Library Card English

Library Card English

Narrator: To get a free card, all you have
to do is come to the library and show some identification. You can use the card right
away. Library Staff: Hi, good morning. Speaker 1: Good morning. LS: Welcome to the library. S1: Thank you. LS: What can I do for you today? S1: I’m Witty, she’s my daughter Purvai. We
would like to have library cards. LS: Fantastic. We need to see some identification,
please. S1: Okay. LS: Just your name and your address. S1: Sure. How about the driving license? LS: That would be perfect. [background conversation] Narrator: To get a library card, you need
one piece of official identification, such as your immigration documents. And you need
proof of your address, such as a bank statement, a rental lease, driver’s license, or utility
bill. The librarian will prepare your card while you wait. So you can borrow things on
your first visit. LS: Absolutely, now here’s your card. You need
to sign it, please. And here’s a pen. Now would you like a card? Speaker 2: Yes, please. LS: Excellent. Can you tell me how to spell
your name, please? S2: P-U-R-V-A-I. LS: Oh, that’s a beautiful name. [background conversation] L: Hi, did you find everything you needed? S1: It’s amazing. The collection is amazing. LS: I’m so glad. Can I check these out for
you? LS: Thank you. I just need your card. Now I’m
going to check these out for you, and don’t forget to return them by the due date. S1: Sure. Narrator: That’s important. The due date is
the day you must return things. It is printed on the paper you get at the checkout. LS: Here, there you go. S1: And she’s also got something. L: Can I have your card, please, Purvai? Thank
you. Now, did you find everything you needed? S2: Yeah. LS: Good for you. Did you find out those great
books on birds? S2: Mm-hmm. LS: Good stuff. S1: Thank you so much, Sulekha. It was a wonderful
experience and… Narrator: So come and join your library, it’s
free. LS: Hope to see you again soon. Good-bye. S2: Bye.

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  1. Toronto Public Library Employees (managers) with salaries > $100,000

    AIKINS ANNE MARIE Manager, Community Relations $101,627.56
    ARRAS DIANA Library Service Manager $102,308.71
    AUYEUNG CATHERINE Manager,Collections & Services $114,008.48
    BAILEY ANNE Director, Branch Libraries $159,970.97
    BOWLES VICKERY Director, Collections Management Services $159,780.94
    BULL PATRICIA Library Service Manager $102,308.71
    CARON SUSAN Manager, Collection Development $116,791.60

  2. CHARLTON DAWN Manager, Marketing & Customer Engagement $107,458.18
    CLARK DAVID Manager, Purchasing & Administration $110,533.98
    COLANGELO JOE Senior Manager, Information Technology $136,946.50
    DAVIS LINDA Library Service Manager $102,308.71
    DEWAR HOLLY Manager, Human Resources $117,126.78
    DYCK RONALD Director, Information Technology & Facilities $159,780.94
    EASTMAN PATRICIA Library Service Manager $100,744.54
    GAISFORD KATHLEEN Manager, Acquisitions $118,734.45

  3. GLASS ELIZABETH Manager, Planning & Development $118,734.45
    GOSSELIN MARGARET Area Manager $117,290.58
    HAZZAN LINDA Director, Communications, Programming & Customer Engagement $155,807.28
    HUGHSAM LARRY Director, Finance & Treasurer $159,780.94
    HUNTLEY KIM Manager, North York Central Library $118,734.45
    KARLINSKY LINDA Area Manager $114,368.58
    KELNER GREGORY Manager, North York Central Departments $100,519.85
    KEON DAN Director, Human Resources $155,334.08

  4. LAM WAYNE Manager, Accounting $125,425.98
    LUSZCZEK JOAN Manager, Processing $110,533.98
    MACFAYDEN GAIL Library Service Manager $102,308.71
    MACKENZIE LINDA Director, Research & Reference Libraries $159,780.94
    MALETTE PHYLLIS Area Manager $113,225.53
    MARTIN SUSAN Library Service Manager $102,308.71
    MATHIS HEATHER Divisional Support Manager $112,025.98
    MCDONALD MARGARET Library Service Manager $102,308.71

  5. MCKENZIE DONALD Divisional Support Manager $117,290.58
    MILNE MARION Manager, Toronto Reference Access & Information $118,734
    MOORADIAN HARVEY Manager, Tenants and Leases $118,734.45
    PALMER KATHERINE Director, Policy, Planning & E-Service $132,449.72
    PENAK GARY Manager, Facilities (Capital Projects) $110,533.98
    PYPER JANE City Librarian $218,389.61
    RANKIN GAIL Senior Manager, Facilities $136,149.92
    RENTON DARA Manager, E-Services $111,240.78

  6. RICHTER BRIGITTE Divisional Support Manager $118,734.45
    RIZKALLAH NIDAL Manager, Cataloguing $110,533.98
    ROBSON GWYN Library Service Manager $102,308.71
    ROWLSON DAWNA Library Service Manager $102,308.71
    SANTOS YOLANDA Manager, Budget & Financial Reporting $113,507.98
    SHANTZ MARY RAE Manager, Special Collections, Archives and Digital Collections $104,691.64
    SHORT BARRY Divisional Support Manager $105,205.26

  7. SIVANANDA KANDASAMY Senior Information Systems Officer $114,274.96
    SIVERS CHRIS Manager, Facilities $110,533.98
    SKOVRONEK CHERYL Area Manager $118,734.45
    SREBOTNJAK TINA Manager, Cultural & Special Events $107,453.46
    STEGMAN IAN Manager, Technology Infrastructure $133,334.04
    STRADER NANCY Manager, Applications & System Integration $110,533.98
    SUAREZ-MASON JANICE Library Service Manager $100,519.84
    SVAB ROMAN Facilities Services Coordinator $102,785.71

  8. TINSLEY BARBARA Area Manager $111,014.66
    TRUMPHOUR PAUL Divisional Support Manager $107,801.06
    VANDER KOOY MAGDALENA Area Manager $117,290.58
    VANDERZON OLAV Manager, Facilities $110,469.99
    VUKASINOVIC PHILIP Manager, Facilities $113,610.94

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