Library eBooks for Amazon® Kindle

Library eBooks for Amazon® Kindle

Now available for OverDrive Library and School
Partners in the United States, Library eBooks for Kindle books. Getting Kindle books from
the library is quick and easy. Let’s walk through how to get library eBbooks for Kindle.
To begin, visit your US Library or School’s Virtual Branch website and browse or search
for a Kindle book. Most eBooks in the collection are compatible with Kindle. The best way to
search is with the Advanced Search feature. Click on the Advanced Search link from the
homepage of your Library’s Virtual Branch website. Select Kindle Book from the drop
down in the format field. Choose to Only show titles with copies available to limit your
search further. Then, click the Search button to run your search. From the search results
page you can click on any cover image to get additional details for that title. Click the
Add to cart link next to the Kindle Book. If the title comes in multiple formats, be
sure to select the correct version. From your cart, either choose Continue Browsing to search
for more eBbooks to check out or click Proceed to Checkout to complete the check out process.
Choosing Proceed to Checkout will prompt you to sign in with your library card number,
if you haven’t done so already. Enter in your library card number, without spaces,
and click Sign In. At checkout, choose your lending period length. This will vary depending
on your library. Click Confirm Check Out to complete the checkout process. Once checked
out, you’ll have the title will be available with a Get for Kindle button either from the
download page or from the bookshelf in your library account. Also, note the date the title
will expire to the right side of the title information. Click, Get for Kindle, which
will take you from your Library’s Virtual Branch website, to Amazon. The Amazon page
will highlight your checked out Kindle book and expiration date. Click the Get library
book button in the upper right corner. If you aren’t signed into your Amazon account,
you will be asked to enter your email address and password. If you don’t have an Amazon
account, you can create one from this page as well. Once logged in, you’ll be asked
to choose which Kindle device or Kindle reading application you’d like to deliver your library
book to. For instance, Your Kindle, PC or Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android device, BlackBerry,
or Windows Phone. Choose your Kindle device or reading application for delivery from the
drop down and click the Continue button. After selecting Continue, a message will display
that your library eBbook was delivered to the device you chose. You can also manage
your digital titles by accessing the Manage Your Kindle section in your Amazon account.
Your library eBbook will be available the next time your device syncs.
Amazon will email you when you have three
days left for the title, and also once your library eBbook has expired. Don’t forget
to head back to your US Library or School’s Virtual Branch website for more Kindle library
eBbooks to check out for your Kindle. Remember, there is a wide selection of titles to enjoy
that are compatible with hundreds of other devices.

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  1. Just tried it, and it works great, except for one thing. After I synced my Kindle App (on an Android), I couldn't find the book. Took me a while to find it in Archived Items.

  2. @librarybuzzard I work in a library. In fact, I'm a library director. Each step in this process is an obstacle to access. The more difficult it is to access content the less likely a user will persevere through the process to obtain what they want. I encourage you to try imagining the world as it should be. I can drive to work steering with my feet but it doesn't mean its the most efficient or effective way to get to work.

  3. excellent. What a wonderful world we live in. I love my paper books but I love E-Books. It is NOT SAD that it takes 4 minutes to explain the checkout procedure. It's new!

  4. As of now, there are only 501 FICTION Kindle books in OverDrive. I am hoping there will be more books added online later on, but right now, there aren't many books to choose from. I am a bit disappointed.

  5. @videogirlsk The number of Kindle books depends on how many titles your library system has decided to purchase. Our system (WPLC in WI) has 4,913 titles, and counting. (Hint-hint: Contact your library!) 🙂

  6. This process isn't recessary; You can also buy your books directly from your Kindle using the online Amazon's shop using your Wi-Fi connection.

  7. I've always loved to read regular books. But since the first time I tried an ebook, I was hooked. The best ebook site I've found is They have thousands of ebooks and great prices, they also have many free ebooks.

  8. yeah right, english speaker living in switzerland, always being directed to with very limited english books, WHY DO THEY LIMIT INTER CONTINENTAL TRADE, stupid, and incredibly annoying. Really i mean i want to buy a product, let me buy it!!!!!!!

  9. If you have a kindle or know some one who does, buy Club lust. It is an amazing erotic romance that i would recomend to anybody.

  10. ''Genesis: The Last Man On Earth (and Other Stories)''
    Completely free download last time I checked. And completely awesome.

  11. I love my kindle too! I highly recommend that you go to Amazon, and download "How to overcome fear, and start living fearless" by Rasheeal "Ra Blaze" Dixon becasue that book is amazing, and it's life changing!

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  13. I live showing an ebook to people and how they take that information to jump start their business. I also promote them on my website.

  14. Anyone know how to remove overdrive off a kindle. My mother downloaded it by mistake and cannot read any books she downloads.

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