Lincoln Vlog | Bookshop Tour!

Lincoln Vlog | Bookshop Tour!

Hello everyone! I am Ashleigh, and today I’ve decided to do
a vlog, because I’m off to Lincoln to meet Charlotte who blogs over at Bookmarks and
Blogging, or Bookmarks and Vlogging if you want her booktube channel. Oscar! Shut up! I’m trying to film a video here! But yes, I’m going to Lincoln to meet Charlotte,
and we’re basically planning on doing a bookshop tour, so I thought that would be fun to film. I’m just about to leave the house so I do
need grab my backpack and everything, but yeah. I just thought I would bring you along with
me today. Ok so we are in our fourth bookshop of Lincoln,
and it’s probably my favourite so far. It’s incredible. I love it. I thought it was a secondhand bookshop, and
it does have secondhand books upstairs but there’s also new ones downstairs. And I’m getting a couple of books, which I
will show you in a bit because I’m really excited about them. But yeah. Charlotte will confirm how excited I was when
I found the one that’s behind this orange one. “She was very excited.” But yeah. I just love this place. It’s called Lindum Books if you are coming
by Lincoln anytime – “you have to walk up Steep Hill but it’s worth it”. Yep, you have to tackle Steep Hill. The name says everything. But 100% worth it. So I just got home, and…thanks Oz. So I just got home! And it’s about 8pm. I am hungry. Awww. Oscar is now loving me very intensely. But yes, I am really quite tired and hungry. I am starving. But today has been amazing. I have had such a good day. So I thought I’d just give you a run through
because I don’t know how much will be shown. I can’t remember what clips I’ve taken. So, we went to two different Waterstones on
high street in Lincoln, and then we went to one which is called Jew’s Court I think? I could be wrong. Something about a jew. But that bookshop was really quite small,
it was literally just one room. Although we did spend quite a while in there
because I was looking at all the ancient history stuff – which they had a surprising amount
of. Then we stopped at the Bookstop Cafe, and
that was incredible. It’s such a good cafe. It’s literally like a combination of a cafe
and a library and a bookshop. And we had our dinner surrounded by books. There was fairy lights. It was so cosy, and we spent well over an
hour there basically just having a rest, because all of this was on Steep Hill, and that’s
not a misleading name at all. It’s a steep hill. And then we went to Lindum Books, which I
would 100% go back to Lincoln for, just to visit that shop again. I don’t know if I said this while I was there,
but I thought it was going to be a secondhand bookstore, but when we walked in the bottom
floor was for new books, and then the top floor was secondhand books. So it was a nice mix of both. And I got so excited, because I found that
they sold Persephone Books. The Persephone Books publishing company has
a bookstore in London which I really want to visit. And the books that they publish basically
just all look the same, but it’s such a nice, sleek design. My camera cut of for a moment there, but yes. Persephone Books only publish women authors. And it’s just something I’ve been interested
in for awhile. So I walked in, and I saw a shelf and a half
of them, and I just – oh my god. The excitement was real. I even got Charlotte to confirm. I know I did that. So I picked up a couple of books while I was
there. And of course one of them was one of the Persephone
Books. This is what I mean by they look really sleep
and just – ugh. They’re just so simple. And the inside pages – I don’t know how I’m
going to show this – the inside pages all have a different design. And it comes with a matching bookmark. It’s incredible. This one came with two, I’m not quite sure
why. But the one I picked up is The Persephone
Book of Short Stories, because I spent ages looking at all the books, and because I’d
not heard of any of them before, I couldn’t decide which one to get. So I ended up picking up the book of short
stories because it has lots of different authors in there, and I can just try…lots of different
authors out. And then when I go back at some point – because
I am going back at some point – if there’s any new authors that I’ve read a short story
of in this book, I can then see if they have that in stock and yeah, just discover new
authors. And then the second book that I picked up
was secondhand, and this was purely a sort of…novelty buy, almost. Basically, I have no intention of reading
this book, I just wanted it because of what it is. But it’s one of the original design Penguin
Classics. It’s called Defy the Foul Friend – no. It’s not called that. It’s called Defy the Foul Fiend by John Collier. Don’t really know anything about it. But yeah. I’ve seen people collecting these really old
Penguin Classics and I just want one to have on my shelves. And like, because I collect the Penguin Clothbound,
and the Penguin Classics which have the black band on them, and the Penguin English Library
ones, having one of the original sort of designs, and like you can tell it’s secondhand and
really old. I don;t know. I just, I really love it. And it was secondhand so it didn’t cost a
lot. After that we went to…a park. I can’t remember what it’s called. It has a really fancy name. But yeah, it’s just genuinely been a lovely
day. And it was so lovely seeing Charlotte, we
always have so much to talk about, and – ugh. OH! We went inside the cathedral as well, and
that is absolutely stunning. I do intend to go back at some point because
I want to go inside the castle, but today there was some sort of like comedy fest on,
and on the website it said something about giant inflatable chaos for children and I
was like…that sounds like hell. So we’ll come back to the castle when there’s
actually not inflatable hell going on. But yes, it’s been an amazing day, and I’m
not going to do much else other than eat, because like I said I’m starving. Feed Oscar because he will soon start screaming
at me if I don’t do that. And sit and read. Oh, I did finish reading All These Beautiful
Strangers on the train. It was so satisfying, I literally finished
reading it a minute before I got of the train. Doing it right. But yes. I’m going to go, and end the vlog here because
like I said I’m not going to do much else other than sit on my bed and eat. I hope you enjoyed this video. I thought it would be a little bit more interesting
to see a sort of bookshop tour/trip out rather than just me sat in my room talking about
books. I hope you’re having a lovely day, and I shall
see you next time with a new video. Bye!

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  1. I LOVE THIS! So weird seeing the same day from someone else's perspective but also really interesting. I'm still so, SO happy about it and I'm glad you loved it too! Also what a derp was I like 'she was excited' ahaha. Also please tell Oscar I love and appreciate him starring in your videos, he's the whole reason I subscribed tbh

  2. Persephone books are so lovely! I have two but really want to buy more. Unfortunately the shipping to Finland is quite pricey so I need to wait until I visit London to be able to buy them. I really loved this vlog. x

  3. Your vlogging is just so easy to watch and enjoyable, its actually made me so relaxed! Lincoln looks gorgeous, I was always meant to go whilst I was at York, but never got around to it and now I'm gutted that I missed out.
    Oh and Exeter also totally had two Waterstones, and they're not even like five minutes apart, they're on the same road! That's always confused me, haha.
    Those Persephone books though, they're just so beautiful!!!
    Hahahaha, LOVED Oscar climbing all over in front of the camera as soon as you got home, that's so cute, and so TYPICAL of cats, haha.
    Sounds like you picked yourself up some really lovely books, even if the second one won't be read! Haha love that you just basically collect ALL the penguin books now hahaha
    Glad you had a lovely day, it definitely looked super fabulous!

  4. This was such a good video!! Your editing is great, and the way you film is so easy to follow. I loved all the bookshops you visited, they looked amazing. Also Oscar is the cutest!

  5. This vlog was super relaxing to watch 🙂 Lincoln looks so pretty, if I ever get to this region of the UK I definitely need to visit!
    Also I love your cat hahaha

  6. It definitely looks like you enjoyed yourself! I don’t think I could’ve handled visiting so many book shops and not buying an entire shelf or something xD Waterstones is the best ❤️ I love the style of the original penguin classics!

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