Libros de ciencia ft. Biología sin censura

Libros de ciencia ft. Biología sin censura

Hi people out there, I’m Sofia and this is The Biologist Apprentice Friends, one of the most requested videos in my channel is that you guys want me to recommend of science books , or some books about some specific science subject in that way you can get involved in this wonderful word and come closer to it so thats what are we going to do my friend Santiago from Biología sin censura and I make these collaborations videos one in my channel and the other one in his with some suggestions that I think you gonna love the first books is , The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins This is a book that is pretty popular that explains about the evolution theory but from the genes point of view also there’s some explanation about phenomenons in natural selection and Richard Dawkins introduced the therm “meme” that is pretty interesting and I’m sure you would love it Another book, Letters to a Young Scientist by Edward O. Wilson , in Spanish “Cartas a un Joven Científico” in this book Edward O. Wilson talks about his career and how he became a scientist, since when he was a boy scout and a lover of nature, ants and bees he talks about success, failures, and motivations to became a biologist I think this book will help some of you and I highly recommend it, in this book Edward reflects his love for science and honestly go and read this book, it’s so good I cried, and actually I have a video talking about this book, was one of the first that i made talking more about this book a really good recommendation other book that i really like it’s Guns, Germs and Steel from Jared Diamond or the Spanish translation, “armas, gérmenes y acero” and this book is about, why European and Asian societies dominate the world and why other dominated populations are behind richness and power also about the geographic, environmental and weather characteristics that favored the early development agricultural societies becoming other powerful and organized societies to dominate others it has to do a lot with genetics, evolution and it’s really interesting so check it out Hi, I’m Santi from Biología sin censura the lectures suggested by Sofía are pretty interesting but what do you think about reading something lighter I’m sure if we read something about plants would be a little bit more relaxed or not? Have you ever thought about the rol that plants play in our daily lives? We are sure that plants as food sources is the first thought that hit your mind but what if we think in other way what would you think if someone told you that plants domesticated the human race? this is the interesting vision of the journalist Michael Pollan describe in his book, The Botany of Desire in this book we would see the world from a plant’s perspective because the way we interact with plants determine a lot of things from our consume habits to our economies and if we read more, we will find out this is true because of the human interaction with potatoes, tulips, apples and canabis and for the next book, i’ll ask, do you like police novels? if you do, this is a book you won’t stop reading its pages are filled with killers, and how detectives have understood his modus operandi the book i’m talking about was written by David Quammen science writer and explorer who brought in 2012 this incredible book, sometimes scary and other entertaining titled Spillover, animal infections and the next human pandemic and when I told you this book is filled with killers, I meant it because Quammen talks about killers like the sars, ebola and HIV and many other we will travel the world, through south China, central Africa even Australia understanding history in how some deseases passes from animals to humans and also the scientist who study everyday how to fight them and also this book throw us a question, which will be the next pandemic? through nine chapters, Quammen will help you to have a wide vision about important diseases for the human race and I highly recommend it, it’s a book thats worth reading and I’m sure you’re not going to leave it until you finish it and this is it for this video, I hope you guys liked this book recommendations the second part of this video is at Santi’s channel, biologia sin censura so you can go check out and subscribe to him and see all this book suggestions of science and biology don’t forget to visit follow me in all my socials and Santiago too, and I’ll see you guys on the next video byeeee! Subscribe!!!!

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  1. Haz un vídeo de no estudies biologia si eres?

    Para saber si nací para ser bióloga.

    Y amo tus vídeos eres un ejemplo 😎

  2. Saludos desde Costa Rica, me encantó este video sigan haciendo más! Si pueden recomendar libros para personas no científicas pero educativos y entretenidos sería genial… Como tipo novela narrativa. Gracias !

  3. excelente vídeo; me llamo la atención el libro "Letters to a Young Scientists – Edward O. Wilson" por que apenas voy en 2 semestre de la carrera de biología 🙂 tengo una pregunta ¿en cualquier librería venden aquel libro?

  4. En mi clase de Historia de la Genética justo nos hablaron esta semana sobre Richard Dawkins y El Gen Egoísta

  5. ¡Hola! Quiero estudiar para Bióloga , y me encargaron una tarea donde tengo que entrevistar a una bióloga ya que es la carrera que elegí pero por donde vivo es muy difícil encontrar a alguien con esa profesión, así que te quiero pedir de favor que si me puedes ayudar con la entrevista, son preguntas súper sencillas. ¿Donde podría contactarte?):

  6. Felicidades por su canal , soy suscriptora nueva los libros que nos recomiendan están en español, pues no sé mucho de inglés y si seme complica un poquito el idioma y si me gustaría leer los libros que nos recomiendan

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