Let’s give a name to William’s little brother! [The Return of Superman/2018.01.07]

Let’s give a name to William’s little brother! [The Return of Superman/2018.01.07]

Let’s go, William. (Fresh air and water abound.) Do you think there are fish down there? There are probably birds here. Run. – Run, run, run. / – Sam and William have come to a quiet cafe where a man awaits them. Who will it be? (A man waits.) (Who is this man?) Hello. (Sam greets him shyly.) Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Say hello. – Hi. / – Thank you. (Who is this person?) My seniors in the industry introduced me to him. Names are very important to newborns. People in Korea consult a fortune teller if they want to make up a good name. I thought I’d get some counsel. I gave it a try. – Shall we shake hands? / – Shake his hand. – You can do it. / – Shake. Nice to meet you, William. (Nice to meet you, Sir.) He seems a bit shy these days. Actually, he seems sleepy. I can’t tell. He seems to be spacing off. Who came up with his name? – I named him. / – I see. His Korean name is Taeoh. – Taeoh? / – Yes. – I see. / – Ricky Kim’s son is named Taeoh. I loved the name so much. I asked Ricky if he minds sharing the name. He gave his approval. For your second child, we came up with a name based on the expected delivery date that you provided. Based on the five elements, there are things that can secure her fate. Good phonetics for your second child are “O” and “Sh”. For a prospective son, the first name is Seungwoo. Seungwoo? The second name is Wooseong. – Wooseong? / – Yes. The name itself isn’t very important. They must be attached to a surname. So according to your wife’s last name, your son’s last name will be Jeong. With the surname attached, his name would be – Jeong Seungwoo. / – Jeong Seungwoo. The next name would be Jeong Wooseong. (His second name would be Jeong Wooseong.) I think I like Jeong Wooseong. Do you prefer that name more? There’s Jeong Woosung, the famous actor. – I like that name. / – Is that so? “Woo” stands for “companionship”, and “Seong” stands for “flourishing”. Together with warm, auspicious energy and peacefulness, he’ll be able to thrive, find success and grow. The name has positive connotations. (The bottom names are for a possible daughter.) Look, there are four names. Which name do you prefer? – William. / – Not William. (After careful perusal…) Which name is pretty? (It all depends on this finger.) (Jeong Wooseong versus Jeong Seungwoo) William’s random selection is… (Seungwoo?) (Where will his fingers land?) Jeong Wooseong? (He chooses Jeong Wooseong.) (That’s exactly how I feel.) Jeong Wooseong. (Satisfied) It’s nice. Your tea is here. – Thank you. / – Gosh, he’s so pretty. Thank you. (Here are hangwa and ssanghwacha.) (Let’s eat it.) (Stopping) William, we need to give one to him. (I didn’t know.) (William, let’s see.) He froze. How cute! How cute! How pretty! William, are you dozing off? How cute! William. (Is he tired?) Did you see this? It’s Dingdong’s name. Dingdong. Dingdong is in Mom’s belly. (He smiles upon hearing about his sibling.) Dingdong. (How cute!) (Freezing) Why do you freeze when he touches you? (He freezes with the single touch.) Seriously. Does he have icy hands? I have never seen William act this way. Do I calm him down? – I don’t know. / – William. It will be good for his education. (I feel drowsy.) How cute! How did he become so focused? (His touch is magical.) How cute! (Drowsy) Are you sleeping? Are you angry? (Wobbling) (I must have fallen asleep.) – No way. / – Did you fall asleep? Did you fall asleep? Are you tired? (I am falling asleep.) William. Would you please come to my house when he can’t sleep? William, are you tired? (He can’t even meet his eyes.) Are you tired? Are you tired, William? (Drowsy) William. (Waking up) Are you tired? (Did something happen?) Is he always this calm? Not necessarily. I have never seen him act this way. – Really? / – Yes. Thank you. (Please have one.) I will come up with a nice name – for your sibling. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (Embarrassed) Can you come up with an English name? With English names, we take the consonants and see if they complement a child’s elements. Do you have a name in mind? If it’s a son, – Bentley. / – Bentley. If it’s a girl, – Victoria. / – Victoria. Elizabeth. You want your second child to be a daughter. Done. (I am sorry to interrupt.) “Done”? William, are you drowsy? (His magic touch begins again.) You are making him drowsy. (I will stay quiet.) I have lived in Korea for 15 years. – A Korean name… / – Don’t you have one? No, I don’t. My ex-girlfriend gave me one. My ex-girlfriend… Mom. Mom. No, Mom. Should I stop talking about my ex-girlfriend? (Worried) It’s okay. Your mom won’t find out. It’s a secret between us, okay? Bad. (Flustered) What? That’s not true. It’s all in the past. It’s not bad. The woman I dated a long time ago named me Han Youngwoong. – Han Youngwoong. / – Yes. I need the time and date of birth to come up with a name. – 1977. / – 1977. – July 31st. / – July 31st. (William is bored of waiting.) William becomes bored. (Shall I go out?) He goes on a walk by himself. (I am going out.) Okay. Play. (This is fun.) Tree. William, it’s a present. Here. Give me your hand. Put your hand through it. There you go. It’s a present. (He doesn’t forget to say thank you.) (Thank you.) How cute! (What’s here?) (Peek-a-boo!) (It’s Dad.) William. Hello. William, come inside. William’s face shows the fortune of career. The fortune of career? Yes. What does that mean? I am talking about the fortune in his future career. – I will read his face. / – Okay. William. (Will you read my face?) (Let’s see.) (Wide-eyed) (He looks cute) (from any angle.) He has a defined forehead. His forehead is plump and well-defined. It shows that he will have a successful career. He has big eyes, which means he is sensitive. He has talent in expressing himself. He is bound to meet people and go places. In my opinion, he will do well in business. – Business? / – Yes. He can go into the show business. It’s another option. The field will allow him to show his talent. He is suited for it. (It’s the personal opinion of an expert.) What about me? When I take a look at your face, there is a feature we call “Wajam”. It resembles a lying silkworm. These are dark spots on your face. It shows a weakness in your kidney. Excuse me. Excuse me. I need your help in calming him down. William. (Patting) (Calm) Good job. Go to sleep. (Why do I feel so drowsy?) (Impressed) It’s peaceful. Thank you for today. I heard many good things. I will discuss the matter with my wife. – Bye. / – Bye. (Thank you for my sibling’s name.)

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  1. It's scary and cool how he came up with boys name, like he already knew the gender of the baby. And how does he make the William doze off?

  2. I tried the face touch to my niece and nephew. It's effective to get them to sleep. They do feel sleepy. Although at times it doesn't work cause they're trying to avoid my hand not wanting to sleep. Haha

  3. Do you know the fortune teller's name? I'm a bit wanna know about my future lol how cute is William is xD

  4. pitch voice William is sooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuute❤❤❤

    Edit:My heart is pounding so hard I'm gonna scream❤❤

  5. It was funny when William said that t was bad that Sam had a ex-girlfriend, but honestly, I just think it’s hilarious

  6. Oh William is such a cute obedient boy..he just sit there quietly.
    I ❤his expressions when his face was touched.
    He did as told by giving snack to the guy accompanied by a shy 🙂..such a precious smile

  7. Sam: it’s a secret between us two, ok?
    Me: yeah, not really after the guy in front of you and 343,944 people have already saw the video

  8. 3:33 now i knew, where Bentley's korean Name came from :') William was choose his little brother name 😍😍

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