to feel someone's pain, and I ask, "Hey, who has the problem in their (knee, foot, arm, etc.)? Then I also get thoughts like Torben says. I rarely watch TV and Movies, but God has spoken to me about certain scenes in movies/tv shows that were so specific and personal that I end up a mess of tears (in a good way). It's absolutely wonderful to be led by the Holy Spirit, and to hear God's voice.

  12. When we walk in the Spirit as He is in the Spirit, we won't fulfill the desires of the flesh. God is the most interested in your relationship with Him. If you have no sin in your life & are fulling trusting in Him, He will direct every step of your life & bring people into your life who can receive from Him.

  13. a couple of years ago, my daughter was 14 of age and she received some money for her birthday. We went to a sportswear shop and she bought a t-shirt. There was no other customars at that time, almost closing hours. My daughter was paying the t-shirt and i was looking at some tennisshoes in a corner of the shop. Suddenly a voice came to me saying twice "

    she does not receive the correct amount of money back". I argued with that voice, like im talking to myself', what nonsense'.
    but i decided to walk to the counter and check it, but the transaction already finished and my daughter walked out the door. I stopped her and we counted the money. it was about 20 euro's short! So we got back inside and confronted the cashier woman. She was kind of confused and appologised how she could have made such a dumb mistake.

    The Spirit of the Lord is a true companion. I love Him!

  14. Hello torben i hope u will read this message, because i have another question, im am so ready to get baptized i am still not baptized im still waiting, but is god onley speak into mind because i have mostley other feelings then onley speaking into mind, if i pray longer then i used to pray i feel it on my head like he stroke his hand on my head, it happend 3 times, 2 times when i was praying, and 1 time when i was in tram but i was forgot to check in, and security was controlling everyone if they got payd and i forgot to payd but, they didnt check mine so they went away, and i feel the same stroke on my head when i was y to check out, i was oh no i was verry lucky or i had to pay much money, i am kinda verry sensetive person so i feel everything by feelings, cuz sumthing else happend to me aswell, i couldnt sleep so i took my ipad and was watching youtube, but i feel my arm like stop it stop it, it was 2 time but i feel it verry wel, suddendly i closed my ipad and go to sleep, like i need to try to sleep atleast, i know is a big story and even from a guy that isnt baptized yet but verry sensetive, so i think it is not onley by mind if im not wrong i think for every person is different, am i write bout that part, and please read this, i am sorry for my english my english is not that ok… Godbless…..

  15. its a war zone in my spiritual life, but i thank God for refining me even though its not easy/nice but I believe that God will see me through while i pray and seek his face. Please pray for me brother Torben. Thank you so much for your video's may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the holy spirit be with you and your family always.

  16. Where is Jesus? Torben is NOT teaching the True Gospel. What happened to John 3:16? Salvation is not dependant on baptism, what you do, or good feelings. It is dependant on CHRIST!! http://gccsatx.com/torben-sondergaard-last-reformation-cult

  17. Hi Torben
    I heard you mentioned in the teaching some people you trained in Cape Town South Africa. May I ask who you went to visit? I am from there, currently in Zimbabwe and going back to Cape Town in a couple of days to work for a while.

    Thanks for the teachings. You are a blessing.

  18. Hi Torben
    I heard you mentioned in the teaching some people you trained in Cape Town South Africa. May I ask who you went to visit? I am from there, currently in Zimbabwe and going back to Cape Town in a couple of days to work for a while.

    Thanks for the teachings. You are a blessing.

  19. i would just like to warn my brothers here like Torben did, that indeed be careful to properly discern voices … devil is tricky with his spirits. do not get deceived and led astray .. just today he wanted to trick me after watching this .. be careful, seek God with everything. i love you. God bless

  20. Torben I just want to say thank you. I was led to your YouTube channel a month or so ago on another video of people discussing that there are no "real" churches here in the U.S. Someone mentioned The Last Reformation website. So I immediately went there, and I was so pleasantly surprised to see the true gospel being preached and not only that but lived. I want to live this life. I stopped going to my "seeker friendly" church, and I feel very alone in this. I shared your website with Christians I know and was surprised at how they rejected it out of hand. In fact one person blocked me on social media. I am praying for God to open the doors for someone to kickstart me. Please pray for me. God bless!

  21. Hey Torben! Your examples of your communication with God and the Holy Spirit was exactly what i needed to hear. I was also wondering if there is a translation done of the interview that you did with the comedian in evolution? I would love to hear or read it. Blessings to you and your family for your obedience.

  22. what i have experienced is just what you said about he speaks like thoughts in my head but when i fast i could hear his voice distinctively and i was about to know definitely when i think something or when he speaks. but if am not fasting it comes back as just thoughts. bless the lord our God in Jesus name!!

  23. thx u for teaching how to listen to Holy Spirit, especially if we have difficulty to listen supranatural voice. Jesus bless all of us

  24. Thank you so much for this lesson. I praise God for your obedience and courage to follow His will.

    I spent all day today learning about how to be a good worship leader at my church. But at the same time, in the class, my heart was longing to hear the Holy Spirit's voice. I've been longing for supernatural things to happen, to show me that God is with me in a way that I can't deny it.

    The church I grew up in doesn't believe in miracles. So, it has been my spiritual struggle in believing in the power of the Holy Spirit and anything supernatural. But in the past 4 years, God has been showing me who the Holy Spirit is in me. So, more and more I want to know Him and hear Him.

    I started fasting today, in faith I believe it was the calling of the Holy Spirit when I made the decision to fast yesterday. I don't fast (not eating food) often, in fact, my last fast was 14 years ago, when I fasted for 3 days to ask God if my wife was the one.

    In faith, I believe that God led me to this very lesson tonight, to give me all of the answers to the questions I was asking Him on my walk back home from the church.

    It's hard to hear His voice without seeking Him, without drawing closer to Him, without spending time with Him. I get it now. That voice in my head, that faint, and quick voice, that voice that I know is good all along but I've been ignoring.

    So, today, to my restlessness, confusion, and my desire to hear the Holy Spirit, He told me clearly in my head that I got intense chills running up and down my body as I was walking home, as I recognize that voice in my head. He said "be still, know that I am God and dig deep in my Word."

    My wife and I believe that God has been preparing us for something life-changing, something that's bigger than ourselves. It's becoming clearer to us and more intense as the process continues.

    We both want to live a life that's led by the Spirit,

    Thank you again for being such a great example in Christ. You and your family are blessings from God. Love you guys!

  25. Спасибо субтитрами, нужное мне видео, я глухонемая, было похожее моей жизни, слава Богу за ответ

  26. There is something simple humble yet profound in this man. I can hear a cry and urgency from his inner man and a longing for people to hear this message of freedom to come to the Father heart. It seems like the Holy Spirit is beckoning us to come to hear to be moved to be transformed and to live a victorious intimate life in a Christ. Lord open up my eyes so that I may behold wondrous truths from you word. Ps 119:18 awaken me oh Lord awaken me.

  27. The song was really "the cherry on the top"…say thanks to your wife for such an obedient heart. Thank you for this teaching, it took weeks to finally sit and being able TO LISTEN…things turned clearer now. Thank you for your obedience too…if it hadn`t been for that there would be alot of confussion around my head and many heads right now, but every video is rewarding with knowledge, and not just any knowledge but the knowledge of the truth. What is most important. "The truth will set you free", everytime a little of truth is reaching my life the more thankfull, joyfull and peacefull my soul feels. God bless you and your family, your testimony always is encouraging to seek more. Thank you again!

  28. thanks for taking time to do this good teaching and for being open and honest about yr own experiences. may you be lead even more. God bless you.

  29. "If the Holy Spirit was withdrawn from the church today, 95 percent of what we do would go on and no one would know the difference. If the Holy Spirit had been withdrawn from the New Testament church, 95 percent of what they did would stop, and everybody would know the difference." – A.W. Tozer

  30. It’s different for different people. For me, I didn’t even understand what Holy Spirit baptism was until it actually happened about a month after I accepted Jesus into my heart. Here is why it happened so quickly. My first thought was: oh my lord, this is real! My second thought was : well, if this is real, there are implications……this means that if a son of God came down to earth and sacrificed himself for us and me, I need to obey him completely and devote my life to him. I started doing just that every day to the best of my ability. I repented completely, confessed my sins to Jesus, prayed every day, started reading a couple of chapters of bible most days and asked for a sign so that I have something to go on to people while telling them why I got converted.
    I was baptized 25 ago but never really repented and fell away from my faith quickly. When Holy Spirit came upon me, I knew: this is the baptism Bible talks about! Three months later I had a dream about me speaking in tongues with the clue on how to unlock this gift. I did, I talk in tongues every day now. I try to talk to people I know, that’s how I lost half of my friends….I did make a couple of new ones that are believers. Living my life like Torben, now that’s a different question…….I don’t see how I can do that being a 50 year old female immigrant introvert……I appreciate what he is doing and I admire him, but he is wrong that everyone can do it, especially that everyone can heal even a few people. Corinthians is very clear that there are different gifts for different people and not that everyone can get all the gifts. Only a few get a gift of apostals and healing. I hope Torben reaches all that are meant to follow his own footsteps. For those that are not meant to do that, we shouldn’t have to feel bad about it, but we should do what the Spirit calls us to do.

  31. Hi Torben. We really need you in South Africa. We need good leadership to help us through a rough time. Our people are all depressed. We need you to come and help us create Disciples.

  32. +The Last Reformation.

    I remember in your last teaching you talked about how there have been Spirit-filled believers in every century. I recently read an article about the many false teachers from the "Word of Faith" camp. At the end of this long list the article made the following simple statement:

    "Flee from all of these men and women. Instead, listen to the teachings of Derek Prince and Torben Sondergaard."

    I had never heard of Derek Prince (1915-2003). As I read up on him and began to listen to his teachings, I have discovered that in a lot of ways Mr. Prince was a 20th century version of you. (Just like that "2000 Years" book claims.)

    What reminded me of this today, was hearing about your planned trip to South Africa. You also have videos on location in North America, Europe, the Middle East, etc.

    Likewise, Mr. Prince was well traveled. He was born in India, grew up in Great Britain and lived in Seattle and Jerusalem. Mr. Prince ministered all over the world– including all parts of Africa. He had about 10 children. All of them were adopted– one daughter was from Kenya.

    Mr. Prince did not just preach and build mission centers. Mr. Prince's teaching was strong in the emphasis upon repentance and spiritual warfare. He was also a frequent healer. Mr. Prince taught that every conceivable sin has a demonic influence behind it. He said that the goal of the prince of darkness was the domination of our souls, by means of manipulation and intimidation.

    Mr. Prince also taught that demonization (his answer to demonic possession) happens to Christians– as well as unbelievers. He believed that this was a hindrance to a physical healing. As a result, He taught sin specific repentance and demonic deliverance as a prerequisite part of the miracle of healing.

    For example, If a person is proud then he is under the will of the demon of pride. If he is jealous, he is subjected to the demon of jealousy. Mr. Prince taught that the believer must first repent of the specific sin that he is controlled by and renounce the corresponding demon. This will expel the demon and clear the body for healing.

    I should clarify though. Repentance and deliverance from demonic dominance is only a prerequisite for Christians who are in need of healing. Healing is an automatic sign for unbelievers. That is why it was such a rare occurrence for a believer to be healed in the Bible. That is why many of the examples in the Bible involved automatic deliverance in conjunction with physical healing. However, the unbeliever must then:

    1.) Hear the Word.
    2.) Believe (Faith) the Word.
    3.) Turn away (Repent) from his wicked life style, turning towards the Father (YHWH).
    4.) Get baptized in the name of Jesus by submersion in water.
    5.) Get baptized with the Holy Spirit.
    6.) Live the remainder of his life in an obedient (faithful), loving and trusting (faith) relationship with Jesus Christ.

    As the Master said, "Go and sin no more, or else a worse thing will happen to you."

    God bless!

  33. I see. I mustve missed out on so many times Holy Spirit told me to speak healing or lay hands on people along the way in my life. Why? Why didnt i move? This only happened for a season at different times. It has been happening again now.

  34. I cant remember the last time i had tv with cable. I have tv but rarely watch it. When i do i only like game shows. My kids were the only ones who didnt have it. And still thru school friends etc they were still exposed.

  35. I do believe I was lead by the Holy Spirit to these teachings… having heard all the messages/teachings of the pioneer school (most I agree with some I have a few questions for clarification) I’m blessed to hear there are like minded men being used by God in a global (YouTube exposure) scale.. be blessed brother, I pray I meet you one day, here, there or in the air

  36. Can I please say I really enjoyed this teaching in the Holy Spirit and echo your experience Torben. I too also have found it a 'gradual process' over 28 years to where I hear Him clearly as he teaches me in Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance. Bless you brother I know you are paying a heavy Price with your family but you will prevail.x


  38. I'm learning so much and being set free too from wrong teachings. Lene your wife's singing is beautiful, I was in tears listening to her. I try to not watch so many of your videos lately but find myself really hungry for more. I also prayed for my cousin to be healed yesterday in my living room. I may not have done everything like I'm supposed to, but it feels like a new start and walk with Jesus Living the Gospel, not just being a spectator. God bless you and your family and the Last Reformation!!

  39. pray for me pastor( sick gastric acid,migraine,tooth and to teething again) help me……………… I love jesus christ from indonesia

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