London Bookshop Hop & Christmas Lights Tour || Reading Vlog! [CC]

London Bookshop Hop & Christmas Lights Tour || Reading Vlog! [CC]

Hey guys it’s Olivia here from Olivia’s Catastrophe
and today I am here to give you my London Reading Vlog. So this is just going to be
done while I am in London before Christmas and yeah, we are going to London today! I’m
all packed, got my bus ticket, ready to go. So before we go I think it’s a good idea for
you to tell me – YOU to tell Me hmm – for me to tell you what I’m currently reading.
And I’m listening to on audiobook to Harry Potter 4. Um. Harry Potter and the Goblet
of Fire. I’ve never ever read it before. This is the first time. Stephen Fry is doing a
brilliant job with the audiobook. I’m just still not loving this series and I just don’t
think I will. But it’s okay, it’s not that bad. And as well as that I am currently reading
Blood’s Revolution by Angus Donald. And this one is the sequel to Blood’s Game that I read
last month. It’s historical fiction. The main character has Mild Asperger’s syndrome. And
the last one was all about political, pyschological thriller games. But this one seems to be more
practical on the fighting side. I’m only 30 pages but hopefully I will do more reading
on the bus while also listening to Harry Potter along the journey because it’s a long journey
you guys. Cheap megabus – it’s a long journey. Okay, so I’m here now but I don’t think my
sisters are back from work because, y’know, everything was so early and fast today. So.
I’m locked out, just waiting outside and I’m going to listen to the end of the Harry Potter
book. Just got a couple of minutes left. And yeah. My sisters have their Christmas decorations
up and that just makes me happy because Christmas is coming! Good morning guys! So it’s the next day and
I thought I’d just let you know what the plan is for today. I’m mostly at home. I’ve got
a new video to post. I’ve got so many blog things to do and I need to read Blood’s Revolution
which I did not read on the bus here. On the bus here I just listened to Harry Potter and
the Goblet of Fire and I finished it. Guys, I still don’t like Harry Potter! It’s four
books in and I’m just not getting it. I’m not connecting to any of the characters. I
find it very predictable and slow paced. Nothing seems to happen for a lot of the books. I
will admit that the world building is brilliant and fantasic and just oof. She’s got an amazing
creative brain and they’re just not for me. And Stephen Fry did a great job with the audiobook
buy guys, I don’t know if I can keep going like this. I just want to know what happens
in the end but I just can’t bring myself to read spoilers because I am just not a spoilery
person. Anyway, moving on, that book is done. And today I am going to meet up with Karolina.
Karolina? Karolina. I don’t know how to say it because I’ve never heard it. But she used
to blog at Of Wonderland, but she doesn’t blog there anymore. But we stayed in contact
and yeah, we’re going to meet up for a quick coffee. Maybe for an hour or so because she’s
got classes today and she’s going back to home tomorrow. She’s not got much time, but
she’s fitting me in. So my video is currently busy rendering, and
then it is going to be busy uploading. So I’m going to read Blood’s Revolution and actually
read it. Okay, so I just got back from meeting Karolina
and it was really nice. I… she’s such a nice person and even though we met for the
first time we were talking about careers. And she’s kind of helped me have a bit more
aim and direction so that was really good. It was really weird that we were talking about
such a serious thing but it just worked very well. And she’s really nice. I had the caramel
frappucino which is her drink because I don’t have a drink in Starbucks. But it was very
good and very delicious. I didn’t want to film her because I didn’t know if she wanted
to be in a vlog or not and I wasn’t up for asking. Yes, okay. Time to sort out the itinerary
for tomorrow cause we’re going somewhere fun, guys! And you’re coming along with me. Also
reading. I read 20 pages. I kept getting distracted and my mind was not on it so. Not much progress. Good morning, guys. So it is a new day and
the plan is to go to Manchester with my older sister. You probably won’t see her because
she doesn’t like being on vlogs. But we are going to Manchester and we’ve got some plans
and yes, she has an author event. That, well, she is the author and the writer to it because
she has been shortlisted for an award. It’s going to be a long but fun day. It’s six thirty
in the morning and we are heading to Victoria to catch the coach. Vlogging! So we just got dressed and we are
going to explore Manchester a little bit more before we go to the author event. So we’re here in Cetham’s library which is
the oldest library in Britain. And it’s just amazing to be standing in so much history. Okay so we went to Costa and we went to the
library and now it’s time for the grand event. My sister’s unpublished novel was shortlisted
for an award and we are going to the award’s ceremony.So that’s going to be exciting. Okay guys, we are walking back to the bus
station and I am here with the runner up of the competition! She was second place – you
can’t see me right because it’s so dark – but I am so proud of her. She did so good. You
might see a clip of her reading if she lets me put it on my channel. And I’m so proud
of her. I’m so proud. ‘One of the million protestor’s on that sunny
afternoon in London. Was this red he wondered? Chanting, singing and occasional sharp piercing
cries. *sings* Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?
Wouldn’t you think my collections complete. Hey guys. Well, I probably look horrible.
We got back – I got back here – at 6 or 7am. And then I just went to bed. So I just woke
up. Manchester was great last night but I am so shattered. I’m spending the day here
just doing some online, bloggy stuff that I need to do. I finished reading Invisible
Cities by Italo Calvino on the bus. And I have to say that it’s just… it wasn’t bad
but it wasn’t amazing. It’s quite experimental and it’s quite hard to describe. And I just
feel like it was an okay read but it was beyond anything I’ve ever tried before. It’s really
weird. I can’t, can’t put it into words. I need to get that ready for the wrap up. And
I also started to read The Thousandth Floor. I don’t know who it’s by but I just started
that on my phone so I’ve only read 6%. And I’m not going to read much of it during this
reading vlog because I only read it when I’m on the underground. A couple of pages here,
a coiuple of pages there. So it won’t be much progress but I just started it so I thought
I’d mention it. Okay guys, so I spent all day reading fanfic
because the keyboard to my laptop broke and I couldn’t do any blogging, youtube or instagram
book stuff. Now I’m leaving to go to – leaving to go to my cousin’s dance show in South Park.
So we’re going to that. Just looking around at all the Alice in Wonderland
lights. This is where she’s performing. So at some point we’ll see her performance. So we just got back from seeing my cousin
dance and she was really good. All the dancing was good. Do you want to be in it or not?
So Tamara, what did you think of the dance show? “It was great.” I love how you always
give one word answers! So we’re gonna eat dinner and probably watch TV. And I probably
won’t read anything. So me and my sister are going to the pole
studio! It’s currently raining. And we are going to do pole together. So, Tamara, how
long have you been doing pole for? “Four years.” And I’ve started this year and I’ve been doing
it for like, four lessons. “Four lessons?!” So yeah, we are going to make some nice pole
doubles. She makes it look easy! Look at that. Beautiful. Good morning guys. It’s a new day and I wanted
to give a reading update. So the reading update is that I’m still reading fanfic. I just really
burnt myself out in November with reading so many books. I’m like reading this one fanfic
which is ten chapters long. I’ve been reading like a novel a day, but that novel has been
fanfic words because I only read novel length fanfics. And it’s… anyway, so. After reading
this I am going to start reading actual books again. I need to finish Blood’s Revolution
by the 18th which is in 2 days time so I will really be reading that. So that’s the reading
plans. Today I am meeting Noelia who used to be a blogger – a book blogger – at a book
blog called A Day in Bookland. But she is now a bookstagrammer and I will leave a link
to her bookstagram down below. Also called adayinbookland. And it’s the first time we’re
going to meet after… I don’t know how long I’ve known her for. 4? Or 5? Or 6? years online!
It’ll be fun. We’re going to the Tate Modern and also to Daunt Books, a bookshop. Hey guys, so I’m here to give you a little
bit of an update. So, yesterday was a really good day as I said. And while I was on the
underground there and back I read The Thousandth Floor. I’m 20% in and, y’know, nothing much
is happening. It’s just a whole lot of drama. Like, relationship drama, too many point of
views, but pretty good world building. And I’m enjoying it when I’m reading it even though
I don’t think it’s a good story. Does that make sense? So I’m reading that. So now I’m
going to do my nails and paint some nail art. And then I’m going to read Blood’s Revolution
until it’s evening time! Or like early afternoon – let’s say four – because I’m going with
my older sister and we have a tradition where we go and walk around Central London and see
all the Christmas lights together. And then after seeing all the Christmas lights we are
going to have dinner together in Central London. So that is the plan for today. Mmkay. So I did my nails. It’s supposed to
be a scruffy Santa hat. But I don’t know if it’s done well… but it’s done! We are at the hugest tree that you will see.
It just keeps going and going. The camera doesn’t do it justice but even the
camera is taller than my older sister. Hey guys. So as you can see, the Christmas
lights and dinner last night was absolutely beautiful. I only read 20 pages of Blood’s
Revolution before I fell asleep. But I have made more progress in The Thousandth Floor.
Little by little, slow by slow. Today the plan is to meet up with my friend from uni.
We are going to explore Camden and have lunch at the Camden food stalls. And then we are
going to Mile End Park to explore the park because I’ve also never been there. So that’ll
be nice, and then I’ll be coming back and posting on all four of my instagrams. Links
to those down below. All very niched. And then I will be reading, hopefully. Tonight.
I want to finish Blood’s Revolution and my review is supposed to go up tomorrow! Posted.
So we’ll see about that. We have discovered this see-saw that goes
round in a circle. And all the other weird things in this playground. Hey guys, just back from Camden and Mile End
Park. It was really nice to see my friend and just have a lot of fun. We did all the
playground stuff in Mile End Park. Which was really just such a laugh. Kids are more daring
than we are. But um, I am back earlier than I thought so I will read. I will read! I’m
actually in the mood to read so let’s do it. Hey guys, so I’m walking to my nan’s house.
I’m almost there. It’s an hour, it’s about an hour and a bit of a journey on public transport.
And, um, that’s a car passing. All the way there I read my book. I’m so happy to be reading
again. And I’m happy to be at my nan’s. We’ll probably talk, maybe watch TV together. Maybe
I’ll read a little bit but it’ll just be a fun day. Look at home, sweet home. Heya, I’m back at my sisters’ and I helped
my nan put up her Christmas decorations. But on the tube on the way back I finished Blood’s
Revolution by Angus Donald. And I have to say I am quite disappointed. I am disappointed
as a sequel because the first one was a five star read and this one is dropping down two
because it changed up the whole game and didn’t have all the things I liked from the first
one. It was just quite disappointing, guys! Why has nothing I’ve read been more than three
stars. So, what am I going to read next? I’m going to see about that later because I need
to put my review up for this today and actually put a new video up today too. The booktube
giving tag. That’s what it’s going to be. Gotta edit that. Hey guys, so this is going to be the last
day of the tag – pssh the tag, I’ve been editing youtube videos this morning. This is going
to be the last day of the vlog because this is going to be the last big thing I’m doing
in London and other than that I am going to see my uncles… my great uncles actually,
tomorrow. And then I’m flying Saturday really really early and I don’t want to vlog that
just because it’s going to be chaotic. It’s close to Christmas and I’m flying home. Well,
today, I want to vlog today because I’m doing something bookish! I’m going to five different
bookshops in London that I’ve never been to before, that are also quite famous independent
bookstores. So it’ll be nice to explore the more independent ones because we went to Daunt
Books together in this vlog. I wanted to let you know what I’ve started to read now that
I’ve finished my other book which you might have just seen there. And that is Leah on
the Offbeat. I really want to read a good book and I read Simon this year. In fact I’ve
read all of Becky Albertalli’s books except What If It’s Us, but this will be the last
one I need to read which is just written by her. I hope it’s good. And I’ll be meeting
thebookwormdiaries once again to do this so, let’s go bookshop hopping. So basically this whole street is a street
of bookshops. And there are a lot of first editions that I can’t afford.
This is our last stop. Secondhand books. Heya! So I’m back from that bookshopping,
book hopping, trip, thing. Oh my goodness, English. And we visited six book shops and
I successfully bought nothing which is very good for my book buying ban. But I just wanted
to wrap up this vlog up here. I just wanted to give you a reading update because I spent
all evening reading Leah on the Offbeat. I spent all evening reading! Finally back into
reading. And, I’m over halfway and I think it’s okay. I don’t like Leah, but I still
like the story, if that makes sense. But for that I’ll be ending this reading vlog here.
I think it’s long enough. Thanks so much for watching. Please let me know in the comments
section below what you’re currently reading. Please give this video a thumbs up if you
enjoyed it, hit that subscribe button if you want to see more and don’t forget to hit that
notification bell to updated every time I have a new video. I’ll see you guys in the
next one. Goodbye!

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  1. You're actually about to get into my two favorite books in the HP series. I know almost everyone hates Bk 5 for what happens, but it's actually my second favorite (right behind Bk. 6) because it has the most of one of my favorite characters. Took me a bit of time to get into the books too. The fandom and the fun I've had with fellow HP fans is what really got me into the books and loving the books.

  2. I haven’t finished the Harry Potter book series because they always put me in reading slumps 😬 But I LOVE the movies. Goblet of Fire is my favorite!

  3. Megabus coaches and the least said the better haha.
    Well done to your sister!!
    I've heard pole dancing is an amazing work out but so hard!!!!
    I always love your blogs 😎✌️

  4. Finally going through my back logged watch later playlist. 😅 Loved the vlog! 😍 We should definitely go back to Judd books. 😜

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