Managing a Video Library On Your Mac (MacMost #1961)

Managing a Video Library On Your Mac (MacMost #1961)

Hi, this is Gary with So one of the things I like to do is store
my videos, not in the Photos Library, but just in the Finder. Let me show you how you can do that and organize
your videos too. MacMost is brought to you thanks to a great
group of supporters. Join us and get exclusive content at I don’t like to have my videos stored in my
Photos Library. I like to leave that just for photos. For one thing it reduces the size of the photo
library and that’s especially important if you use iCloud Photos where large videos can
easily take up a lot of space and take a long time to sync across your devices. I always know whether I’m looking for a photo
or a video. So It’s easy for me to go and look in my videos
folder in the Finder for the videos I want and know that all my photos are in my Photos
Library. I don’t take that many videos. But if I did it would be even better because
I can store those videos in an external drive and not take up a ton of space on my internal
drive. But just because you have your videos stored
in a folder in the Finder doesn’t mean it’s hard to organize them. There are a ton of tools the Finder offers
to allow you to organize and easily find your videos. So here’s an example of what I’m talking about. In my Documents folder I’ve got a folder called
Videos. In there I’ve got a bunch of different videos. Now I don’t have to just store this in my
Documents folder. That’s where I have it here as an example. I could decide I want the videos folder to
be at the main iCloud drive level. So now I’ve got a videos folder in my main
iCloud drive that lives next to my Documents and Desktop folder. That’s a great place for it as well. This will, of course, sync it across to my
other devices and make it available on my iOS devices which is great. But if my videos are taking up a lot of space
you may not want to have it there either. I can store it locally just on the hard drive
for this one Mac by going to my Home folder. Now there’s already a folder in my Home folder
called Movies. In there I’m going to find things like iMovie,
and Final Cut Pro library. Also any other app that uses videos a lot
is probably going to use this folder. This is a local folder just on my hard drive. So putting the videos folder here makes sense. I’m going to get a warning here because I’m
removing these from iCloud drive and putting them on a local drive. So under Movies I’ve got Videos and that’s
where I can store my videos. That’s a great place for it. Another great place is if you have an external
drive with tons of space. You might want to create a Videos folder there
as well. Now how do you get videos directly into this
folder. Well, instead of importing them into the Photos
app you can bring them directly here. If it’s a SD card or a camera that you’re
connecting directly to your Mac and you can access it in the Finder, you can drag the
video files directly from the card into this folder and then get rid of them and then import
the photos into the Photos app. Or when importing into Photos simply select
only the photos and not the videos to import them in. You can also use Image Capture. Works great for the iPhone. So I’m going to run Image Capture here and
I’ve got my iPhone connected to this Mac. If I look here Image Capture is going to show
me a list and I’m going to Sort By kind here. I can scroll through this list. There are a lot of photos on this camera. But I can find the videos pretty easily. I can see them. There’s just a few of them and they’re listed
as MOV as kind. So I can select one. I can drag and drop this into the Finder and
it will pull that video out. I could also select a video and then choose
to import it. I can even select the folder. So I could decide I want to go directly into
that video’s folder that I created under Movies, Videos, choose that one and then import the
one that I’ve selected. You can also just airdrop the video directly
from your phone to your Mac and then drag it to the videos folder. But anyway you get your videos here there’s
a lot you can do to organize these. As you can see I like to give them good names
so I can tell what each one is. You can give names that include dates or locations
or anything that you want. But, of course, you’re going to have the Date
Modified here in the List View so you can use that as well. You can also select a video, or any file in
the Finder for that matter, and you can add Tags to it. So you can Tag your videos to organize them. You can also add comments. Comments will show up when you do Spotlight
searches. Another thing you can do is you can create
subfolders in here. So you can create a new folder and add your
videos into that. So you can have this structure here of folders
and subfolders. Now you quickly see the videos here by going
into Column View and selecting them. You’ll see the Preview pane on the right and
you can even click and view the video. You can also, of course, select any video
you want in any view you want, like List View, and hit the spacebar and it will open up in
Quick Look. You can use the Gallery View as well. You get a really cool way to view your videos. Almost like you’re in some sort of library
management app here because you can click through these. The videos have a little playback timeline
at the bottom and a volume control. Also Mojave gives us the Quick Action so you
have the ability to trim and rotate videos right here in the Finder. So it really does almost feel like you’re
in some sort of special video library app even though you’re just viewing these files
in the Finder. If you want to Share a video you’ve got the
Share button here or you can Control click on it and you Share. You can, of course, also double click on it
and it should open up by default in QuickTime Player. From QuickTIme Player you’re got the ability
to trim. You’ve got the ability to Merge videos and
put them on after each other. You can Share from here as well in various
different ways and Export as well. So whether you just have a few videos or many
you may want to consider storing those videos just as files in a folder in the Finder rather
than in the Photos app or some other photo management tool.

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  1. Another great video. Sadly, just recently I had to figure all this out on my own (oh well . . ). On another completely unrelated topic (sorry!) I recently started editing videos from others in iMovie. I had one the other day that was 252MB. If I import it into iMovie, and make NO CHANGES WHATSOEVER, then go to File>Share>File, it says the output file size will be 2.7GB – a 10 fold increase? Can you shed any light on what I'm doing wrong? Or better still, maybe address it in another tutorial : ). Thanks for any help you might offer.

  2. I have tried this but ran into an annoying problem. The video folder I created, I prefer to sort this by Date Taken. All other folders in Finder are sorted by Kind. However changing the Video folder to Date Taken also changes changes it for all other folders. Pls help!

  3. So…clicking on the 'like' button places a video in your 'liked videos' list, eventually making it ridiculously large. If you remove a 'liked' video from said list, YouTube removes the 'like' from the video itself. Doesn't this skew the stats used by the videos' creator? The 'liked' video list seems to be nothing more than another history list YouTube uses to track a persons' usage. Why on earth doesn't YouTube make it so a person can clean up their 'like' list without the like being taken away from the video itself?

  4. How can I move these files from PHOTOS to a new file folder and retain the correct date created? For example, my oldest video I want to move was created July 29, 2009. When I copy it to a new file folder or even to the desktop, it changes the date created to June 12, 2017 and date modified June 12, 2017. I have no idea where that date originated. The only ones with the correct date created are the ones I took today. I also tried to use export, but the date was still changed. Thanks.

  5. Nice video and very helpful thank you… one question how do you put your recorded image on the screen video which is recorded like the one on this video ..

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