Libreria Acqua Alta in Venice Italy || A Floating Bookshop

Libreria Acqua Alta in Venice Italy || A Floating Bookshop

Tucked away among the maze-like streets
of Venice, Italy is perhaps the world’s craziest and only floating bookshop,
Libreria Acqua Alta. Come see why many say it is the world’s most beautiful
bookshop! I had read about Libreria Acqua Alta when
researching for my Venice trip, and knew I just had to see it. Finding it, however,
was a completely different story. Things can be tricky to locate in Venice! “We’re looking for Libreria Acqua Alta, so we’re headed down all these narrow
little passageways and over little bridges, and we emerge into this amazing
square that we didn’t even know existed! That’s part of the charm of Venice.” After getting lost multiple times, which
isn’t a bad thing when you’re in Venice, and asking for directions in my very
broken Italian, we finally found the bookshop. In many respects, Libreria Acqua
Alta is unlike any other bookshop I’ve seen, it’s organization style being one
of them. “The Libreria Acqua Alta is the most haphazard bookshop I’ve ever
seen in my life! Like, good luck finding a book in this
place!” But it isn’t just the shelving system
that makes this bookshop unique. “Because Venice is a city that sometimes floods
and is surrounded with water, most of the books in this shop are inside gondolas,
bathtubs, even kitchen sinks!” When you are done marvelling at the
interior of the shop, there are a few other things to check out before
purchasing your book and leaving. The shop’s fire escape was literally just a
drop into the canal beyond, which I loved! At the back of the bookshop, visitors
will find a towering stack of soggy books piled atop one another to form
stairs. If you climb the stairs, you’ll find a
spectacular view of the canal behind the wall. The Libreria
Acqua Alta was indeed the most interesting bookshop I’ve ever seen, and
well worth getting lost in the streets of Venice for. If you like the bookshop,
leave a big thumbs up, and don’t forget to comment, share, and of course, subscribe
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  1. A floating bookshop. That is fabulous. I love the boat in the store. I have never heard of it before. I need to add it to my bucket list. Gosh how do you find a book in there.

  2. Thank you for yet another reason for why I should go to Venice 😍 Gotta walk those book stairs sometime in real life!

  3. Wow. So going there to find something specific might end up burning a day or two. Great idea to put the books in gondolas and tubs and such to avoid being destroyed by flooding. Nice little find, once you find it.

  4. Wonderful video! Thank you! I am glad was able to watch it and see what changed since I was in Venice many years ago!
    This book shop definitely looks like my parents library, LOL

  5. If you would want to buy a book that tells you how to build a kitchen look in the kitchen sink section lol, Loved this video again well done.

  6. Wow – what a book shop. So many books. Love the unusual way it is laid out. Love the book stairs too – so quirky. This is definitely worth seeing when in Venice – thanks for showing us 😍

  7. That is such a smart way to protect the books. Is there any type of organization to the books or are they just kinda sitting in any order?

  8. Very interesting awesome place in Venice I agree with you there SO MANY BOOKS very cool that most of the books would survive due to various forms of flotation book staircase how neat

  9. sometimes getting lost can be the best thing..after all isn't that what the title of your channel means? πŸ™‚ gotta love that book shop…that's how i found great bookshops when living in san francisco! πŸ™‚ so did you find a book to buy? πŸ™‚ great video!!!!! πŸ™‚

  10. Beautiful Venice! This floating bookshop so interesting! So nice there. By the way my place 2hrs. drive to Venice.

  11. That is an awesome organizational style. haha It's a canoe of books!! I'll support their title of most beautiful bookstore in the world.

  12. Reminds me of the movie Ink heart.Love the books in boats,bathtubs.We have been watching an old show on hulu called Pioneer Quest,filmed in Canada about 1870s settlers,have you seen it?

  13. πŸ“– A unique and interesting place for sure! 🎬 Superb work integrating your professional narration, and contemporary audio track with your footage. A pleasure as always @Down the Wrabbit Hole Travel ☺✌

  14. Thats a very impressive——ly unorganized book shop. Part of the charm of Venice. But, did you find the book you were looking for? Great video.

  15. Who would have thought that books and water would go together πŸ˜‚! I have to be honest…if I saw that organization of books, I would have left. That may be more to do with me liking things neat and organized than the place itself. I feel like I'm watching the Travel Channel top destinations or something like that. You do a great job with the narration! If they don't come calling you then I could see you doing a voice over in a cartoon movie. You got skills!

  16. Floating book shop that's crazy and fantastic πŸ™‚ must be hard to find it with the narrow passageways. Venice looks so cool. Glad you eventually found it. Though how you can find a book in there is crazy lol

  17. So it true a city without roads but water thats kook wow I Enjoyed looking at your video saw u on the live video im showing my love Pls lets stay Connected.

  18. I wanted to see this but we ran out of time. Next time for sure. Great to see shots of it. Venice is a maze for sure. Loved wandering and getting lost. I think we passed that square a few times one day. Wow crammed full of books. I wonder how many they actually sell. I bet it’d be neat to see it at high water. Neat stairs!

  19. Congratulations Marti . i am so proud of you . i just heard the great news and think it is well deserved . Bless your sweet heart.

  20. A lovely video. I have never been to Venice. Looks like a great bookshop. Thank you for exchanging support on the CDH. I invite you to check out my aerial videos of Nova Scotia.

  21. Amazing. Andrew from Pusa just reminded me how great your vids are and no doubt the quality is certainly amazing. What a wonderful bookshop in an amazing location like Venice. Cheers!

  22. We. Love this. And wall of book is awesome. Next to bathtub. And the books of stars is awesome. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  23. Hi, nice video! I live 40 mins from Venice, I have been there many times and every time I find new places, soon it will be the carnival I hope I can make a video about it. I just subscribe.

  24. When you said it was difficult to find the library, I searched for it with Google Maps and immediately made me an itinerary up there. Just little missed to start the car and visit Venice again :)).
    I liked the completely ecological and friendly method of keeping the mice away from books: the cat.πŸ™‚
    It's really the most special bookstore I've ever seen. It was a good idea to do an episode about it. Warm greetings!

  25. nice place, I like places like that So much history and things to see. Thank you for posting and best wishes for you take care and be well

  26. Venice is my girlfriend's favorite part of Europe! The second we steeped off the train we fell in love with the city!

  27. Pretty neat idea to have the books in the boats and tubs in case of a flood, but boy the disorganization yikes. The book stairs was neat. Did it feel like walking on books or did it feel like walking on regular stairs. I love watching your adventures to places I will never get to.Watched the video in full gave you a like #payingitforward also watch the ads in full

  28. This bookshop is amazing! Great video! Love this! Awesome! Excellent filming and editing! Best wishes, Mary and Harry 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  29. what an interesting bookshop! I would love to visit one day πŸ™‚
    thanks for this wonderful video!

  30. here again to watch this awesome video one more time!

  31. I wish I had visited here…Now I know to check it out if I’m ever lucky enough to make it back…I’ve been in Italy twice but could only make it to Venice one of those times.Good thing you found it…Venice is totally a maze! I spent 1 day there but think it would be amazing to actually spend a much longer time there exploring…Like a full week!

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