Library Sharing in EndNote X8

Library Sharing in EndNote X8

EndNote X8 brings two significant enhancements
to library sharing. An EndNote X8 user can share a library with
up to 100 other EndNote users. The previous version, EndNote X7, allows library
sharing with up to 14 other users only. Shared libraries in EndNote X8 come with an
Activity Feed that provides library members with insight into who is making changes to
the shared library. This Activity Feed is only available to EndNote
X8 users. This video covers the library sharing scenario
for a large group of EndNote users: William, based in New York City, sharing his library
in EndNote X8 on a Windows machine with 50 collaborators based around the world and using
EndNote for Windows and Mac. There is no charge for sharing, no library
size limit, and no charge for unlimited cloud storage. Library sharing requires that all users have
at least EndNote X7.2 or higher. All collaborators in William’s group, including
William, must have EndNote online accounts connected to their desktop version of EndNote. The library owner’s version of EndNote dictates
how many users that library can be shared with. William has EndNote X8 and can share his library
with up to 100 users. If William had EndNote X7 he would only be
able to share his library with up to 14 other users. With his library open in EndNote X8, William
uses the Sync button in the toolbar to sync his library with EndNote online. If he doesn’t already have an EndNote online
account, clicking on the Sync button will prompt him to set up an account first and
then sync his library. William’s library must be fully synced before
he can begin sharing. He can click on Sync Status to confirm this
is the case. William then invites his group by using the
Share Library button in the toolbar. William enters their email addresses and clicks
the Invite button. At any point in time, William can return to
the Share dialog to invite additional collaborators, use the Remind option for invitations that
are still pending, or use the Remove option to revoke sharing for any member. With such a large group, William may want
to use the Search box to find members quickly. William’s group will receive email invites
to access his shared library. If a group member accepts the invite, they
will be directed to a webpage where they must sign into their existing EndNote online account. If they don’t have an EndNote account, they
can set one up at this time. A message will appear confirming the library
has been shared and can be accessed in EndNote. William’s group can then access the shared
library by using the Open Shared Library command in the File menu of EndNote. This will bring up a list of libraries that
have been shared with the user. Selecting William’s library will open a
local copy of that library on their computer. All EndNote X8 users in William’s group
will be able to view the Activity Feed for the shared library. Clicking on the Activity Feed icon shows the
last 500 activities in reverse chronological order. The most recent activity will be at the top. The Activity Feed will show activity by all
members, including EndNote X7 users, but only EndNote X8 users will see the Activity Feed. Some items in the Activity Feed will appear
in a darker shade of grey to signify that more information about that item is available
by clicking on it. For example, selecting a line that says “Bob
Smith added 145 references” will display those 145 references that Bob Smith added
in a temporary Search Result group. William’s group will have full access to
the entire library: they’ll be able to add, change, or delete references, attachments,
PDF annotations, and Groups. Changes made to the library will be synced
for all members to see. As the library owner, William should make
periodic backups of his library by using the Compressed Library command in the File menu
of EndNote. For EndNote users collaborating in large groups and wanting to keep track of changes to a shared library, your day is here! If you don’t have EndNote, or are using a
previous version, you can download the 30-day EndNote X8 demo and try library sharing today!

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  1. Does anyone know how to pass on full control/ownership of a library? Or have them copy all shared materials, groups, references, and files to their library so I can delete it from my profile?

  2. If you open up a shared endnote library from colleague, can you save it into your Endnote library (permanently) so any changes you may want to make will not affect the original library you are sharing? Thanks,

  3. Hello, If i wanted to have the same version of the library on both my desktop and laptop, would a version of this technique work? I ask because I read that endnote online won't recognise groups?

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