Library panel problem solved with new adobe creative cloud desktop app

Library panel problem solved with new adobe creative cloud desktop app

Hi guys
I am Manjot from lenspassions photography Few months back, I faced issue in Photoshop about library panel , it was not displaying. Before going further I am sharing a clip from Adobe video that you can know what is library panel and how it uses. Those don’t know kindly watch the full video on library panel, I have already added the link to the video in the comment section. When I faced an issue of library panel, I tried every possible solution to solve this, I also contacted Photoshop customer care and they supported very well They called me, shared my computer but all in vain I also posted my issue in Adobe support community Where I have already found the thread related to this issue Also found that all were frustrated those are facing this issue. I posted my comment on April 2019 but didn’t get any positive answer. In meanwhile In the meanwhile found a solution, that was replied one of user that he wiped his computer and reinstall all software after many tries and Then the panel issue was solved. I am thinking about the same but in the meanwhile Adobe launched new creative cloud desktop app as I used photoshop with a new cc app. my problem is solved Let’s watch the new updates and feature of new adobe creative cloud application Adobe rolls out of the old creative cloud to the new Creative Cloud desktop application. It has been redesigned, to be more user-friendly to access your apps, and update them, and discover new apps that complement or extend your creativity. Creative Cloud desktop also gives you new levels of power and control over your creative workflow by allowing you to collect, manage and share assets, fonts and more through a rich new Creative Cloud Libraries integration. Actually, it’s the portal to your Creative Cloud, and makes it easier than ever to get to the assets and content you need, when you need them. The new CC desktop applications organizes your Adobe tools in a more personalized way. You’ll now be able to more easily see which apps you have installed, which of these apps have updates, and discover new apps to try as well. Creative Cloud apps are built with consolidated help resources and tutorials, for all apps, into one hub. All the content you need is right there, where you need it just head to the Tutorials hub or your favorite app’s page to discover new features and learn new techniques and skills. Creative Cloud Libraries is the perfect tool to capture, organize and share the creative ingredients you want to have at your fingertips inside your favorite Creative Cloud applications.
Libraries can include colors, fonts, images, logos, templates, brushes and more. And the new full-screen Library view in the Creative Cloud desktop app makes managing and organizing your Library a breeze. Creative Cloud membership gives you access to lots of creative resources, from apps, tutorials, forum posts, stock images, fonts, and other assets in the cloud. The new Creative Cloud desktop app comes with a powerful built-in search engine, which searches across Creative Cloud to help you find exactly what you are looking for, whenever you need it. If you faced this issue or facing and didn’t upgrade the new app, upgrade immediately you will enjoy the ease of new app. That’s all for today Thanks for watching Those who didn’t subscribe yet click on subscribe button and click on the bell So you will be notified when I will upload a new video

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    Great,very informative video
    You've gave your screenshot of mail and show your dekstop also, used that clip for tutorial purpose which can not be claimed as copyright
    Good work

  2. Problem Solved , Yes I invested lots of time to solve, too much frustrated , but don't know Adobe is working on back end to solve the bug Thanks Adobe , Those don't know about library panel kindly watch The ADOBE Official Video Working with the Libraries Panel in Photoshop CC –

  3. This is so cool. Thank you for sharing. I need to download the app to my desktop. This can improve my videos. thank you.

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  6. Very informative and useful video you shared. You have good skills and expertise in this field. First time I see your channel and very impressed with your work. Stay blessed and happy

  7. For me this is hard coz i dont have an idea about it but for sure this is very helpful for those people know about it. Good!

  8. well this is really very useful video…..very impressive….liked 33..viewed 621…stay blessed and connected …

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