Man Crafts Stick Library for the Dogs And They Like It

something to chew on new zealand man
sets up stick library for dogs andrew taylor came up with the idea
because of a lack of good sticks at the local park a New Zealand man has created
a stick library for his local dog park as a way to recycle branches from tree
pruning Andrew Taylor of North Canterbury in the South Island cut a
dozen tree branches down to stick size for the community’s four-legged friends
and smoothed away the rough edges using tools he had around the house Taylor
then built a box to hold the sticks and engrave the word stick library on it and
the words please return the stick library has proved a huge hit
with everyone from Rottweilers to poodles with one man even bringing his
cat to try it out Andrews daughter Taylor Reese said her father was
inspired by their own dog Bella’s love for sticks and the lack of good ones at
the park while trimming the trees my dad found himself with a lot of dead
branches and knowing from experience how hard it can be to find a good stick and
that the new dog park was opening soon he had the idea that he would save them
and put them in some kind of box Reese told Metro when the park opened mom and
dad took Bella and sure enough there were no good sticks that is the type of
guy that is always thinking of things to make so the next day he found a suitable
crate and made the sign for the top he decided to call it the stick library
because it implied that you returned the stick once you’re finished with it Reese
said the stick library had proved popular with around 50 dogs using it
regularly there was a disbelief of how simple the
idea was but it’s one of those ideas no one had thought of resent all the dog
owners appreciate it as they all have experienced the good stick search which
isn’t always fruitful it’s an idea that just makes sense to them you

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