Little Free Libraries are Spreading Across the World!

Little Free Libraries are Spreading Across the World!

Little Free Libraries are
spreading across the world! The first one was built in 2009, now the movement has grown to over 50,000 in all 50 us states and over 70 countries! A little free library is a “take a book,
return a book” free book exchange. Millions of books are exchanged
each year in these little libraries, making reading more
accessible to many people. Instead of books collecting dust,
they are being read over and over again! Up to 61% of low-income families
do not have books at home. This is a simple and fun
solution to that problem. Have you seen a little free
library in your community yet? Start one today to make your
community a better place! Spread this video and spread the movement! Subtitles by the community

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  1. we have them both in Pittsburgh! I love it ,just think if we all had the food one no one in are town would be hungry

  2. HOMELESS: what i need is a 'Little Free Microwave Oven' in a front yard LOCK BOX, so i can quickly & quietly 'nuke' up a HOT MEAL from Safeway/(things that i otherwise have to pass up!)!………. THANK YOU! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Rob I totally love this idea. I had wanted to do this in our new small county town. I was thinking it would be a way to get to know my neighbors. We could share books , magazines , coupons and recipes leave little notes as to what we liked didn't like. You know being In a new community you want to get to know your neighbors. I can't think of a better way. And this also gives me the idea to include children. I can always find a good kids book or movie to put in the box. I am going to use a large metal mail box with maybe a wood box around it to avoid postal problems. And maybe a sign that says free or take one leave one. I imagine it would be a hit. It's nice to see that it's being done in other areas.

  4. Little Free Libraries have certainly become more popular! I've even seen one in my community. Though I would love for there to be more, so I'm looking into ways to do that!

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