Library Haul

Library Haul

Hello friends! It’s Paige and today I have a
library haul to share with you so these are just some books that I picked up from
the library. I like sharing what I got from the library just because about 75% of the books
that I read come from the library. I felt like filming a video and I have some
books out from the library right now… Some of them I’ve read so I will start with
those books and tell you what I thought of them briefly and then… yeah. We’ll just
do it. The first book is Behind the Throne by K.B. Wagers. This is the first
book in a series; I don’t know how many books are going to be in the series but
it follows a woman who’s nearly 40 years old and she’s basically a gunrunner who
is technically part of the royal family but she left when she was 18 and she’s
been gone for like 20 years and come to find out all of her sisters have been
murdered and her mother is dying and this is a matriarchal society so she’s
now the heir to the throne. Her mother is dying so she needs to go back home, you know…
and it’s basically like her going from being a criminal type person to being an
empress type person. This is a science fiction story so there’s like… she was on
a spaceship when this started but most of it is really on land it’s just some
of their wars are impacted by the fact that it’s science fiction… things are
happening in space. I picked this up because it was a new release and it sounded interesting and I feel like I don’t read a lot of books with middle-aged
women and that’s something that I want to do because I feel like women get
forgotten in middle age. They do not get appreciation so I thought I would read a
book following one. Unfortunately she really
reads like a teenager. It really reads like when she left home at 18 she
didn’t mature at all after that so… I don’t even know how to explain. She’s just like a teenager. I ended up
giving this two-and-a-half out of five stars. I’m working on a written review
for my new site,, that it’s linked below. It’s basically a place where I’m going
to be promoting and reviewing books with queer representation that are science
fiction or fantasy. This is getting reviewed over there because it has some
minor characters that are homosexual. There is a male/male relationship and
there’s a known lesbian character who was previously in a female/female
relationship but her partner died. I had some issues with this because I really
didn’t like the protagonist’s point of view. I found her really annoying. She was
very very very VERY emotional and that’s something that I don’t say lightly
because i don’t like when people go into a book and they read with a female protagonist and are like, “She’s just too emotional!” but she really was just too much. She was always crying at the wrong time,
laughing inappropriately, collapsing randomly… She was all over the place and
yeah, there’s a review coming. My thoughts are not with me right now. My favorite thing about this was one of the gay characters and his relationship with
his partner and one of the things that frustrated me about this was it seems
like it’s pretty normal to not be straight in this world however the two gay dudes who are
together get repeatedly referred to as partners until the last 15 pages of the
book where the protagonist describes them as husbands and I’m like why could
you not have told me before because I was thinking they were partners… maybe it
was just a professional thing because they literally are partners professionally in the book and so I was like I don’t know if I’m just like
misreading the fact they’re gay… I wasn’t. She just wasn’t clear enough.
I’m rambling! I’m gonna put this down now. I thought it
was okay. I may consider picking up the sequel just because I love the gay dude
so much and his partner so much. They’re pretty great but the protagonist is really
annoying. The next book I got is very shiny so I
don’t know how this is gonna work with my lights but it’s Ash by Malinda Lo.
This is a lesbian retelling of Cinderella and it was REAL good. I gave
it four and a half out of five stars. I only wanted it to be longer for the most
part because they get together and then it just kind of ends and they didn’t
really get to be together very much but I really enjoyed this. I’m working on
review for this as well and it really read like a fairy tale. I really appreciated that. The world
building is very enigmatic. It doesn’t really explain things to you in the
detail that you might expect with other fantasy books but I kind of like that it
has a very like ~mysterious wood~ thing going on and that’s a trope that I really
like. I really liked the romance in this. Honestly I was so jealous of the romance
in this because the two ladies are so cute and the way that the love interest
was kind of courting the main character is just the best thing to me in the
world and in terms of queer elements this has a bisexual protagonist and a
lesbian love interest so PICK IT UP GUYS. It’s real good. The next book is one I have not read yet
but I’m hopefully reading it in the next two weeks or so. That is A Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers. This is a science fiction book set on a
spaceship called the Wayfarer, I believe and I don’t really know much about this
except it’s very character-driven so even if I knew what it was about I would probably not be able to say much
about it because character-driven books are just like that… but I know there are
some queer characters in this. I think there’s a female/female relationship
which is like what I’m into right now. It’s just my thing at the current moment,
so yeah really looking forward to this. I wanted to start reading this and then
I had to read Empire of Storms. That came out and I just wanted to get it over
with and if you want to my thoughts on Empire of Storms, I have an 18 minute long video of me ranting on Snapchat for a couple days but yeah I’m really glad the
library had this because I was really torn about buying it because I kind of
prefer the UK edition but I don’t like relying on Book Depository as an American
because I feel like their shipping is unreliable and slow. So… my library had it. Yay! The final two books I got on Overdrive which if you don’t know it’s a website that a
lot of libraries use and you can check out ebooks and audiobooks and things of
that nature. I typically pick out ebooks and finding Overdrive literally changed
my reading life forever the first book is one that I’ve already
read but I’m rereading and that is Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. I read this
last year around when it came out I think? Or did I read it early this year? I
don’t even know. But I read it a while ago and Leigh Bardugo is the author of the
Grisha trilogy which I really enjoyed although I was kind of disappointed with the ending and Six of
Crows is set in the same world as the Grisha trilogy so it has same magic system and
it basically involves band of thieves doing some stuff and there’s a lot of
diversity in the cast. We’ve got someone who was forced into prostitution. We’ve got people of different queer
identities. We’ve got people with disabilities. It’s just an ensemble cast with
a lot of diversity and I actually gave this 3 out of 5 stars when I read it. I
wasn’t super into it. I think I was expecting more of a plot-driven story
and it’s definitely a character-driven story. So I’m hoping to reread it and
hopefully have a different appreciation for it. The main reason that I’m rereading it is
because the sequel Crooked Kingdom is coming out. I believe this is a duology
so it’ll be like the next one comes out I’ll read that and then i’ll be done That’s a young adult fantasy book since
i didn’t specify and hopefully I will enjoy it more the second time around. I’m
also hoping to review that for Queer SFF as well and then review Crooked
Kingdom. And finally the last book that I got on Overdrive is In the Country by Mia
Alvar. I don’t know if that’s how you say her name. I saw this today actually and DiverseAThon is coming up and I’ve been kind of trying to read diversely anyway in
September just because of Queer SFF and trying to get reviews done for that
but this is a book that is something that I would normally read. It’s a
collection of short stories and maybe novellas, I’m not sure how long each of
them are but it’s literary fiction so it’s not what I would normally read but
it is written by a Filipino woman i believe and it’s about Filipino people
who leave the Philippines or leave and then come back to the Philippines and it’s just their
stories. I don’t know anything about what it’s like to be Filipino so I
thought this would be a good opportunity to try something new for DiverseAThon
both in terms of genre and in terms of the culture that talks about and yeah, I do
really enjoy learning about different cultures like I wanted to study cultural
anthropology when I went to college for a year and the left. But I don’t dive
into it as much as I wish I would I feel like I just end up leaning towards epic
fantasy and sci-fi where cultures are built by the author rather than cultures
that are actually like existing or have existed in the past. Hopefully I can read that and enjoy it
and get something out of it and learn something because that’s why I picked it.
Thoose are all the books that I have out of the library right now. Let me know if
you guys use your library and if there’s anything you have out right now that you’re really excited about or anything you’re on hold for that you’re really excited about I
love libraries but I’ve honestly rambled on way too long for this video so, thank
you so much for watching. I will see you soon with a new video. Bye!

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  1. LIbraries are the best! I went to the library to get prepared for the Banned Books-a-thon and I got Persepolis from there. I'm really excited about that one.

  2. I'll be forever thankful if you can make a list, either on Twitter or maybe a video, of you fave books that take place in space, because I'm so lost and I really wanna read one but I don't want it to be so boring I'll end up hating the whole genre ๐Ÿ™

  3. I am so so thankful for your new website, omg. I need some more diversity in the books I read, and definitely need to actually feel represented. Thank you, Paige. Very helpful. <3

  4. I recently read the prequel to Ash so I really want to get that in the near future. I read The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet recently as well and really loved it, hope you do too!

  5. I work in a library so whenever I'm on break, I go explore the other floors =) I usually end up finding a book I saw people on BookTube talk about it, so I usually borrow those right away. Otherwise, I love placing books on hold online xD It's like buying books online, expect I don't have to pay and I just pick them up at the library. Currently, I'm waiting on some popular YA books, and have some comics out from the library. Great video Paige!

  6. aaah thank you for mentioning in the country. i've been looking for more books about filipino culture…it's so hard to find them and i really wanted to read more #ownvoices

  7. I've been using my library a lot lately. Great video! I've been hearing a lot about Ash recently, definitely going to pick it up. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  8. I was born in the Philippines and recently I've been compiling a tbr of books by filipino authors or with filipino characters since I've never read one in all my 22 years so thanks for the unintentional recommendation! I hope you enjoy all your next reads!

  9. I have sooooo many library books out right now. I'm doing the opposite of what you are though lol. I'm trying to see if I can actually enjoy old-fashioned traditional fantasy, since most of what I read is circa 2006-current. I want to at least give it a try before writing it off, but while watching this I was all like, ooooh! I wanna read THAT instead xD

  10. I absolutely LOVE books and reviews, and I love your channel for how you explain everything and the books that you talk about… But I must recognize that I am also in love with your eyes haha You look amazing

  11. i love that u did this!! coming from someone who watches a lot of booktubers, i always feel the need to BUY every single book which could get expensive. so it's awesome to see someone actually using & bringing light to the library โ™ฅ๏ธ

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