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Alright, we should be back.
Let me get back in here. I can’t see anything right now
because …that thing so I can see. Hit you guys with the link, real quick. One second guys. Let’s
see, is it up yet? No, what’s going on? Computer’s lagging, super laggy. Let’s see, started
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Oh got to refresh it. Doo doo doo dooo. Are we good? Sorry guys, these… major failure on my part.
Alright, so now I can close this and close this and Instagram
is just going to have to live with the bad link for now. (laughs) So let’s get over here and
let’s get into this guys. The Facebook page is a face…
let me type it out real quick, and
yeah you can see that right here on my screen, should
load here in a second. There’s a slight delay here, from what
I got and what you guys are getting. I don’t know if its my internet or what
but… yeah see that was days ago. Let’s see, hit me with some
questions real quick guys. That’ll help me wait for this to catch
up because this is driving me nuts. Let’s see here, this is
really bumming me out. Anyways, what this broadcast is going to
be about is I’m going to show you guys how to sell your unwanted books
to some book buyback websites and how you can make
extra cash doing that. Let’s make sure the audio real
quick is on… the microphone? Let’s see. Doo doo doo
yep alright cool. Wrong way. Think I’m going to have to
stop the airplay on my phone and then re… redo it. So let’s see. Alright, here we go guys. So what… I’m going to need you guys to
tell me what you’re seeing right now. (laughs) We’re working on the spreadsheet.
The spreadsheets actually done. I’ve just… me and Scott have both been
super busy with a little bit of extra workload recently and so we got
it done but it’s not in… it’s not in a form that I would
like to present it to you guys. It’s like I can barely
understand it when I look at it but if you know how to do… if you’re
like an Excel wizard or whatever hit me up because I need some
help making this spreadsheet into a more beautiful flowchart. So first off, if you guys aren’t
members of my Facebook group, go check that out. We almost have
4,000 members and it’s super awesome a lot of cool people in there
that will help you out. Hit me up on snapchat. If you
guys don’t have me on snapchat, that’s always fun. You can always
watch this broadcast later if you miss this so don’t worry. I just want to go through this pretty
quick because I’ve already done this so it seems so stale to me
because if you don’t know, this is the second attempt at this
broadcast because it already failed. So also hit me up on twitter,
I’m also on twitter. Twitter is great, ask
me whatever you want. Instagram as well, hit
me up on Instagram. I get a lot of DMs on Instagram,
not as many as Facebook so it’s easier for me
to go through those. So let’s just start scanning
some of these books and I’m going to show you guys. I
would actually recommend ScanLister over Inventory Lab. We really only use
Inventory Lab for our retail arbitrage and online arbitrage items,
things that cost us more but for books we use
ScanLister exclusively. Yeah ScanLister is what you guys want to
do if you want to save time ScanLister. I have links in the descriptions
of all my YouTube videos for the different software’s
that I use, go check those out. There’s a lot of knowledge
in there too, some hardware. So I’m just going to start
scanning some of these books just to show you guys what
they’re actually coming up as. So you can see this book is a penny
and if the FBA offers was legit, it would be worth selling but it’s not. So… because you can
see right here $5.99 and then I mean this one actually
goes to $7.40 pretty quickly so this is actually
might be a bad example. I could definitely send this
in and wait for it to sell but with the current
offer being at $5.99. Let’s click through by touching the FBA
column, $5.99 and then $7.40, $7.49. I don’t like to sell books for less than
$6.99. I could sell this one easily but you guys will be surprised
to see what some of these books are giving you when you sell them
to the book buyback websites. Like look at this one
it has 99 FBA offers. What are you guys seeing right now?
Are you not seeing my phone screen? You guys should be seen my phone
screen right now on FBA scan. Let me know if that’s
what you guys are seeing. Okay cool, you had me confused for a
second. Thanks for the feedback guys. If you haven’t yet, give me a thumbs
up even if it’s a second time that you gave me a
thumbs up on this video because you already did the first
time and I had to start over. Definitely really appreciate it. So let’s just go through,
‘In the Sunburn Country’ 99 FBA offers, what do you guys think?
Right, blown out. So I’m not going to scan all
these books in FBA scan but just to give you guys the gist
of it. These are good rank books, their trade paperbacks,
they’re nice condition, these are books you can
sell to the bookstore but they’re blown out
on the FBA offers. Especially with the new rule…
how’d that one get in there? Where there’s no exemptions
for a single ASIN. You don’t want to be as
loose as you used to be. And over time you’ll know,
you’ll notice these books much better than you would now because
these are the popular books. Another one, another one that one
should not have been in there. Geez slipping over here. I think
I grabbed a stack of books that I should not have put in here. Alright so you guys get to get
the gist of these books right. Lots of FBA offers, merchant
fulfilled prices a penny. New offers are not very
high, blown out FBA offers. So… but there’s an app, it’s pretty
awesome. It’s called BookScouter. It’s for a website,
they used to not have an app. You used to have to use the like a… the
mobile bookmark thing or whatever. But now they have an app and it’s sick
so if you guys don’t have this app go get it, it’s amazing. I’m
so happy with the improvements that they made in this app, it makes it
much easier to use so let’s open it up. And I sell my scanner
paired with my phone… my Koamtac KDC 200 scanner which
is in the description also. They’re actually only $50
refurbished so that’s a good deal. So let’s go ahead and check out what
some of these books come up as. Says searching and it
tells you right now, is going to
give me $2 for this book, John Steinbeck Of Mice and Men.
Steinbeck, Steinbeck, John Steinbeck Of Mice and Men and
so that’s crazy compared to what you know what I would make
from selling it on Amazon. But you know, this book’s in demand. Imagine there’s lots of classrooms
ordering lots of copies of this book. So let’s go ahead and scan some more.
You can just scan the next book, you don’t have to touch anything. It’s brilliant, they were definitely
thinking when they made this. Let’s go to the next one,
Bill Bryson book. Whoop, they don’t want to give me nothing for
that one so not going to do that one. Next one, 75 cents for Powell’s books.
Powell’s Books is by far the company that buys the most books, at least from
the books that I run through here. I haven’t actually pressed
the sell button right there but this is good for telling
you which site will buy which books from you for whatever. And then you go to
Powell’s and you sign in. I think you have to make an account.
I’m pretty sure you do, you sign in and then you
scan all your books in and then they give you an offer.
They pay for the postage, you print it out and you send them
in and as soon as they get them, as long as they meet the condition
you said, you get money right away. So it’s pretty cool way to,
for example, get money back when you bought $5 bags of books like
I did without really scanning them. And I made my money back, for sure, off
of the books that were worth money in there but we’re getting more money
off of this and we’re going to get even more money by selling the
ones that don’t get bought by any of these book buyback
sites to the local bookstores. So let’s just go ahead and keep
scanning some more of these. That one’s not going to fly. ‘The Dante Club’ by Matthew Pearl,
that one’s not going to fly either. I totally got my… got my
swords crossed or something. What is this CS Lewis ‘The Great
Divorce’ $3 from Now there’s one problem with this
situation. Is that like Powell’s and are probably going
to buy the most books from you. Some of these companies will…
there’s you know there’s so many different companies.
That’s not even a quarter of them and you know… you have to hit a
minimum threshold to get your money, whether it’s the quantity of books
you’re sending in or the value before they will pay you or before
they will let you send it in. So you could separate this
book out to that company because they’re going to pay
you more than Powell’s would but when it turns out, you only have
two books going to that company and you’re not going to be able
to send it off so you just get you know a quarter or less on
each one and send it to Powell’s. So that’s the one thing to keep in
mind but basically the theory is, you go through all your books and maybe
you make a stack for and a stack for Powell’s and a stack
for or whatever and then you go through them. So let’s go to the next one.
‘Extraordinary Golf’. Is the picture very blurry guys or no?
Sharon says the picture is very blurry. Is the picture blurry guys?
Just Chicago crown hustler, just sent my FBA order and
only 15 SKUs but it’s a start. Should take like 5 days if it’s close. Michael says, it’s clear. Okay
guys, you might want to check your settings Sharon because
others are saying it’s clear. Okay good so let’s just continue
and scan some more of these. $1.50 from ‘Swamplandia’ $2 from Another thing to think about, is that
these books that these companies are buying back from you, these
are in high demand right. So if you enjoy reading, maybe take a
look at these because these are probably going to be some good books for you to
read. I enjoy reading. I read a lot. You should read a lot. ‘Lake Shore Limited’ let’s check
this one out. 57 cents is 57 cents but see I don’t think I’m going
to get very many offers from bookmonster so I don’t understand that. $1.50 for a
book I couldn’t even send in but I bought that book for 10
cents so do the ROI on that. Dollar for this but see,
Powell’s gives me an offer too so if I didn’t get enough… I
mean they’re the same so whatever. But if it was more and I didn’t
get enough it would be going to the Powell’s pile. Say that five times fast Powell,
powell, pow pow. (laughs) Yeah when you buy books at a library
bag sale, they’re like $5 or $6 a bag and if you’re getting all trade
paperback books that’s about the price that you pay if you get about
40 or 50 of them in a bag. Let’s see, what’s this next book.
Look at ‘Things Fall Apart’. ‘Things Fall Apart’ are you kidding me?
If you sell books, you know how common this book is. I
know booksellers that wouldn’t touch this book if you pay them 5
cents but little do they know, you could probably sell 100 copies to right now for $3 each and they’ll pay you right now. I don’t know about CDs but I do know
there’s web there’s things like decluttr or something. I’m sure somebody who’s
watching knows about decluttr. So if you know about decluttr or
any of those CD buyback sites, please help the community out and throw
that in the comments real quick. Let’s hit this next one, Kate Atkinson
‘A God in Ruins’ $1.75, all day. Bought it for 10 or 15 cents.
That’s actually a hardback so that might have cost
me a quarter but still. 68 cents for a little kids paperback. $1.75 for ‘The Way I See It: personal
look at autism and aspergers’ Let’s see, what do we got over here.
Sellbackyourbooks you give me 75 cents. See look, this book looks super
interesting, ‘The Things They Cannot Say: stories soldiers won’t tell
you about what they’ve seen, done, or failed to do in war’. Dude, this
one is lit. What is it like to kill? What is it like to be under fire?
How do you know what’s right? What can you never forget? And
the things they cannot say? Award winning journalist and author,
Kevin Sites ask these difficult questions of 11 soldiers and Marines
who by sharing the truth about their wars, display a rare courage
that transcends battlefield heroics. You know that’s epic. Man I
might have to keep that one. Oh yeah, Gary V shouted me
out one time, one time. Trying to get that to two times. If you
guys follow Gary V, do me a favour and go to his social media and
make an original post that says ‘Hey Gary, you got to have a
@ReezyResells on the show.’ There’s 40 people watching right now,
I don’t know how many will watch but that would be the shit if you
guys would just go hit it one time. Just go to Gary’s Facebook or hit
him up on twitter even better because he rocks the hell
out of twitter. Just say, ‘Yo Gary, you’re going to need your
boy Reezy Resells on the show.’ I know his audience would love
to see about the hustling. So it’s pretty much a dream of mine
to get on the AskGaryVee show, so putting that out there to the world. Nice, yes the book buyback sites pays
the postage for you to send them in. So here’s a hardback, ‘Circling
the Sun’. I’m going to get $1.25 for that from Powell’s. Paperback ‘Speak’ 75
cents from Powell’s. Another one to Powell’s for $1 so you
can see how quickly that will build up. I got (proceeds to count
from 1 to 21) 21 books here and I’d say the average price
across that would be like $1 each, correct me if you guys think I’m wrong. So like say that’s $21 profit and this
is less than one full $5 bag of books and that’s not counting the books
that I took out of this bag that filled the rest of it up that were
worth solid merchant fulfilled value or had really good ranks
and good FBA value that I’m sending off to Amazon FBA. Anyways, that’s pretty much it
but just know guys that just because you can’t sell a book on Amazon,
doesn’t mean it’s not worth money. Just because you can’t sell it on eBay,
it doesn’t mean it’s not worth money. People like books and if you can
acquire them for cheap enough, you can always sell them at a
profit, you just have to figure out how to do it right. Whether you’re
bundling them to put them on eBay into authors or subjects or
whatever or to audiences or you’re taking them to
your local bookstores or you’re having a yard sale
once a month or whatever. You have a shelf in an antique
store where you put some books. Just know that, if you can
acquire books for cheap, you can most likely sell them
for profit. It’s just about how you go about doing it and
you don’t want to slack off. If you have access to the books,
you might as well milk them for all the profit you can get right. Oh yeah, I love giving
back to the community too. Down the street from my house, we
have one of those little libraries and I always put books in it.
Like I don’t know if you guys know what it’s called,
it’s called like little public library or Little House Library. People
build them and put them out in front of their house and put
books in them, pretty tight. Joel says he’s been selling merchant
so far don’t have the volume to switch to FBA. When is a good
move to transition over? Yep, sounds like you’re
doing your homework, Joel. When you do over 40 books a month then
you should become a pro merchant seller because that means you’re breaking even.
And then at that point, you should start pushing your
FBA but there is storage fees so it just depends are you doing fast
flips? Or more longer tail items? Whatever your business model
is, you’ll have to adapt. Sell as kindling? Maybe, maybe sell as
decorations. You might have old books, people buy them to just put on the
shelf like in the lawyer’s office or in the dentist’s
office in the background just so they can look all smart. Anyways, if you guys got any more
questions, put them in the box right now because that’s pretty much
the end of that right there. The rest of it is going
to the company’s website, Powell’s, Textbook Recycling etc.
Making account and just going through their process. They’re all pretty
easy of submitting your books, taking your offer, printing
their postage that they pay and then sending them in. Dropping them
off with your mailman for the next day or mail lady just for
equality purposes but yeah… Just get them out and get those
profit out of those books. I have some mild FBA scan triggers
really. It’s nothing serious but we… we’re actually refining that to
try and make it more presentable. It’s not perfect yet and so
with it being unperfect, I don’t like to share it with
people because a lot of… some people are very logical and
some people just follow blindly so when I share an imperfect thing
with you, if you follow it blindly it could be bad for you. So I have to be
careful about how I put stuff out there. So unfortunately, I can’t share
those yet but I can tell you that you could set an offer for
like 50 cent’s merchant fulfilled at a certain rank and then obviously
those are going to be good to look at and then a offer for say 500,000
rank at a penny. Green light those and those are going to be the ones
you have to check for FBA offers or they’re going to be buys obviously. They’ll either be obvious buys
or offers that you need to check the FBA offers on. Otherwise, they’ll
be rejects because it’ll be higher or whatever. But my advice to everyone
is just play with the triggers, read the manual, get a stack of
books and just revise your triggers until when you scan all those
books that you know are keepers that they actually come out as
keepers and don’t say reject. I can tell you that it is going
to be over buying though. You’re going to get a lot of greens
where it’s either you see it and it’s either obvious money
or it’s check the FBA offer and it’s either money at that point.
Or it’s a book that maybe you can run to a book buyback
site because it has great rank but it’s just blown out on FBA. Jonathan Bubba, you got to get
on Amazon and figure it out man. I can’t make the money for you player. Talk about hiring someone for scouting.
Yeah if you’re just doing books if… $2 a book is a good price to pay someone
and then don’t have them buy books that won’t make you at
least $5 in profit. That way you’re still
making $3 of profit. Oh I’m sorry, that was the
stupidest thing I ever said. So, you know, you have to adjust
that so like say make them buy books that are like $12 so that you make $7
in profit and then you pay them $2 and then you get the $5. What’s up, Kazuto? Oh man, the book. Dude, I’m so sorry about lagging
on the book guys. It’s just… it got out of hand. I need to
like meditate and take some space to put it all together. Turns
out, I don’t like writing as much as I thought I did, I guess.
So I just hit a roadblock and I like didn’t make a map about
it or anything. It’s all excuses. I’m just digging a stupid excuse hole but the point is it’s
like 75% done, 85%. I just got to get the rest of
it done and get it out to you. Yeah right autograph them (!) Pro merchant. If you’re pro merchant,
I believe cost $40 a month and if you’re not a pro merchant
they charge you an extra dollar per book on your… on dollar per item
sale. So when you sell 40 items or more a month you should go pro merchant
because that’s the break-even point. That’s a great pro tip. I actually sold on Amazon for
over a year before I knew that and it cost me a few
thousand dollars for sure. Oh man, I’ve been using these buyback
sites for a really long time, maybe 5-6 years. Yeah, yeah, no I’m sorry guys.
There’s no excuses. Oh man yeah just hit me up and
say Reezy quit being a biatch. Pay them more if the book sells for
more? Yeah, you could do commission but commission just gets hectic because
it’s like when do you pay them before it sells and then maybe it
doesn’t sell or after it sells and that’s just an accounting
nightmare so it’s better to just pay you know $2 fixed rate. Or you know, maybe you can
just offer them more like… oh you know that’s going to make $50 so
you’re going to give them $5 or $10 or… But the whole thing is that… that
might create false hope for them so that like when they… Say they
were happy bringing you 40 books and getting $2 for each one and making
$80. And then you pay them $20 or $10 on one book and they’re not going
to be as stoked to go bring you all these $2 books and maybe
they feel ripped off you know. They feel like they got less pepperonis
on their pizza. I don’t know but I know that a lot of people
like to go with the $2 per book and I’ve heard some people say $1 but…
and some people say $2 but they make them pay for the book
so… I’m not into that because I’ll buy a book for whatever it
costs if there’s profit you know. Make them contact you if it’s going
to cost too much or whatever but give them a little bit of
room to work with it you know and definitely you cover the price
so they can buy more books. That’s preposterous to say
that they have to buy the book out of the $2 you know. And what if the book costs $5 but it’s
going to make $45 profit you know so? But it’s all semantics and subjective.
You never know to till you do it and how you do it might be
different than how I do it so… and your worker might react
differently or whatever so you just have to
feel out the situation. Honestly, HR (human resources) is the
hardest part about owning a business. And I know plenty of people that do this
business and never ever want to hire anybody and don’t want
to scale their business because they don’t want to be
responsible for HR and other people. Yeah, if you look on Facebook Eric,
Dean has a video for how to set up… Oh scan fob… yeah what do
you want to know about it? Do you have the control barcodes printed
out? It should be pretty simple. I never had a scan fob but I do
have a lot of experience with Opticon scanners and it’s
the exact same thing. Let’s see, any more questions guys?
Thanks a lot for watching guys. If you guys didn’t give
me a thumbs up yet, please give me a thumbs up on the video.
I really appreciate it and if you haven’t subscribed to my
YouTube channel like come on guys, hit that subscribe button down
there one time for your boy. Message me on Facebook, Juel and
I’ll help you out with that. Oh the KDC? Yeah, Dean has a video for
that so message Dean Jayroe on Facebook and he can give you a
link to that video. I think he might have posted
it in my group recently. Again, thanks for your attention guys.
Thanks for watching me and subscribing to my channel.
I really appreciate it. I know there’s a million
things you guys could be doing other than watching my
channel and so thank you. I feed off of this like I love helping
you guys out and I’m available so just hit me up twitter, Facebook,
Instagram, snapchat, anchor, YouTube comments, whatever just
hit me up and I always reply. And I love helping you guys
out and I especially love it when you guys help me out.
It’s pretty awesome. You guys are messaging me tips and
stuff now so it’s full circle and we really got a
nice thing going on. Appreciate you guys
watching the broadcast and I hope I was able to help you
guys know a way that you can make some money back on books that
you thought weren’t worth anything. The key here is, getting
the books for cheap enough so thank you for watching guys. This has been a Reezy Resells broadcast.
Peace out.

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